Who rules the world – a summary

Having just spent four hours reading:

To anyone exploring the question of who rules us, I would suggest that this blog is as good a place as any to start – when taken in conjunction with the comments threads on the various linked posts, plus all those links, that is sufficient to initiate further exploration.

I’d start here:


… taking particular note of the links in comments for later reference. From here, I’d click on:


… and before going further, I’d suggest that contained within there and the other posts within that series, written leading up to the 2010 GE over here, is all we really need to know for now in order to answer the question.

These also:



What so many of those linked articles [internal and external] lead back to, stretching back to antiquity, is that it is all about:

1. Scam and agreed definitions
2. Who holds the money
3. The legal hold on people [see 1 and 2]

One you could throw in here is John Batman in Australia who famously, if apocryphally [who knows] made a treaty with the natives for trinkets and the like. Similar was done by the British around the world, also the East-India Company rewards investigation if you ask Google the right questions, plus the British in China, Boxer Rebellion etc.

It becomes apparent that the very worst elements in the world reside right here, in particular in London and Scotland, the US being a later invention.

Scam and agreed definitions

Essentially, someone with power was one who realized that that meant:

a. Having the money to pay for armies and weaponry
b. Buying such armies and weaponry
c. Getting to set the definitions and write the history.

Therefore, from that position of strength, the law is asserted and the laws are passed. Everything is a definition decided by someone or group of someones and if they are working to a concerted plan, e.g. the Black Nobility, then they take on the robes of legitimacy and that depends on:

[i] Other people’s willingness to accept a system or oligarchy as legit
[ii] See 1. and a, b, c.

Essentially, powerful people [see the definitions again] move into an area and assert – primacy is a factor here, as is usurping and conquest. Always, however it is done, there is an almighty rush to legitimize in law, in contract which, in the eyes of the power, can never be broken. The devil is in the laws.

Who are these powerful people? See Ephesians 6:12. The nature of the networks varies, we can call them Rothschilds, we can go back and call them Sepharvaim or further back – Khazars. It doesn’t matter what they’re called, they are a perverted set of people who have intergenerationally come down to the present day. Call them the Lost Jews, as against the Saved Jews, call them what you want.

A very sharp division now is between each other exploring these things – I take the Christian view that these perverted, the Mammon worshippers, are only part human through the interbreeding since the year dot [see Nephalim etc.]. Others will say they are just men and women, nothing more, having been involved in or having inherited the most enormous pyramids, cosa nostras or scams in the history of the world – ongoing scams.

I suggest that it is a combination of those two views. Can they be defeated? Not by us – it needs someone on a higher plane. To my mind, the question of New Zealand is answered in among the links, also America, also about the Crown. It’s going to take some reading, there’s no easy summary and that’s the point – no blogpost can give an easy summary, one has to read and read. Anything less is scholastic laziness.

Treaty of Rome


March 25th 2017 is the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Treaty of Rome which Baron Robert Rothschild and Paul Henri Spaak helped to formulate. The United Nations was founded under the direction of Baron Robert Rothschild with Paul Henri Spaak as the 1st President of the United Nations General Assembly. Spaak was also the 1st President of the Consultative Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Some info about the future of the EU here & here.

Some links

Sir Edward Coke:


Aaron Russo:


Really must consider Mullins:



More on the Privy Council:


Teflon Tony:


Remembering that Russell was himself one of the communist lost ones, a personally nasty piece of work in his habits:





Birth Certificate Bonds: What’s the Motivation?


Difference Between Birth Certificate And Certificate Of Live Birth














3 comments for “Who rules the world – a summary

  1. March 25, 2017 at 11:23 am

    One more from our original correspondent:

    I will tell you that I was shocked when I came to New Zealand to find out that I had been living in an illusion for most of my life, not that I have any complaints about how I have lived, but to think one lives in the ‘world’ where most is deception is a bit of a shock. If you ever get the time I would suggest you go to YouTube and watch some of the educational videos made by a New Zealand guy: Bill Turner. There are 2 sections to his work as his site was hacked in 2016. Bill tests his hypotheses in court. It was Bill’s research that showed in New Zealand that the crown or a crown is in fact recognized by the surname-possibly representing a collective name invested in the state. Whether this is the so-called Crown as represented by the Gov. Gen. representing the woman who ACTS as a Queen in England…don’t know or whether its the Crown Temple???

    Kevin Cahill told me that he witnessed the man who acts as pope pay homage to the woman who acts as a queen. This was in the City of London-presumably within those walls. He saw this with his own eyes. Kevin admits he is a freemason of the city.

    As far as I know New Zealand got rid of the Privy Council a couple of years ago. If you go to a website called Detaxcanada by Eldon Warman he explains a bit more about what happened in Canada as Queen Victoria was the last lawful monarch in this country. However, Eldon does not reference his work. I think he is genuine as I have corresponded with him on a number of occasions. He was a political prisoner in California when he told me that he and others challenged the power of the pope in America.

    I did notice on your website about the 1213 so-called Secret Treaty of Verona and Magna Carta not being effectively sanctioned by the people. However, these 2 documents may well lie outside of the people in the Royal prerogative as Kevin Cahill told me there are 3 things that DO NOT require the permission of Parliament as representing the people and that was:

    1. Ratifying a Treaty
    2. Declaring war
    3. Sanctioning the assassination of someone.

    Kevin told me that this is the Royal prerogative. So Tony Blair can surely sleep peacefully at night without fear of being imprisoned and more bullshit is passed onto the people with the bullshit inquiries.

    One more thing, there is an ex lawyer in America called Ed Rivera and he told me that one can never prove that one has the right to vote. Ed teaches the 4 organic laws that started America. However, he seems a bit cagey on other matters.

    • mona
      March 25, 2017 at 11:49 am

      The very essence of the above is critical thinking, so I may suggest you may be wrong about the wretch Blair look at him carefully he has long spoke with his hands as he tries to hide his glazed stare looking more like the reptilian that he really is. would you sleep peacefully any time knowing you are the most hated person in Britain? I don’t think so. you missed out my other loathing religion.

      • March 25, 2017 at 11:57 am

        I’m very much anti-Blair – should be hung if it were possible, physically.

        While I’m here, special thanks to Distant Relative who provided much material.

        The aim here was just to get the material out there, public and you can sort out what you like and don’t as you read and watch.

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