2 comments for “Forever and ever

  1. Graham Wood
    April 2, 2017 at 9:37 am

    Yes, yes, and yes.

  2. Hereward Unbowed.
    April 2, 2017 at 10:43 am

    All the way from Canterbury, lets wax allegorical.

    As the western church of whatever denomination you care to mention was infiltrated and then thoroughly subsumed by the ‘liberals’ or the Frankfurt school alumni of dissolutes, would be a better way of describing them, what moral compass that yet had existed, was so crocked in the swinging decades that, its needle never able to find north; conviction, integrity and reality again. So it was in society, the bricks fell apart its mortar washed away.

    In the world of politics a new form of cur was inbred, well I say ‘cur’ what I mean really is prostitute. Lord but he’d departed stage left – people of either sex who just swing with the mood and when the client comes calling, no matter who it is, be they George Soros or any corporate exec – say. All of the political class just line up to show their doxies….
    The idea of joining up with the Brussels, later its candy palace Berlaymont a super bordello crack and whorehouse, how could our local ‘toms’ not resist and the punters were of another order……………….”show us yer money dahlin’ “.

    One particular UK politician was run by a very strict madam, he loved all sorts of games and would give it out for anyone and just about everyone, his madam insisted and hell he was up for anything……………..he was having so much fun being the plaything of the world’s leaders and shiny objects, baubles and even honours all came his way.

    Damnit all, he was even allowed to wear the family silver and although he was warned it was not for sale……….

    tony wanted to give them away so much, and not that he didn’t try his damnest so to do! Not before time, tony was squashed by his fellow strumpets and they fought over the spoils, one tart even went over to sign us up to more fun and game from Lisbon it is told…. and he tried so hard in Copenhagen to sell us all down the green road to hell…………….then came tony’s mate dave and he was such a goer, though he was more careful about flogging orf some stuff and dave was as useless losers are, put out to auction, though george did better, he really puts himself out – so to speak.

    But now, there is a new belle du jour in the window and she loves her assets being jiggly jingled, who knows what she might give away?

    The bricks and mortar are all gone, body’s gone and assets stripped away, there are only a few things left with which an’ old tart can dicker.

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