When ya’ gonna’ learn?


The image is, or rather should be, both instantly recognisable and utterly revealing. Recognisable because of the sinister Swastika flags, evil emblem of the Nazis, in the famous photo of the first of the ‘book-burnings’ ordered by the murderous group behind a set of political and ideological beliefs which recognised no ‘truth’ but their ‘truth’. Revealing because of the mindset behind this truly intolerant behaviour; which should have warned other European Governments, long before Hitler commenced his ‘Land Grabs’, that here was a regime which sought to influence the very minds of its citizens; to the point of denying that any other opinion besides their own, even existed, never mind to be tolerated.

I write on this topic because a new breed of ‘Intolerance’ along with the thought processes resident within this ideology, is rampant in a high sector of, strange to relate, the United States of America. Yes, in the U.S.A., evidence emerges of intolerance of a breathtaking degree in the Democratic Party side of the House of Representatives in Congress itself.

A new book has been published by the Heartland Institute which lays out, in succinct and admirable detail, the science behind the work of the three eminent authors behind this book, which is named ‘Why scientists disagree about Global Warming’. It takes to task, and also proceeds to do a pretty good demolition job, on some of the more outrageous claims, of the ‘Climate Brigade’. Not so disturbing, you might think, but some of the, shall we say, more vocal of the political branch of that same ‘Climate Brigade’ have been a great deal more vocal in their opposition to schoolkids even reading, or rather being taught, about the science as discussed within this well-researched and recently-published document.  Bobby Scott (D-Va.) of the Committee on Education and the Workforce, Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.) of the Committee on Natural Resources, and Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas) of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology, stated that the book ought to be thrown in the trash-can; whilst denigrating the Heartland Institute, their alleged funding and their basic programmes and theories. Their ‘trash’ directives have already been taken up by a very few, but once an avalanche begins, there is no stopping it.

It is maybe a far step from stating that a single book which attacks their beliefs and plans in ‘Climate Change’ should be trashed by all recipients;  should now be compared to the Nazi book burnings of Berlin; but just remember this: in the middle 1930’s Germany was the best-educated Nation within the Continent of Europe, and we all still remember the sea of upraised arms at the Nuremberg and Berlin Nazi rallies!

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  1. graham wood
    April 6, 2017 at 8:43 am

    Good post and agree with the drift, but its all in line with the pervasive anti-intellectualism which is rampant in Western universities which is typified by this sort of nonsense:

    “In a move spearheaded by environmentalists, the Portland Public Schools board unanimously approved a resolution aimed at eliminating doubt of climate change and its causes in schools.
    “It is unacceptable that we have textbooks in our schools that spread doubt about the human causes and urgency of the crisis,”

    As we know, what is being peddled as “science” is nothing more than a speculative ideology – that is climate alarmism.
    The plain fact is that so called AGW is unproven, and equally important unproveable.
    Basic science consists of statements of hypotheses that are retained by critical tests against observation. Without such testing, or without a testable hypothesis, Karl Popper stated that what may be called ‘science’ is, in fact pseudo science.
    But then, Roger Harrabin, science correspondent of the BBC wouldn’t know much about that!
    Re the subject in general, it seems that vigorous opposition to the myth of AGW is certainly alive and well in the USA, if not over here in the UK.
    Good to see another demolition job – “Why scientists disagree….”.

    I strongly recommend also ‘Climate Change – The Facts’ (Inst of Public Affairs) with articles by 23 real scientists, including Willie Soon who shows again that it is the sun that is overwhelmingly the cause of earth’s climatic changes.

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