Gillard is a typical pollie trough feeder

The chutzpah of politicians is beyond the pale, as we know and Amfortas mentions one downunder – Gillard:

Not content with a $200,000 a year, index linked pension at her age – an amount which is 10 times that which real pensioners get – she has her taxpayer-provided pay as a Visiting Professor in a University in Adelaide – based almost soley on her outstanding credentials as a rabid, misandric Feminist – which doubles her income, and she now has ‘been appointed’ (by whom, one wonders) to the Chair’person’ role of the most expensive ‘Depression’ organisation in Oz at another huge salary.

While all that is so and there is no end to the list – I seem to recall the Chipmunk here some years back and her expense account, you might pause to think … why? I mean why this sort of flotsam gets to be in parliament?

And the answer is firstly that they are this type of chancer in the first place, secondly that they never get past preselection unless they’re dissemblers and the third that they are always in thrall to a shadowy entity.

Which makes them the last people, along with SJWs, that you’d want in charge of anything. To drain this swamp, you’d have to sack the lot and change the preselection system.

Easy task, as the Donald is finding out.

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  1. Vera
    April 8, 2017 at 2:10 pm

    Like our Baroness Ashton who rose from obscurity to the heights of the EU without ever having been democratically voted in for anything in her life. Wonder what happens to these Brits who have EU pensions now that we are leaving – and should the EU collapse because of our leaving what happens to these pensions then?

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