RNLI ‘management’ decision symbolizes today’s charity scams


There is certainly an issue in charity management and that was even apparent in my years of volunteering, even for supposedly one of the good ones. One charity near us, the Heart Foundation, was appallingly managed by a female Hitler and had a reputation for it, another, Barnados, was similar.

With our own, they sacked the manager for bullying as well – part of that is females in power and believe me, it was the females under her who were the most vocal – in my own case, I flatly refused to do as she said once and it sent her out of her mind – she couldn’t sack my female partner and I as we were taking in record or near record amounts on our Saturdays, mainly due to her.

I suspect that this was also the case in this story about the RNLI:


# I had the honor of meeting some of the unsung heroes of the RNLI when I was in the US Coast Guard as we all attended a rendezvous in the Atlantic to exchange pleasantries and patches. Among the most outstanding people I’ve ever met.

No one pays attention to these services and the brave men and women that staff them until you need them, more so as you finally understand the universal oath of Search and Rescue/Maritime Law Enforcement agencies the world over: So That Others May Live…

# The people who run these industrialised Charities actually believe they own them and that they are a business. They pay themselves inflated salaries because of their responsibilities yet never get their pinky toes wet. The people at the sharp end are volunteers except the Station Engineer/manager who is responsible for the boats and infrastructure.

They are respected throughout the World for risking their lives to save others and yet the RNLI Bureaucrats who risk nothing have suspended the man who skippers the boat. This man has extensive knowledge of the local waters and is probably irreplaceable and the fact that the other members support him speaks volumes of the trust they place in him to bring them safely home after a rescue.

If the Skipper was paid say 250K he would be respected but as he barely gets his expenses he is dumped because he didn’t wait for some desk jockey a hundred miles away to give HIM permission.

All that is so and they get people in to ‘administer’ things on goodish salaries – even our local ‘manager’ was on about 18 grand, a deputy on 14 grand and the regional boss was on about 200 grand. This is obscene when the workers were all volunteers, i.e. any money coming in was to support this scam, nothing went to the volunteers, not that they begrudged the expenses of actually getting there to do it.

But broadening this into the paid field – a monolith like BT works in a similar way. Some idiot spends a million to send glossy brochures about some new service you don’t need while the cost to us goes up and up.

I remember being at Mill Hill tube station years ago – no service of course, no staff – and there were two racks of publications. One was empty, they were usually the timetables, while the other was overflowing with brochures no one wanted – at what cost – all over the ground. The brochure, by the way, was about how efficient they were and how they gave wonderful service to commuters and how SomethingRail was committed to your welfare.

The minds in charge in these places not only take their tin god roles uber-seriously, living in a delusional, comfy world of coffee machines and carpet, they are led further up by Common Purpose types in suits whose summum bonum is the killing they made last year.

You can extend that to Westminster and councils where the worst minds and characters are promoted – someone, somewhere, is putting low grade people into high positions and that’s why Britain runs as it does.

Whether that is a political decision [in which case, this is a political post] or whether it’s just sod’s law is a matter we could debate for hours.

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  1. Voice of Reason
    April 9, 2017 at 11:39 pm

    You can extend this to almost anywhere. We have bred a sub-species of middle manager which knows nothing, does nothing, yet gets most of the proceeds from everything.

    We need Douglas Adams’ B Ark

  2. NickC
    April 9, 2017 at 11:40 pm

    You can add NHS management to that list. An example was the junior doctors who were threatened by NHS hospital managers with career blight if they booked overtime. Yet if a case came in near the end of their shift professionalism demanded that the junior doctors followed it through beyond their shift. So the JDs worked the overtime and didn’t book it. Result: the NHS managers could tell the politicians that JD hours are cut to the WTD. Essentially NHS managerialism is based on lies and bullying.

  3. April 10, 2017 at 8:02 am

    To me, far from being dictatorial, they should have gone into a boatshed and had it out there, with tweaked policy coming from that.

    There’s another post coming up on this today, a real story from two days ago.

  4. Hereward Unbowed.
    April 10, 2017 at 9:24 am

    Diversity quotas, where tea ladies can reach the top – it’s not what you know any longer or even if you are anywhere near capable – remember if you will Joyce Thacker head of child services Rotherham and Cynthia Bower.

    Imho, a couple of thoughts, organizations and institutions no longer promote the best from within and if you don’t talk the talk irrespective of being able to walk the walk – you’re effin out. Shit managers surround themselves with even more shit staffoids.
    A single useless scrap of paper, it doesn’t have to be one of those degrees for fuckwits they’re so quick to bestow from ‘tony’s unis’……..any old qualification will do. ‘Student’ from the local mickey mouse tech in a plethora of newish bog roll subjects like; Union organizing, child indoctrination five a day co-ordinators for ethnics, parenting the planks, sociology, it can start you on a career scything through all the way up to the top.

    And charities? Never would give the time of day to such as Save the children, Oxfam et al and these days I baulk even at giving to the RNLI – in that I’ll only give at Source ie at Lifeboat launch buildings/ jetty’s.

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