Infantilization will do for Le Pen

They’re pulling the same trick as in Holland.

The mistake both Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders made is that they went hardline anti-muslim, draped in the flag, without a complete set of policies for running the country in a sane way. Their core was not country-running but Muslim-eliminating.

They’re not wrong in that but people in general don’t like hardline, even when it’s critical for the society. So they prefer the wishy-washy ‘lots of peaceful Muslims’ when there really are not, otherwise they’d speak out against the atrocities.

People do not vote Extreme [as portrayed by the media and schools], except when that is uttered by the corrupt ‘centrists’ like May. Therefore a ‘safe’ pair of hands like Rutte got the votes because he combined two things – the ‘everything is all right, steady as she goes, I’m sane’ lie with harsh words about too much immigration to appease that current feeling.

Le Point ran a poll of its leftist readers and 34% wanted Melanchon, 11% Le Pen. Other ‘polls’ are producing similar and they do sway people. You can say this is a biased poll – of course it is but the French are more socialist than otherwise because they vote benefits continuance – they want the free ride to go on, even if it costs Muslim atrocities, courtesy of the EU.

Coming back to that question of how people are taken in, it’s a combination, is it not, of lying promises close to the time, a sycophantic media pretending to be sceptic and people just wanting it to be all right [not a clue how] and for all the bad things to go away.

Like an infant. Infantilization. It’s a science all right, political science:

What’s your typical voter into here? Job, home, shopping, reality TV, Strictly and where does world reality come from? Effing MSM, e.g. Sky or BBC. What shocked me when I was in Sicily in 2008, was watching Sky and BBC nightly, as that’s all there was in English and the outright lies being told was staggering. Not distortions – outright lies.

This Melanchon – they openly admit he’s ‘communist backed’ And his platform promise? He’ll pull France out of the EU. A communist. One of them whose whole notion is international communism, the EU a subdivision of that. And the stupid French actually buy that he’s serious?