Something wicked this way comes

What probably focussed the mind on this was that later today I have to go to a funeral, something difficult at the best of times. There are other things to avoid also, such as missing two appointments the NHS wanted me to go to, to have ‘scans’ – absolutely no intention of having any of those.

So it’s in that sort of mood that this post is written. Sometimes it takes a catalyst and the catalyst in this case was reader Wolfie who last night commented:

Nothing to do with Brexit, something wicked this way comes.

That’s a comment by someone once in the financial field.

We may have been thinking along different lines but I recall reading something about the whole Brexit smokescreen covering the real story – the impending crash. And even that is to miss the point – it’s the deliberately induced crash we’re speaking of here.

Most people might dismiss the oft-quoted Svali from 2000, when she said:

One reason that our economy continues limping along is the artificial support that the Federal Reserve had given it, manipulating interest rates, etc. But one day, this won’t work (or this leverage will be withdrawn on purpose) and the next great depression will hit. The government will call in its bonds and loans, and credit card debts will be called in. There will be massive bankruptcies nationwide. Europe will stabilize first and then Germany, France and England will have the strongest economies, and will institute, through the UN, an international currency. Japan will also pull out, although their economy will be weakened.

They’d never dare?

All right – how many of you, even though I’ve been urging readers to, have really looked into Carney’s background, why he was brought in from Canada, who he is, who his connections are, how Warburg comes into it?

Part of that is the dearth of real information freely available [beyond the Wiki pap]. Because if you could find that, plus look into Colonel House of 1910, plus Peabody in 1857:

In Corsair, we learn that the Bank of England lent George Peabody and Company five million pounds during the panic of 1857. Winkler, in Morgan the Magnificent, says that the Bank of England advanced Peabody one million pounds, an enormous sum at that time, and the equivalent of one hundred million dollars today, to save the firm. However, no other firm received such beneficence during this Panic.

Or Morgan in 1907:

“In the following days, acting like a one-man Federal Reserve system, [J. Pierpont] Morgan decided which firms would fail and which survive. Through a non stop flurry of meetings, he organized rescues of banks and trust companies, averted a shutdown of the New York Stock Exchange, and engineered a financial bailout of New York City.”

… then you would see the calibre of human we’re dealing with here. A few Januarys back, four American banks failed – I saw this at Jesse’s or Karl’s, Janet Tavakoli, can’t remember. There were predictions during that January that these would fail at the end of the month.

They never failed. February came and they still had not failed. Not officially.

How so? Because the regulator had determined, by simply ignoring the events, that they had never happened. The rules set out by the regulators said they were insolvent but the regulators said nothing at all and some other crisis occupied everyone’s attention at the time. I’ve never forgotten that.

An astute investor, understanding these things, how it all works, can invest on the coattails of these players and make something.

At the same time, there have been a few moves testing the waters via OCDs and SDRs, to play fast and loose and try for the end game – to replace money with a different system – Brown was even caught out wanting to make it happen.

Carney is a placeman, he pushed Project Fear when he had to but then held off when I presume they weren’t ready yet and said Brexit wasn’t all that bad. It’s all irrelevant, as Carney well knows, all artificial because there will be no crash until it’s induced. When it is deemed time, then it will be something spurious such as the failure of the guava crop or whatever and debts are called in, including credit, as Svali indicated.

Have you thought through the implications of such a thing?

I’d say the 5% who read blogposts such as this have most certainly thought it through … up to a point. But here’s a question – what state are people in in this society when it actually happens? What state of mind and morals?

To use a pic from yesterday:

… never have we had such a personal moral code-less, more infantilized lot of people, occupied more with transgender and gay rights, worshipping celebs, with Strictly their summum bonum, instagram devotees and other social media, into mindless ‘music’, Taylor Swift, excusing and ignoring jihadi atrocities, buying religious war – into everything except the coming crash.

Look at what a crash involves

Any government money coming to you ceases. ASDA, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s all stop selling food. Where will your food come from? You know very well, despite deposit protection, that there will be a run on the banks as the crash grips. Why do you believe in deposit protection? Because they told you it was good, n’est-ce-pas?

And in a people already demoralized, in Bezmenov’s terms, devoid of ethics, devoid of nobility, having thrown off the ethical code society once paid lip service to – how safe will you be with such people, far more feral than in yesteryear, looking for food and shelter?

And government have all your details, given out to agencies in a myriad ways.

Can never happen in civilized Britain?

OK, look at the drip-drip-drip of those coming in from alien cultures, people used to having nothing and knowing how to get it – who will survive better with their family/social structure … they’re living beside you right now. I was in Russia for years and saw such feral people – there is no code of ethics to save you there.

It’s always been this way – two historical incidents.

Firstly, before Norway fell before WWII – they had been softened up in that society to make the takeover more palatable.

Secondly, 30s Paris and Berlin, precursor to the Salon Kitty mindset – wives pimped out, men scratching about for sustenance to bring home, humans reduced to base beasts – it’s all happened before and in Europe too. Why are Australia and NZ closing their doors now, at this moment?

Oh but here’s hope – our ‘benefactors’ have been squirrelling away foodstuffs and for the cost of agreeing to a set of conditions, maybe even agreeing to a Verisign chip in the wrist, we can have our rations, our foodstamps.

Can’t happen? Anyone old enough here to remember ration books – that was induced austerity too.

Some of us have been trying to get across to people in blogging for over eleven years and now tweeting that we are up against quite evil ‘people’, genuinely so, far more evil in mind than we give credit for and they’re living in London, Edinburgh, up and down the land, just up the road from you.

Overused word, evil, it’s flung about like ‘racism’. But what other word can be used to describe the deliberate inducement of human misery for an idea? The CIA experimentation on humans, with the collusion of the psychiatric community – they’re normal minds are they?

Ewen Cameron? Read up about him reducing a woman to infantilized incontinence and you think that was a one-off, like a single nutter Muslim? It was part of a system – see Colin Ross.

What the Muslims are currently doing or else abetting, along with left-liberals – is that sane, normal?

And do you still insist, after that, that it’s only ever individual nutters?

The enemy was well within the citadel before the Muslims arrived en masse to these shores. If you’re in London, toddle on down to Chatham House or to one of the lodges and meet these people, say hello.

We’re still not getting this across, even with the Tory fraud investigation currently being circumvented by this GE. How many times has it been written that the Tory brains trust knew at 11:43 that night in Thanet South that Nigel was going to lose by however many thousand he did lose by? Particularly as the last boxes were not opened until 2 a.m.? That’s just one of many in this closed shop.

Comey and ‘no wrongdoing’ by Clinton across the pond – it’s everywhere. Let’s not even start on Greece, Germany and EU La La Land.

We’re not speaking of uncaring, unfeeling, greedy, bureaucratic westerners here, we’re speaking of vicious – Kosovo vicious, Kiev vicious, Muslim lands vicious. Bestial. Because we really are dealing with beasts, not humans, let’s get that through our heads, not ethically constrained humans who adhere to codes. Why do the police consistently backslide and fail to do their job? Because they’ve been ordered to, because they’re frightened, not of the Muslims whom they could mop up in half a day, but of those over them.

So here is you, part of the 5%, bothering to read things by us, also part of the 5% but out there are all the others with not the slightest clue, substituting other realities Sky News the Guardian, the Sun and the Beeb allow them to have.

And it is coming, not as part of some economist’s matrix but because they are waiting to deem the time right. My concern is that the common person is in no way ready psychologically, spiritually, mentally or physically for what’s coming – for decades now the people have been nobbled. It’s become intergenerational – Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, Gen Z.

Even libertarianism – ha, a nicety when this thing starts, mateys. Again, if you’ve lived in those other cultures for some time, you wouldn’t need this explained. In Russia, every flat has two or three doors, one of them steel, they say little to anyone outside, they keep their eyes averted.

It’s going to be like a knife through butter here when it happens and the reaction of the people is not going to be pretty. Will it be gallant freedom fighters, as we portray ourselves … or will it be like the woman under the desk with the bottle as in the picture further up?

The purpose of this post was not to insult, to show disdain – surely you, the 5% at least, see that it is an attempt to warn. Why bother? Because we are not yet feral, the 5% … that comes later. For now, we are still concerned with our land and our people.

Last night I looked at a Poirot film The Hollow. At one point, he says to the woman who thinks she’s so clever and who has admitted to not being particularly honest: ‘No Madam, but I do feel you have a certain integrity, all the same.’

My question is – for how long if we are doing what the PTB want? When they offer us two choices – the chip in the wrist or a feral life not unlike that seen in Brotherhood of the Wolf and so many dystopic novels, do we still think it couldn’t happen to us?

There’s not the slightest need to proselytize – in the Brave New Dystopia, people will find their own way to that particular door.

Man and Woman can be most noble, they can reach heights – the 1% though do not wish for this to happen and they’re good at nobbling humanity.

You have a lovely Wednesday.

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  1. Errol
    April 19, 2017 at 7:49 pm

    This is why thestate is borrowing at the incredible rate it is. Precisely to stave off this sort of catastrophe. This is why we are so incredibly in debted. The only solution is collapse or… or gradual, steady recovery.

    However, that sort of recovery will take decades, mainly because at every turn the emtrenched Left – and they are entrenched, to them this is a war for their ideology – hindering these necessary returns to freedom, prosperity and small, effective, democratic government.

    • April 19, 2017 at 7:57 pm

      Does seem there is quite a sector want the collapse.

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