“Curses! I’d Have Gotten Away With It If Not For…”

“…those meddling commenters below the line!”


“It is quite simply a damning indictment of our justice system that a woman recognised by the courts as being ‘fragile and vulnerable’, with no legal representation, can be imprisoned for 26 weeks for begging for 50p.”

Judge Mackenzie said Ms Baker’s begging was not “aggressive” or persistent and that she had “simply asked for 50p”, but said the fact that she had repeatedly breached orders meant a more “significant” penalty was necessary.

Booooo! Heartless authorities! Poor, downtrodden woman in need of…

Oh, wait.


Marie Baker, 36, “preyed” on the vulnerable, befriending them before stealing their cash, according to police.

In one incident she promised to go shopping for a 57-year-old disabled man, but instead stole his £10.

In another she is alleged, according to court evidence presented by West Mercia Police, to have stolen £600 from a housebound 86-year-old with cerebral palsy.

So just who is the ‘vulnerable’ one here, Judge Mackenzie? Just who needs ‘protection’?

I don’t think it’s Marie, do you?