Fake polls from one’s ‘own side’

It’s a bit disconcerting the fakery going on one one’s ‘own side’, so to speak.

Firstly, there is the take-down of O’Reilly and Hannity on Fox and my feeling is that O’Reilly had been a silly boy, was protected by the PTB and then the protection was suddenly removed.

That’s how it’s done – there’s been copious evidence that they only promote/parachute those they can compromise later.  Hannity though is another thing and being so closely associated with Trump, then someone is going to take Hannity down sooner or later.

No I’ve no hard evidence for this beyond precedent but I’m wondering if it is not Trump himself – you know, God Emperor sees a rival … etc.  Historical precedent, no?

On the other hand, it could well be a Sejanus situation where the closest people, the Praetorian, even family, are the assassins hemming in the Glorious Leader. There is, again, evidence that Kissinger played this role, certainly Colonel House did, much evidence Cheney did.

We’re not likely to know. Then there’s this, courtesy of Rossa’s mother:


Amid her usual barrage of anti-left rhetoric, she slips in a poll and expects it to be taken as read –

Whoa, stop, say readers and others on Twitter – this poll is false, Trump is NOT languishing down there, so why is Judge Jeanine saying he is?

This is the poll most conservatives are using:


Please understand, I’m not remotely interested in whether it’s 46% and Trump ‘closing the gap’ [compare to Macron ahead and Le Pen ‘closing the gap’], I’m not remotely interested in that.

I’m vitally interested in WHY Judge Jeanine was going about quoting the leftist poll the fake media were using?

On Fox?

Think about that one for a moment and about O’Reilly and Hannity.

On a side note, as much as I like the judge, why in almost every single interview with Trump family members or allies is she bringing up these stupid MSM created polls? She’s got to know deep down that they are fake or otherwise POTUS wouldn’t be where he is right now? I guess this is just more of the Murdoch marching orders.


While I watch Judge Jeanine on a regular basis, she has a side to her that is almost anti-Trump and it only comes out intermittently. It’s kinda like a glitch in your car and when you take it to the shop, they tell you it has to repeat or happen in their care and it won’t. She is a bit sneaky with some of her positions, although she is quite outspoken about the swamp critters and other failings in D.C. Perhaps it”s her way of trying to keep peace with those knucklehead children who appear to own FOX news.

Let me labour this point a little more – why would the conservative side put up fake polls? Sure, to show some ‘balance’ by putting the left’s point of view before debunking it and don’t use strawmen either.

But an actual fake poll of the left’s?

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  1. May 1, 2017 at 11:14 pm

    I’m not sure Fox was ever mostly on the GOP/Conservative side. They have a persona, a role to play.

    I was in the US days before the 2008 election. Fox had wall-to-wall coverage of a McCain aide who was an establishment insider taking down Sarah Palin. The coverage focussed on Palin rather than the McCain aide, however. Drip, drip, drip.

    McCain and Palin were cooked, not just because of Fox, but they, too, contributed. They had their marching orders.

    I agree with you on O’Reilly on TPTB withdrawing protection. (I’m not a fan of his, by the way.) I have not seen that anywhere on the pro-Trump sites, but it is plausible.

    However, it seems that Fox hosts are given boundaries. It would appear that they are also duty bound to present the other side in order to present a ‘fair and balanced’ (whatever it is) perspective.

    Tucker Carlson, my favourite, only goes so far. A lot of people say, ‘Why didn’t Tucker ask about this or that?’ He’s playing the game to preserve his programme, poised for top ratings now. That said, he does an excellent job. Here’s the Fox News YouTube channel for his show:


    Judge Jeanine probably wants to keep her job, too. She’s made a few other comments like that before. Trump knows she’s a longtime friend. So should we.

    Fox is Fox.

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