First 100 days: Trump made it

President Donald Trump’s 100th day in office was Saturday, April 29, 2017.

Thank goodness. He made it.

Instead of attending the annual White House Correspondents dinner, he went to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to hold a rally. It was like old times, like seeing a vintage Christmas special of a favourite television show.

Trump still promised America First, but is that possible?

Michael Savage, radio talk show host and author of Trump’s War: His Battle for America, is much less sure now than when he wrote his best seller. Trump’s War hit the No. 1 spot on the New York Times Bestseller list at the end of March in the non-fiction category. It has also been in the top two spots in several Amazon book categories.

On March 25, he told WND what it was like meeting Trump in February at Mar-a-Lago:

Savage recalled that Trump put his arm around the radio talk-show host and declared to attentive diners: “I wouldn’t be president without this man” …

Savage said he sat down for an hour with Trump over dessert on Feb. 18, mostly reminiscing about growing up in the same New York City borough, Queens, though worlds apart from each other: Savage the son of a working-class immigrant and Trump the scion of a prominent real estate developer …

“He’s personable, warm, friendly and honest. We got along great,” Savage told WND …

After his tête-à-tête over dessert, his belief that Trump is the man to restore America has only increased.

“I have total faith in him. I think he’s instinctually a nationalist who loves America. I don’t think it was just a campaign shtick,” he said.

“So, even if you look back at his past as a Democratic donor, a friend of Hillary — all of that, we all know that, we’re not blind to his past — he still was a nationalist. He still loved America. His fortune was built on American soil.”

On Friday, April 7, WND posted another interview with Savage, about the prospects of war. Interestingly, Savage had done a programme on the subject hours before the US dropped 59 Tomahawks on a Syrian airbase. Savage’s monologue focussed on Russia:

“People in Trump’s own sphere are turning him towards the beating war drums,” he told his listeners. “Dems and the establishment GOP both handcuffed loyal Trump advisers like (Attorney General) Jeff Sessions, and now (House Intelligence Committee Chairman) Devin Nunes, to take themselves out of any investigations on the Russia conspiracy. Steve Bannon, a close adviser, is asked to step down from his NSC (National Security Council) role.

“Who got to you, Mr. President? Who is whispering in your ear and could have made you make this dramatic of a change towards Russia in just three days?” he asked.

Savage said he believes it’s “the generals,” whom Trump gave “great power in his administration, and they are using it to their advantage just like in World War I.”

“Like Trump, Woodrow Wilson ran on an ‘America first’ platform. He was elected largely because he kept us out of the war in Europe,” Savage said. “But someone got to him, too.”

Steve Bannon’s practically out the door now. Rumour has it he could run the Heritage Foundation. Heritage Foundation’s head, former Senator Jim DeMint, is reportedly leaving. Rumours are also circulating that DeMint might get a post at the White House. If so, he’s a decent cove and a confessional Presbyterian. He also knows all the players without sinking to their depths. I’ve admired him for many years.

Back to Michael Savage. He gave an excellent interview to Alex Jones on Tuesday, March 14, much of which concerned 20th century history.

Of Karl Marx, he said:

One of his chief targets was the family.

You’ll see that every one of the social policies over the last 30 years aims at the mother, father and child. Every policy is aimed at the middle class as we know it.

On healthcare, he spoke about the Cuban model:

The first thing Castro did after becoming a communist … he said when he took power that he wasn’t a communist. People don’t remember that.

Savage mentioned a friend of his who was in Cuba at the time Castro assumed power:

He said it was wonderful. It felt like liberation.

Then, Castro started:

killing his cohorts and then he announced he is a Communist.

And, the next thing he did, he gave the Cuban peasants what? Healthcare!

But where does Castro go for healthcare while he’s still living? He flew in a doctor from Miami! He didn’t use a Cuban doctor. The Cuban doctors are for the peasants!

He didn’t think there would be any significant reform or replacement of Obamacare. Both he and Jones agreed that the people who use health facilities the most pay the least — if anything at all — for healthcare. Meanwhile, the middle class is getting soaked with sky-high premiums.

Savage then turned his attention to Venezuela:

It’s socialism in action … They’re starving to death.

A starving population is a malleable population.

It’s a cult of nihilism … It’s a worship of evil and darkness — not racial — spiritual: light and darkness.

He also discussed the Left’s love affair with Islamism:

I said the Islamists would align with the Left and they did … There’s something else to this picture. I don’t know if it’s purely suicidal. It may be something else, uh, voting blocs.

It’s a war, Alex, and we’re losing it. The West is losing. Trump is our only hope right now … And, here’s what I want to say to all those people who stabbed him [Donald Trump] for nine months during the campaign, then suddenly became his supporters. They were suddenly big Trump supporters, then they started stabbing him in the back again.

It truly is, ‘You’re either for him or against him’. Any minor victories with him are way more than we would have had with Hillary Rodham Clinton, especially with the First and Second Amendments. Why would never-Trump conservatives not support that?

Savage has a PhD in nutritional ethnomedicine and sometimes refers to it in his conversation. He emphasised the importance of preserving the nation-state and national borders, comparing them to cells with walls:

It’s part of nature.

Borders, language, culture — that’s the nature of identity … America First.

It has been said that Trump got the America First idea from Savage, hence the aforementioned acknowledgement at Mar-a-Lago.

On the Left’s madness in the US, he said:

They thought they had it won. That’s why the Left is going berserk … There’s more here than meets the eye.

The following day, March 15, Savage, 75, was assaulted and thrown to the ground as he was leaving Servino Ristorante in the upmarket town of Tiburon, California, where he has a home. PJ Media reported:

The Tiburon Police Department confirms the incident took place. When they arrived on the scene, police found both people had placed each other under a citizen’s arrest. Law enforcement let both men go.

The district attorney’s office will determine whether or not to file charges.

Although Savage was not at liberty to discuss the case, he said:

The fascist left has been empowered by their own false narrative that those who support borders, language and culture — my motto — are evil fascists! This is how Hitler came to power. He used his brown shirts to beat any opponents. The media and police are almost wholly driven by this lie.

On Sunday, April 16, he gave another interview to Jones, covering much the same ground as before. He was — and still is — deeply disappointed by Trump’s attack on Syria. However, he was bemused by conservatives’ lack of support for Trump in other areas:

First Amendment. He’s not taking away freedom of speech or talk radio. She [Clinton] said she would [implement] the Fairness Doctrine and limit … me on the radio and others in the media like you. You’d be gone. Okay, so we have the First Amendment under Trump.

Guns are not being seized. They would have been under Hillary.

What I’m saying is, we have the First and Second Amendments. Why are these people stabbing Trump in the back? I mean, I’m not talking about the progressives … I’m talking about the fake conservatives …

He ended by returning to borders, language, culture:

Hillary and the Democrats want to dissolve the borders. Isn’t that why they wanted open borders?

A language? Oh, English, it’s just another language, it’s not the language of the land.

Culture? You have no culture. The Third World has superior culture. You Americans are cultureless. You have no class.

Screw them all. Borders, language, culture. That’s what defines America and every nation on earth.

God knows that even a plant cell has a cell wall. Without a cell wall, there’s no differential between a cell and a plant.

It’s the same with nations.

The public’s responses to Savage’s Twitter feed are interesting. He caught a lot of flak for this one:

another war for oil. Saudis and Qatar and UAE using Tillerson, exxon, to eliminate Assad to control oil into Europe

However, his latest, from April 30 on people having to fight the Left on their own in Berkeley, garnered a lot of support.

In closing, I’ll give you my take on Trump’s first 100 days.

I don’t know why Trump isn’t saying anything about stronger law enforcement in Berkeley. Admittedly, the event on Thursday, April 27, was orderly. Rebel Media’s Gavin McInnes flew in from Canada to give Ann Coulter’s speech. For some strange reason, local police finally did their job. Largely, however, that was because of online pressure from Trump supporters.

Trump has also ignored the censorship issue. He says nothing about the way Twitter and Facebook are censoring people. He has said nothing about Google’s search engine algorithms. Maybe Ivanka and Jared told him everything is just fine.

The White House, as I’ve said before, is filling up with Swamp people from the NeverTrump crowd. Why?

I don’t like McMaster, who seems as if he is Petraeus by proxy.

On the other hand, I’d give him an A for everything else. He works like crazy. The economy is improving. The stock market is buoyant. Jobs are coming back.

People are optimistic about America’s future. Ninety-six of Trump voters say they’d vote for him again.

The White House is always communicating with people. Trump and the White House staff put little film clips on Twitter of daily events.

He’s met with a lot of world leaders. He’s sent Mike Pence out to the Far East and the Antipodes. Rex Tillerson is making diplomatic trips. Foreign leaders are responding positively.

I think Trump’s G7 appearance will go down well with those who are there.

Overall, I would give him a B. No major complaints.

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