Women [and men] are being played upon something awful

In the middle of the night, I woke up to discover that 75 comments at my place had gone to “Bin”, not Spam, and that this Bin was a new link which had not been there before. Not happy.

If you look carefully at that screenshot, you’ll see that it’s a woman retweeting a man. That becomes relevant further down.

One of those comments was about the Women’s Pussy Parade on Saturday, January 21st, in Washington, the day after the Inauguration.

This is it:

As you know, I haven’t commented here in a year. I’m commenting now because it appears you may have been misinformed? I can’t speak for everyone, but for the 7 couples who went to the marches.

1) My friends who went to the Women’s Marches in DC, Detroit, Atlanta and Lexington – both women and men – paid their own way – and they are far from overweight 🙂 (One of them is a beautiful Russian woman, inside and out, who immigrated from Russian 18 years ago, now a legal American citizen, btw) 🙂

2) The “bussing in” from other cities that was utilized was private pay – near $200, at least from Louisville to DC. I know because I saw it myself, because originally, Mark and I were to go with my friend who works in public health administration for the CDC in Atlanta and her husband, myself and Mark, originally planned to go to the one in DC, and she sent me the website. Originally, there was no pay assistance, but as time went on, it was offered to those who could not pay.

3) Nobody missed work. That is why the marches were held on a Saturday. I personally had to work, but I work for cardiologists who do hospital rounds on weekends.

4) Unlike other forms of protest, there was absolutely no violence reported from any reputable source, liberal or conservative, on the day of the marches. The violence you mentioned occurred the day before, and it was completely unrelated to the women’s march groups. The photos reveal it was done by men.

5) My friend who works for the CDC is on the Zika research team – the one who published all of the information on how Zika is contracted, spread and their plan of treatment. They discovered that it primarily affects children in the form of birth defects and the focus of her funding was then pregnant mothers and unborn children. However, the CDC is already a target for losing funding according to Trump’s plan. This is the main reason she was marching.

6) Nonviolent protest in dissent – including blogging – is one of the most patriotic things we can do. As long as we are still allowed freedom of speech and expression, we will do so – as I’m sure you will too 🙂

7) If you’re going to deem the media fake, please stop relying on it for your news about events didn’t attend, then. Thanks.

OK, I’ve no doubt she and her friends did attend and much of what she wrote above may have been so which, in the light of all the fake news of late, would show bias on the Deplorable side by media we’ve trusted.

Except for one thing.

During that march, it was not the media but mutual Followers on Twitter who were reporting from the march and I was reading their live reports – these women were saying something quite different. They’re of course biased towards the Deplorable side but so is the writer of the comment biased towards the Pussy Parade side at that utterly pointless march.

The “bussing in” from other cities that was utilized was private pay – near $200

Yes, Soros paid, and others – that’s been testified to, we saw the details posted online at the time, the chits, the details of the money handed over to the thugs.


Did she also wear a vagina around her neck or a pussy hat?

Because if not, then she was being used and used badly. If she went to protest against imagined women’s wrongs, plus she paid for that, then that’s her thing and well done for having a nice stroll in the park.

However, that march was led by an illegal alien guilty of transgressing US law and now being deported, it was a funded march for disruption, pretending to support women but about violence and disruption of a duly elected President.

And it was further arranged and organized by a staff of males:


I’m sure our commenter was entirely unaware and was therefore duped, as were all the other non-complicit women. The figure given was two-thirds non-complicit.

You see, we have a fundamental point here, a point made by the Deplorable ladies many times – this was all about a bunch of criminals wanting half a million women to protest Trump.

How to get them there?

Play upon their imagined grievances, of course.

Women in the US, as our ladies point out, already have full rights and in the younger ranks, are paid more than men.

Planned Parenthood, the Luciferian and communist organization [read Sanger’s antecedents] is a special case. It’s now being rightly defunded in many states, which is a legitimate grievance for them, but it wasn’t at the time of that march.

Incidentally, these are two of those rightist ladies mentioned above:

This thing needs some perspective. If you glance at the retweets of those two ladies, there were over 1000 and many of the followers on Twitter who are ladies and who think this way are of a Deplorable bent.

These organized thugfest marches which claim to be “Women’s” marches are nothing of the kind. This chart will help understand that:

Taking the US and the UK and basing it on the presidential election and the referendum, around 52% of people are of a more rightist bent for now. However, women are primarily leftist and men are primarily rightist. There are about 51% women in the world and 49% men.

The leftist men and women are just a shade under the rightist men and women for now – it might change in coming years.

If someone organized a march for the White Male for a Sunday and promised to cover their fares, playing on every grievance white males feel today, plus all our bros would be there, sure many would go. Playing on grievances real and imagined is the oldest trick in the book. Hitler did just that at Nuremberg.

Incidentally, Saturday IS a working day, Sunday is not. A certain proportion of those attending were therefore either non-working people or off work.

Those women Twitter followers who’d been there reported that the violence was by men, as Chrysalis says – but what we also now know is that many of those were hooded and since they’ve been unhooded by police of late, quite a few of them have been shown to be female snowflakes.

Way to go:

There is the famous recent incident, of course, of the porn idiot who tried to punch a man with a knuckle duster glove and got punched out for her trouble – that was all over the news – but to be fair to Chrysalis, that had not happened at the point of the inauguration.

So we have this mix of the observable, the conjectured and the porkies which I’m not going to try to unravel at 4.02 a.m., which it now is and I’ve things in town I must do at 9.00 a.m.

Oh and the leftist protests have been anything but non-violent, they’ve been very violent, the footage has been seen by all centre and right. From one of our ladies on the good side:

Antifa on Mayday:

In conclusion

There is a hell of a lot of “cross-pollination” going on between men and women of the non-left, also between nations:

That women’s march purported to call itself for all women – it was not. It was nothing like as portrayed in that comment in brown above – I invite our Julia to comment on this.

It could well have looked that way to someone not observing and enjoying a day out in Washington but there were many things going on behind the scenes which the leftists were and still are blindly oblivious to but which we all know full well and report on, in media which the leftists never look at.

The myth of female non-violence at marches is covered here:


A lady comments:

Sharon Stafford Conant. Those of us who are REAL women want nothing to do with these idiots! They do not speak for us. We REAL women believe in taking care of our families and homes. We don’t think that abortion should be a form of birth control. We don’t think welfare should be a career choice. We know that men and women are different and were meant to be that way in order to compliment, not compete with, each other. We REAL women know we don’t need a “movement” to prove our value in this society!

Therefore, those leftists, including their majority of women, are being played upon something awful by forces who know this full well.

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  1. Errol
    May 3, 2017 at 8:15 pm

    Where ever they go, whatever they pretend to be, the Left always resort to the same tactics: thuggery, violence and oppression.

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