Islam and issues arising from that

There was a comment at Breitbart:

“The problem with Anne Marie Waters is not her opposition to Islam, which is based on a sound understanding of the nature and threat of the ideology. The problem is that she supports, adamantly, the feminist civilization and is acting in its defense.”

Yes, she’s sound on Islam, poor on feminazism and gay mafia. Looking just at Islam, we know that one of the main weapons is the use of the double whammy – rhetoric like the weasel word Islamaphobia, plus government legislation to prevent anyone from pointing to the very real issues with this insidious invasion.

Hitchens here was referring to “Islamaphobia”.:

All anyone need do is look at the history of this social system, deified into some sort of religion in the C7th, to realize the very real threat it poses. Stealth settlement has been used before in history but more it was armed conquest. This stealth invasion is much harder to combat as one can’t use a military solution.

The collusion of Them in bringing it into Europe will never be forgiven.


However, D for Doom touches on another aspect. Have you noticed how, especially in the US right now with the Colbert thing:

… that pro-Trump is aligned here with pro-gay and anti-Trump is aligned with anti-gay. Now isn’t that interesting because this is how people are being manoeuvred – read the D for Doom piece on it.

The splitting of the right

What used to be called the right, now loosely termed Deplorable, illustrates the strange bedfellows so to speak. If you welcomed Trump at least as an alternative to Clinton, then you may well be pro-family and that puts you at odds with gay marriage which libertarians support and the libertarians are in Trump’s camp because it’s about freedom of speech and action.

However, so many policies are conservative that this also includes Christians whom libertarians and rationalists can’t stand. So everyone’s at each other’s throats. Then there is pro and anti-Jewish. the seeds are there for a falling apart and the left is delighted.

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  1. Errol
    May 4, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    I’m confused: the Left hate people because their ideology is so easily shredded they cannot fight on an equal footing. The Left hate Trump because he is a huge threat to them.

    The Right don’t hate gays, they simply don’t believe any group should receive special treatment.

    I’m not sure libertarians support the family. They simply want to be left alone. I consider myself libertarian: I don’t care about gays, but they cannot marry. That is a privilege given over to a specific entity. Same that they cannot have children: they’ve made their choices and those choices should not encroach on my own. Their rights stop where mine begin. The left don’t care about rights, they only want power, power to control people to think and act as they want, because they think themselves right.

    Thus the Left are fascists. The Left, by supporting Islam are completely hypocritical because they also support gays. They are against the family. This complete hypocritical confusion comes from their use of the cause to gain power.

    This is why the Left are wrong, and must be squashed at every opportunity: they ruin everything (economics, society, opportunity) for everyone and don’t care that they’re doing it because their ends justify their means.

    • May 4, 2017 at 10:02 pm

      Something like that, now I’m confused.

    • John in cheshire
      May 4, 2017 at 10:49 pm

      I think the explanation and the differentiation is thus:
      For islam their belief is immutable; they won’t compromise on what they want to achieve.
      For collectivists their beliefs are fluid; the issue isn’t the issue, as Saul Alynski preached; things are only relevant for as long as they are useful to the ultimate goal of destroying white, Christian civilisation.
      That is the weakness of the collectivists; in the initial phases of their creation of a new world, they align themselves with the muslims because it seems they are both working towards the same goals but as they both succeed, while the muslims wish to destroy the Western civilisation and every other civilisation as fulfillment of their understanding of what allah (whatever that is) wishes, the collectivists keep changing the end goal. And that’s why ultimately they will destroy each other.

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