The Last French debate

You could have written the script – Marine Le Pen comes over finally as unhinged. My French friend is in deep despair:

Marine has lost the debate. I am extremely shocked
yesterday night was historical crash.
Marine has been awful from the beginning to the end. She took drugs or something, it is unbelievable.
A lot of supporters are not even going to the polling station on Sunday.
She talked too fast and she was ridiculous.
Please stop to support her in Breitbart because she does not deserve it.

I replied:

One doesn’t vote on a debate but on a stance and Macron still needs to be voted against – people still need to go and vote against him. The left will win if people do not vote. Then hello to more jihadis than you can imagine. Point is not her. Point is anti-globalist. Deal with her later.

When a highly unpopular view is borne out, sadly

I always hoped against hope she would be all right, I always hoped against hope that May would be all right. Sadly, they are not all right, they are as bad as Queen Elizabeth I was when you look at her full history.

The highly unpopular view? I have blogged for years that a woman should never be the ultimate leader of a large organization and have pointed to Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard and other firms so show that. You only need look at Rebekah Brooks for further confirmation, Laura Kuenssberg, Caroline Flint, the list is endless and there is a 100% correlation between a woman in charge and a firm’s [or nation’s] success. People point to Maggie but there were issues there too. She should never have been bullied out of the leadership in the end.

There is also a thing called faux gallantry. This is where the men, on their white chargers, come storming in to defend the impuned woman. Sorry, boys, you are wrong to defend the indefensible.

The primary defence of faux gallantry is that there are so many bad men leaders too. Yes there are – Blair, Brown, Juncker, that other German, Rumpy Pumpy, Barosso, Cameron, clegg, Farron … it goes on and on and on. But they are function of a double whammy – firstly they are the lower end of the normal curve anyway and secondly – they are part of the parliamentary pathetic-ness, i.e. all parliamentarians are snout-in-the-troughers [expenses] who believe they were born to rule.

So there is a choice between a great likelihood the man will be an utter disaster and the absolute certainty that a woman would be. And sadly, every single case bears that out.

In 2007, Sarkozy was on the side which appeared to be us, Royal was on the left. She went hysterical, he won. This time round, Macron is for the baddies and Marine for the good side – she goes hysterical, Macron wins the debate. Sigh.

4 comments for “The Last French debate

  1. mona
    May 5, 2017 at 9:19 am

    Project Fear now in France,, Project Blackmail in Britain.. wakey,, wakey.. Brussels Calling.

  2. James Strong
    May 5, 2017 at 6:27 pm

    Golda Meir?

    • mona
      May 5, 2017 at 9:00 pm

      You don’t mean Lyndon B Johnson.

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