Scoops from alt-media’s Mike Cernovich

A group of bloggers and budding journalists emerged from Gamergate, a controversy that started in 2014 and ended the following year.

A fairly straightforward disagreement turned into an online war which resulted in offline death threats.

Gamergate turned political and, just in time for the 2016 elections, split gamers into Left and Right. Identity politics — feminism, in particular — also played a large role in the conflict of agendas, ideas and entertainment.

Three of Gamergate’s principal players — Vox Day, Milo Yiannopoulos and Mike Cernovich — are now big in the emerging world of alt-media. Vox Day (real name Theodore Beale) has his own publishing firm — Castalia House — maintains his blog and has a variety of interests, including music and video games. Milo Yiannopoulos needs no introduction. Mike Cernovich — a childhood Christian-turned-atheist — is a lawyer by training and has written two niche self-help books, Gorilla Mindset and MAGA Mindset. He and his second wife live near Los Angeles and are parents of a baby daughter. He posts his Trump administration scoops on Medium.

He attracted online attention when he began making videos about Hillary Clinton’s health condition in September 2016.

Cernovich and Vox Day attracted more readers and viewers when Pizzagate broke at the end of October 2016, thanks to the Podesta WikiLeaks and related older videos already online. The two wrote about it and appeared in at least one video together discussing the topic. I watched one of their videos. Vox Day, a Christian, said that Pizzagate shows the true face of evil. Cernovich said that he has softened his antagonism and thinks Christianity is not as bad as he once thought.

Big Media say that Pizzagate is a hoax, but evidence points to a large paedophile network in the US that is being covered up.

Cernovich regularly produces long Periscopes analysing current affairs. Most of them are on YouTube.

Cernovich is a libertarian and, while he said he did not vote for Obama, he praised the former president for being an alpha male. That was in 2008. Well, times change, people change. Gamergate helped him assess his priorities. The Cernovich of 2016 was an unabashed Trump supporter.

Post-election, Cernovich keeps a gimlet eye on what’s going on behind the scenes in Washington, DC. I have written about him on my site, most recently when he broke the Susan Rice story.

He was high profile enough to garner an invitation from CBS’s 60 Minutes for an interview which aired on Sunday, March 26, 2017 in the programme’s special on fake news. Naturally, his interviewer, Scott Pelley, accused him of making up stories with no basis in fact. I wrote about it at the time and followed up once Cernovich released the full transcript of the 45-minute interview, whittled down to a measly two or three minutes.

Cernovich appeared on the Alex Jones Show on Tuesday, April 4 and has been a regular guest since then. He broke the Susan Rice story on April 2 with the objective of covering Pizzagate in future:

… we have the whole enchilada on the paedophile network … So, I’m going to break it down real quick.

The whole reason Trump can’t get his people hired is because the security clearances are being jammed up and not going through.

The reason they’re not going through is that the people who administer the polygraphs in Deep State are actually part of a paedophile ring and they only want paedophiles because they can be compromised and are blackmail[able].

So, every time we thought Trump was making a mistake, he actually wasn’t.

The people who administer the polygraphs in Deep State are all part of the paedophile network … That is why a lot of General Flynn’s guys, especially, they weren’t able to get security clearances.

So, this goes way deeper. This is why they want to — after you, they went after me.

That is still ongoing, by the way. I saw another interview between him and Jones early in May. Both have received tip-offs by phone that Deep State wants them out. Cernovich has been told not to be out in public alone. His warning included the threat of drugging and abduction, possibly more.

He continued (April 4):

My wifi is not even working now … So, this is the real thing now and how Deep State is trying to sabotage Trump.

I talked to the person who investigated … in my detailed source network, and he told me that where it happens initially is in swingers clubs, and these swingers clubs are outside of Washington, DC. And what happens is, they find people who are into wife-swapping and other kinds of activities and then they drug them — grooming them, essentially. And then they pose for pictures with children, naked children —

Alex Jones interrupted:

Oh, I was told that by sources, that they have a woman trick you first … then you’re drugged. Wow. Amazing. My other sources are telling me this, too … You’re awesome. I’m sorry we didn’t get to this earlier. Mike Cernovich: the gold standard of reporting.

Jones cut to a commercial break. When they returned, Jones said he has never experienced as much resistance from the establishment as he had with his few Pizzagate stories last year. He backed off after that.

Cernovich agreed:

Yeah, because of how they compromise people and the media. Because Operation Mockingbird proved that the CIA controls a lot of media. A lot of media people are — it’s kind of sad, Alex — they’re actually paedophiles themselves.

They have pictures of them with underaged children and that is how they’re controlled by Deep State, too.

So, they’re told what to write about by Deep State. And that’s why they’re all freaking out, because a lot of people in media, they have been compromised.

I mean, if you think about it, you know, some of these guys — maybe a 25-year-old man at a club — they’re partying. A pretty girl goes up to them. They’re thinking, ‘This is a good thing’. Next thing you know, they wake up and all they see is a picture of them next to a naked child. And they’re going to write what they’re told to write. That’s why most of the media are controlled by Deep State, because most of the people in media, they’re not actually into children, but they’ve been compromised by Deep State.

Jones said that Zbigniew Brzezinski once said that the elite control organised crime:

They control it all, because, oh, then, ‘We can control it and keep it smaller’. What a lie.

They’re the ones that have proliferated it because it’s their control system, so that’s why they are normalising paedophilia in the news, normalising it in the media, because they want to get more people into it so they have more compromised people.

Cernovich agreed:

Right. And all they did when they went after me — and they don’t understand how people like you and I think — they don’t understand that. Who cares about stupid articles they write about me?

Jones said:

I, frankly, don’t care if I get sued now. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

Cernovich said he was prepared:

I put money in a trust fund. My daughter has a trust fund. You know, Shauna — my wife — has a trust fund.


They can come after me. Good luck with that. I want them to sue me, because I’m going to depose everybody who ever went, everybody they’ve ever been friends with. I’m going to be at every deposition …

That’s why you haven’t been sued and I haven’t been sued. Because I want to be sued.

Jones closed the conversation with the Susan Rice scoop:

She’s basically admitted that she did the spying but that she did nothing wrong. So, uhh, they’ve got a big problem on their hands in the last 24 hours.

See, you were a big, fat liar, Mike.

Cernovich replied:

Yeah, let ’em keep hating me. We’re committed to the truth and we’re never going to compromise it.

Two of Cernovich’s recent scoops concern HR McMaster. Both date from May 2.

In ‘McMaster Hires Major General Ricky Waddell as Deputy NSA without Trump’s Approval’, we discover:

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster has named Army Reserve Major General Ricky Waddell his deputy without obtaining authorization from President Donald Trump, leading to drama and confusion among White House staff and even the media. Waddell set up an office inside the executive building, and is acting as McMaster’s deputy.

K.T. McFarland, currently deputy NSA, is leaving the NSC for a position in Singapore. McMaster wanted to bring on Waddell, where as Jared Kushner and Gary Cohn preferred Dina Habib Powell.

Trump’s base is not supportive of either pick, viewing Goldman Sachs surrogates (Powell) and Petraeus puppets (Waddell) as a lose-lose for America.

McMaster’s plan is to stack the NSC with Petraeaus loyalists who are willing to do whatever it takes, including maniplating intelligence reports, to lead the U.S. in a ground war in the Middle East. Sources close to McMaster’s plan call it “Petraeus’ second war” …

The other story is ‘National Security Advisor McMaster May Accept Role as Army Vice Chief of Staff, Receive Promotion to General’. Trump and McMaster are getting on each other’s nerves:

McMaster’s and Trump’s relationship hit a wall, as McMaster unilaterally overruled Trump on North Korea, hired Major General Ricky Waddell as his deputy without authorization, and leaked anti-Bannon articles to the media. Trump is also no fan of McMaster’s push for a ground war in Syria and massive new surge in Afghanistan.

In an interview with Bloomberg over the weekend, President Donald Trump hinted at some personnel changes.

Trump, in businesslike fashion, said that some ‘are going to get job offers’. Cernovich explains:

Promoting McMaster to full General will be seen as “failing up” to some and a win-win to others. McMaster has not enjoyed his tenure at the NSC, as he finds his advisory role stifling. Sources close to McMaster suggest he’s deliberately antagonizing and undermining Trump.

However, Cernovich says that this could put Dina Habib Powell in the NSA. If so, he says, she has ties to Saudi Arabian ‘terrorists’ from her days at Goldman Sachs.

The story is developing. Meanwhile, you can read more from Cernovich on Twitter.

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