The making of the new monster

An old clip but quite relevant today:

This is really sad in comments:

I dont know what gender study class youve taken but I know the professor who runs the program at my university. her work in the UC system basically defined the gender study circulae across the country. Not a single word out of her mouth could ever be considered negative about men, in fact much of her study involved the horrors men faced in the AIDS crisis of the 80s – gay men are men.

I don’t want to get distracted by the gender aspects of that clip, nor the gay thing, nor any other specific issue we go on about each day, but get straight to what this is turning kids into.

And before getting onto that, what is also jawdropping is the number of fellow bloggers and readers who don’t take this seriously.  When someone writes “for the cheeldren” in a mocking way, as if concern for what is happening is somehow uncool or whatever – I really do wonder about that person.

If I’m oversensitive to this, then it’s those decades in education when it actually was education and it was understood that you gave kids the best grounding possible, including in ethics.  Not emotion, not ‘finding oneself’ but ethics – the code by which we live.

It’s not just the warping of young minds today in their opinions but actually turning them into monsters in their behaviour and threat to other people and animals.

What we saw in that clip was psychopathy of the kind you see in horror films, you know – Damian, Chucky, Samara in The Ring, those twin girls in the X Files:

… and that Twilight Zone where a kid has amazing powers to ‘send away’ anyone by just thinking them gone. That’s fiction, yes, but it’s happening so much in RL now – the one a few days ago was a girl barely in teens who fried her pet, another who chiselled her friend in Japan or Clara Schwartz:

… and so on and so on. The Mail, Sun and Mirror naturally play up the horror without ever really looking at why.

If you think the Slenderman killing was a one-off by a lone nutter:

… then that’s in the realm of saying each of those Muslim killings was the result of a single lone nutter.

With Islam, it’s dead easy to find the culprit.

With the killings and rapings by children – not just of but by – there is a situation where children are encouraged, especially by leftwing teachers, to get into sex and drugs as early as as possible – plus gays are going in to schools to address 5 year olds – you saw yesterday the London LBeeGeeBee curriculum.

This is sick.  If you’re gay, stick to adults and get a room, leave kids out of it, especially the lower end of teenage.

But I still haven’t got to the point, which is that something other than the accepted sources of influence – parents, teachers and the acknowledged other influences – film, TV, music – is working on a child today.  Today he is in his or her room with the computer, able to get around any parental vetting, even if the parent wishes to:

… and the little darling, just as we did when kids, lies about what he/she is up to.  When we were kids, we were up to smoking, trying alcohol, pathetic attempts at sex – that was about it.  This now is nasty and these monsters online are triggering kids through gaming and other media.

No, I’m not silly enough to think any sort of device or government ban or anything will stop kids, especially not the new monsters who are butter-wouldn’t-melt to any adult who could hinder their plans but then goes out and does the mindless when the word comes.  If I mention that X Files episode Eve, it’s because it is easily understood.  Even in that clip above, when Scully comes in all compassionate after the father is murdered, you see the briefly kid look up to the sky, before letting Scully rabbit on.  The twins later try to kill Scully and Mulder.

And now to the next point – so many are girls these days:

For a start, a girl is female and has always, for millennia, been a mental handful, especially in teenage when the hormones kick in and the hysteria starts but add to that the malevolent cultural assault now and you’re talking about total vulnerability to wrong and easy solutions. Why did Manson have such appeal to females?

Boys are also involved but as you saw with Clara Schwartz, she was the mastermind, the others did her bidding.  This is not a new thing.

Kooky girl, just a kid?  No, a torturer and murderer of animals.  Again, film and TV to the rescue in getting people to understand – the Doctor Who episode with two brothers – one an archaeologist who gets possessed and the brother, seeing only the brother of old, not understanding in the least that he is now with a monster, a psychopath.

And as with every single one of these cases – some influence caused this to go into that person’s head.  In the hierarchy of influence, where hopefully we are at one end of the continuum where we’d almost never do such things – it would have to be something pretty massive for it to happen – to the other end where the person is completely vulnerable to influence of a pernicious kind, then not to act to shut off those influences is dereliction on the part of adults.

No, legislation will not help, nor classes, nor imposing gospel values – it’s past that now, the monsters are in formation at this moment.

And these girls are all getting free passes for their psychopathy:

Another one – who is putting these things out?

6 comments for “The making of the new monster

  1. Errol
    May 18, 2017 at 9:57 pm

    I’m horrified at the spelling and grammar. People think ‘the web doesn’t matter’ but it does. The simple things like capital letters, apostrophes, full stops, – it is simple lazines to type dont when they mean don’t, and wont instead of won’t.

    The US is worse for this, but really, it’s inexcusable. Such people are illiterate.

    • May 19, 2017 at 7:38 am

      I’m horrified at that and at the total lack of parameters given to kids now except for ‘finding yourself’ and hugging trees, plus any call to good social behaviour is ‘passive aggression’ in their now warped minds.

  2. Graham Wood
    May 19, 2017 at 9:37 am

    Whilst I reject his atheism, Pat Condell in that clip summarises as always superbly the failure of the whole ramshackle ideological nonsense being spouted by our oh so clever liberal political and social “elites”.

    Let’s face it. ALL human ideologies fail and will inevitably fail if God is absent. How true the oft repeated maxim – if you don’t believe in God then you are open to believing literally anything.
    Never more true than today.
    What a terrible price our younger generation is paying for such anti-intellectual and mindless indoctrination. I feel genuinely real sorrow for them

    • May 19, 2017 at 10:13 am

      Pat is great value – we can’t agree on everything.

    • Voice of Reason
      May 19, 2017 at 2:19 pm

      And what are the criteria by which you establish that your beliefs are correct?

      • May 19, 2017 at 2:47 pm

        Two criteria are that it will result in a more productive society [which cuts out leftism] and that so many want it. The elite and its PC narrative, plus appalling behaviour has also made it far clearer what is good and what is not.

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