Ship of fools – why are our ‘Beloved Leaders’ so bloody awful?

So there’s a poll which both major parties reject but by the same token, it acts to firm up waverers – the old SNP bogey trick repackaged – threaten with something so dire that voters will flock to the other party to stop it happening, even though most don’t like the ‘leader’.

So, we’re back with the old Red versus Blue and the real drama – globalist hegemony vs populist disenchantment – it’s overshadowed, dropped for now, the media is ignoring it.

This Labour apparatchik I know on Twitter was pumping out that the Beloved Leader was ‘calm’, a ‘nice man’, much vilified by the hateful May, even that he was statesmanlike. How blind can a pretty lady be? Seems very and so are all the voting snowflakes.

I wrote that the man consorted with this country’s enemies, that he has unfunded promises, will give away the Falklands, that he’s been caught out in blatant lie after lie and is now proposing a ‘garden tax’ for the people he hates.

That in itself was retweeted by Deplorables with a ra-ra-ra, but what does that prove in the scheme of anything which counts?

The whole national discussion here is about bloody Corbyn. In the States, it’s about some feminist who held up an effigy of Trump’s head and they’re all a-twitter over that, not about the real issue – that they’re closing in on Clinton.

May has been awful

Here are some comments from out there this morning:

May is managing to f..k this up big time. I voted Tory last time but her attacks on pensioners and her presidential style campaign are putting people off in droves. She was very poor in the TV debate and never looks healthy to me. Corbyn is a buffoon but expectations of him were so low, he appears to be getting better. I can’t see either of these clowns managing Brexit. Then there’s Boris Johnston and Diane Abbott. Tim Farron? Don’t make me laugh. Churchill must be turning in his grave.


I’m actually quite angry, I really think the conservatives wanted to lose this election! They lost my parents on the fox hunting pledge even before they announced the so-called dementia tax! They picked on the the elderly who are their core voters, they picked on the making do’ers with removing free lunches which will add nearly £500 a year per child to a normal family and they picked on animal lovers!

But someone else responded:

I saw a huge flock of pigs flying past this morning.

The real thing

The biggest discussion of all is not even taking place – that the current version of globalist horror is in its death throes, either through the death of the EU and the withdrawal of US funds from the UN and NATO or whatever. If you substitute the words ‘global socialism’ for ‘aristocracy’ and tweak it, then the Illuminist Nancy Mitford’s words make sense:

Global socialism in a land of resurgent bourgeois values is like a chicken whose head has been cut off; it may run about in a lively way, but in fact it is dead.

Who is maintaining the momentum of the 3.8 million or 17.4 million [and if you don’t know what that means, you’ve already forgotten 2015.] ? People like Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins, both with fora now denied them? With all due respect, they’re not people in power. Nigel says almost nothing except that he’s ‘separated and skint’, he’s no longer leading the way.

And the electorate is in two parts – the dispirited and the ovine.

Why such poor leaders?

It might be that it was ever thus but it seems to me that the quality of anyone in any position these days is worse than I can recall – that Amber Rudd was awful, Abbott is almost a genuine moron in clinical terms and across the pond – look at Pelosi and Pocahontas.

Why is our side so susceptible to charges of tinfoil hattism?

Witness – that Kipper MEP who feigned being laid out on the floor by a blow from a belligerent other kipper, Nigel’s always slightly manic look, Evans, the Diane James meltdown, the zombylike Nuttall – any one of us would appear to be sane by comparison but we’re not in there on those sinecures, are we?

Is it the type of person Deplorability attracts or is it a flaw in the manifesto?

Manifesto seems fine to me – lower taxes, especially corporate, smaller state, cut foreign aid and if necessary, give it to the NHS, reform the NHS, kill off the charity scam and fatcats on grotesque salaries, trim bureaucracy and stop madcap wastes of taxpayer money, deal with jihadis and radical Islam wherever it appears, put immigration on a sane footing as it used to be, support our partners, e.g. the Falklands … and so on. Teach our nation’s real history in schools and stop leftist teachers doing anything but teaching what they should – the three Rs.

Are those policies insane? Are they tinfoil hat? Well no – looking to drop unemployment below 4%, is that insane?

So it has to be those within UKIP, within the tea party and other Deplorable groups who get to the top, to the NEC, where nuttism abounds, whilst people like you out here are seemingly sane and could run the country.

A great deal of that I put down to trolling – allowing nutters in as the spokespeople to start all the infighting.

Contrast that with any typical Deplorable tweet – I’ll go in now and find some. First, on that CNN leftist with Trump’s bloodied head [Griffin]:

Or our own:

Now maybe I have a strange definition of sane and insane but those tweeters above seem to have their heads on straight, would you not agree?

So why TF are people like Neil Hamilton and Evans speaking for us and not these people?

Because we’re all marginalized and busy, no in our own lives? We never fought and brownnosed to get into these ‘positions’, walking over our dead grandmothers.

It’s all wrong and there must be some sort of solution to the imbalance.

3 comments for “Ship of fools – why are our ‘Beloved Leaders’ so bloody awful?

  1. Errol
    May 31, 2017 at 4:29 pm

    MarcherLord is entirely right. It is hyperbole, it’s simple truth. I do not understand why the Left refuse to acknowledge these simple truths.

  2. Judd
    May 31, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    Piss up in a brewery standard of leaders and senior party figures.

    Now imagine if a real enemy attacked us, with real aircraft and bombs, ships, missiles thousands of tanks landing and hundreds of thousands of troops.

    Which of the above utterly pointless people would you want in charge.
    I see no budding Churchills muttering oaths in the wings ready to save the day.

    I’m of the opinion the tories want a coalition at best if not an outright loss of the election, they never wanted Brexit, if remainer May or her cohorts told me it was sunny outside i’d have to nip out and check and i firmly believe they want as soft a Brexit as possible (which they can blame on the others) so we can re-join the EU at some later date when they’ve cocked the country up further.

    One might be forgiven for thinking it couldn’t be cocked up much more but don’t underestimate their ability.

    I also believe part of UKIP’s remit was to destroy the BNP by taking away their growing voting base, funny how their members were banned from joining UKIP, whatever anyone thought of the BNP their members were patriots, one might have thought such people would have been welcome in a party advertising itself as patriotic.

  3. May 31, 2017 at 6:47 pm

    There’ve been some strange doings.

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