Some thoughts on the risibly termed ‘debate’

As the fallout on social media continues, some thoughts:

1. Nigel Farage has savaged the selection of a ‘hand-picked’, supposedly balanced but quite biased audience, although there was applause when Paul Nuttall mentioned that this violence was Islamic and yet no one would face it or say it.

This was tweeted by a lady named Julia [different other one to ours]:

Thankfully the British electorate are wiser than to be conned by this left wing farce that the BBC have provided tonight! #BBCDebate

2. The leftist BBC cannot keep doing this, thinking they’ve scored some sort of victory. In the past, with us not so savvy – maybe, but not now. By staying away, St Tess drew leftist ire, which in itself made the issue blow up.

However, you’ll see nowt about that in the MSM, which in turn highlights, in the floating voter’s mind, just how rigged the whole thing is.

3. I also caught a glimpse, through my ‘control sample leftist’ on Twitter, just how alien to our thinking leftist thinking is. To Nuttall asking Corbyn about his Hamas mates and then saying:

“If you go out and fight or support IS you should have your passport revoked and never be allowed back into this country!” #BBCDebate

… she tweeted:

Paul Nuttall has just come on national TV to spread hate. He’s vile, disgusting and I’m shamed to call him a fellow human being. #BBCDebate

Therein lies our dilemma, folks, such diametrically opposed takes – she and her leftist friends and then us, with an entirely different perspective … and ne’er the twain shall meet.

4. The question of Yougov came up:

Wouldn’t trust #yougov as far as I could throw ’em . . Many of their part time pollsters these days are Momentum lefty students #Newsnight.

When you look how Yougov does it – well, how can it be anything but like that? And of course, all those lefty professors, lefty film and TV, lefty courts, lefty every bloody thing under the sun. Lefty yoof movements like Momentum – the left have it wrapped up and yoof is hardwired.

Even govt documents are dripping with it as we all know. So long they took to get it all in place, how long until we can dismantle all this claptrap?

Looking to the future

In answer to that, it seems to we can do nothing with these lost Millennials, of which my ‘control lefty’ is one, except to outnumber them for now but then, with a new hegemony after some years, a new set of paradigms, just before we lot shuffle off, then things might get back on track.

Might … but we have the issue of the rump of Generation X who started Momentum, who stack every HR department, who are in their 40s and early 50s now – these are the major obstacle and what’s worse, they will be the new pensioners not that far down the track.

Think about that – a generation off its rocker in charge of society, poisoning all those coming afterwards. Who knows what damage they can do – for a start, like Corbyn, opening the gates and letting the jihadis pour in to set up their caliphate. And holding everyone off from the older generation to the new kids on the block.

And of course, atrocities every couple of weeks which we ‘all have to get used to in a big city’, don’t we?

To illustrate this, the weird thing is that my French friend is young Millennial/Gen Z and he reports that most of his mates think like Marine Le Pen. It is our generation in the provinces who are the leftists.

The Trump factor is still playing out at this early stage, let’s see what happens there. What of you and me? Social media – that’s all we have really. Keep pumping out our outlook, speak to anyone who’ll listen.

Calling all geriatrics

You may have had this vision of a retirement where you can sit out in the garden, go on packaged tours, enjoy food and wine. Methinks you’re not going to be allowed to do that – in fact we must find our second wind, our second life so to speak and become – or rather continue being – the new radicals.

The Gen X/Millennial rump [born 1962 to about 1990] is now the lefty hegemony, they’re the global socialist foot soldiers. The very young can still be saved, and the only ones who can save them are those brought up under a different system.

In short, we are the new radicals and ‘conservative’ might not be the correct epithet. In fact, Theresa May and her Remoaners may quite rightly be called ‘conservative now’ as they are preserving the global socialist hegemony of the past two decades.

Thus we are the subversives, something which will not sit well with many of us who subscribe to the ‘old values’. News for us – they are the ‘ancient values’, while the ‘old values’ are those of this dystopic PCism which they’re hellbent on preserving. We’re trying to subvert and wreck that, just as we did in the 60s in reverse.

Think on that one a moment.

Small victories will come to us, they already are and bit by bit we’ll roll back this machine, not unlike in Terminator III. an example:

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  1. mona
    June 1, 2017 at 2:50 pm

    I prefer the comments from twisted tits herself , the winner of BBC’s “Insect of the Year” Award, The great and wonderful Laura Kuensasberg, made some great comments on the fairness of the debate.

    • June 1, 2017 at 7:54 pm

      Missed those coz I always switch her off.

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