Corbyn and the Rothschilds

Ken Craggs:

Regardless of which political party you vote for in the general election, the Rothschild’s are who you’re getting.

If Jeremy Corbyn is such a man of the people, then why doesn’t he inform the public about the role the Rothschild’s play in controlling governments and society. Jeremy Corbyn has made it clear that he won’t be nationalising the Rothschild owned retail banks, but will be establishing a National Investment Bank which will be financed to the tune of £250 Billion loaned from private investors which will all be paid back, with interest, out of public finances. Corbyn knows he is acting on behalf of the Rothschild’s by helping to increase the public debt.

Corbyn, the so-called man of the people, also knows that all but one of the NHS Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) were signed by Labour governments between 1997 & 2010

The PFI schemes were introduced by the Conservatives, but their numbers were greatly increased by the Blair and Brown labour governments.

According to Labour’s Stella Creasy in 2016, the existing PFI contracts were worth £57billion, for which taxpayers will be re-paying private investors £232billion by 2050. The re-payment is put as high as £305 billion by Open Democracy UK.

The Labour Party wasn’t founded to fight for the working class, it was founded to manipulate and get control of the working class. More public money can be handed to the Rothschild’s via the Labour Party because many people believe the money is being spent in the public interest.

Kier Hardie, who founded what became the Labour Party in 1900, was a close friend of the land owning Tory ‘Lady Warwick’ who spoke at many labour party events after supposedly having been converted to socialism. Lady Warwick was a close friend of the Rothschild’s and a regular visitor at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire.

The Rothschild’s financed Kier Hardie and the Labour Party while also financing socialist/revolutionary activities in Russia.

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