The choice tomorrow

With the General Erection tomorrow, regulars at OoL might accept that I rarely link back to my own blog but there’s been a bunfight there over ‘British values’ and as such, it might be of value for voters tomorrow.

Here tis [note the comments thread]. I added this:

In a lighter vein, you know the word Shibboleth:

… and how it was used as a code for those truly of the land and language – well I propose this question be put at the customs gate: ‘Do you abide by British values?’

‘Oh yes,’ say a group of hopefuls. ‘We velly British.’

‘Nope,’ says the official, ‘you’re foreign. Next.’

Up comes a bedraggled specimen and has the same question put.

‘What sort of damned fool question is that, of course I don’t, it’s a trick question,’ he retorts.

‘Right, through you go then,’ says the official.

And so to today:

The choice tomorrow is between:

– An Establishment led version of demi-Brexit [Tories] still trying to be relevant within the EU;

– A global Marxist led open slather party and the end of Britain as a concept [Labour], allied with the SNP and minor parties – an irrelevant outer region of the global satanist EU;

– A vote for Britain which many would see as wasted, in the sense they’ll only get a few MPs [UKIP] but anyone believing in Britain as a concept will vote this way;

– Other parties irrelevant, except in coalition with Labour;

– Don’t vote or scribble choice thoughts on the ballot paper.

The con job is that both Tories and Labour have run the open slather for two decades, it’s suited both their books, they love the internal warfare as the British wrack themselves to pieces and the only real threat to that in the last two decades was UKIP, very easily seen off in 2015 and fighting among themselves with the help of trolls.

There it is.

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  1. Errol
    June 7, 2017 at 7:35 pm

    There is *no choice* tomorrow. None. All parties believe in high tax, high spending, state interventionism.

    If you want a low tax, small state government that genuinely believes the role of government is to disband itself there is no one to vote for.

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