…and when that time comes, turn and walk away.

It is generally accepted that we here in Great Britain have medical help, advice, practice and knowledge second to none. We maybe do not have all that is needed to fulfill every wish for medical intervention, possibly because of the gerry-mandering immigration tactics of the Liebour-Blair years, which dumped over five-odd million foreigners on our doorsteps without either asking the British people if they agreed, or even asking for their permission. In general, the NHS gives the best possible health service, within the bounds of both its budget, and its staff.


We go to the doctor’s surgery when we feel ill, or out-of-sorts, if we need advice, reassurance or in response to a specific problem. We leave hospitals for emergencies, surgery and, naturally, childbirth. When women lie down in the labour wards, after they have been granted admittance, they are assured of the best available medical help for their new-born infants. In my own family’s case, my first grandson was born ten weeks early. I flew down in the faint hope that the tiny mite would survive long enough for me to see him; but the senior staff nurse on the premature-baby ward cocked one eyebrow at my worry, told me that their success rate was approaching 97%; and named him as the ‘Noisy one in the corner’.


But there comes a time when the parents’ love for a new-born who literally cannot  survive, in the opinion of the learned and truly competent medical staff,: must be weighed against the facts which are plain and truly negative. The Mum and Dad of tiny Charlie Gard must accept that he cannot be left to suffer any more, whilst they pursue the hospital through to the Supreme Court, and now they have invoked the dead hand of Europe, in the body known as the ECHR, whom they hope will allow them to spend over a million quid shuttling this tiny, gravely-ill baby to America, because they have been told that there is a chance he might be successfully treated.


I’m sorry Charlie, but your loving but deluded parents must accept that the doctors do know of that which they speak, and they should draw back, and let your life draw peacefully to its close!

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  1. Voice of Reason
    June 12, 2017 at 7:43 pm

    And this is one issue that my fellow Americans refuse to even think about. Money is no object for a single person, but we refuse to support the healthcare system on a wholesale basis.

  2. June 13, 2017 at 8:22 am

    These are the heartrending ones. Medical opinion can be right but it can also be an ass, as so many cases in the UK alone have shown. With doctors in thrall to western mindsets and ‘evidence based medicine’, there’s a case that they might be wrong here.

    But probably not. Next question is whether child is suffering, if it is officious to keep alive. Only the parents can decide and they’ll do anything, spend anything, even our money.

    Sheesh, I have no answers on this. It’s horrendous.

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