Out of their minds [part three]

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If we accept that we have, in this land, three different visions, three different ‘camps’ so to speak:

1. The hegemony of PC narrative, Marxism-lite, ignorati, including the PTB, the press, the schools, the law, entertainment, medicine and so on – and we see the results of that vision out there;

2. Islam – and we see the results of that vision out there;

3. Us – and we see the results of that vision in history books which have still not been expurgated …

… then it’s quite clear that not only does each of those visions become hardwired when brought up against the other intolerant visions, but each of those visions actively seeks to convert – were that not so, then there’d be no political blogs nor political tweeting.

Therefore we have a Clash of Civilizations.

Yes, we’re in one of those right now. And sadly, we have this attitude towards the others, a view previously quoted:

There are people with whom you cannot get along without surrendering your soul. Insofar as possible, bury them where the bodies will never be found.

In these days, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act; shout it from the rooftops. If it sends SJWs into apoplexy or cardiac arrest, or makes their heads explode, so much the better, since that will stop their continuous and inevitable lies, and nothing else will.

Avoid large conglomerations of people carrying banners and shouting slogans. Do not take to heart their exhortations and entreaties, for they are fucking lunatics.

Never apologize for anything.

… a view which becomes harder and harder the more intransigent they become. If you’re at all like me, then you really try to be welcoming to those people, desperate not to be seen as prejudiced. On Twitter, there are a few left-liberals on my timeline and one wrote to me [DM], saying that I was not being nice and so we should unfollow one another.

What an extraordinary thing to say – we are diametrically opposed on most things, so what’s this ‘not being nice’? At this moment we still follow each other out of hope of … well, out of hope … for what, I ask?

Thing is – there are quite a few things she says I’d agree with, e.g. about Tessa May, but not enough things. And the hardwiring kills off any rapprochement. She won’t change, the Muslims won’t change, the press won’t change, the PTB with their agendas won’t change. We won’t change.

Therefore, as has been said a few times, we have an unwanted and unwonted Clash of Civilizations. Peace talks are pointless, interfaith dialogues are pointless.


This much maligned idea might still have worked, might not have, in South Africa, This separate development was always criticized for the blacks being given the rotten, unproductive areas to live in and the whites the salubrious, even though the reality was far different by many accounts.

But as we see with the deliberately funded and fostered migrant swamping of Europe, even were the areas equal in value, they would want more and more and more, greed in their eyes, not unlike the modern woman. They would never be satisfied until the hegemony and the choice parts were theirs.

Were America to divide now and the left hide away in their sanctuary cities, then they would have the prime coastal real estate, whilst the Deplorables would have the hinterland and the crop belts. Islam would first overrun them and then turn its attention to the interior of the land.

The 11th hour

I’d suggest, with the contrived economic crash coming whenever they’re ready, that major decisions must be made right now by us. We have an exercise on our hands which almost everyone will throw up the hands and recoil from – that it needs immediate apartheid.

Actually, what it needs is apartheid of two of groups one and three and expunging the other from the land, mainly Islam. Except that the first group loves the second, despite the rape and murder culture and wishes to expunge us, the third.

What the third group needs to do is ringfence an area we think we can defend and patrol it. In America, this largely falls into the existing states – some are leftist, some are rightist and the law is different in each. The third group needs to concede the sanctuary city to one and two and just shore up our own areas – we still have rivers and canals to sit by.

Over here, it would mean conceding the big cities to one and two and protecting the ‘inlying’ areas, such as where I live. And make no mistake – this is a mono-culture area where I live, hence you never hear of it on the news and all our disputes are among our own kind.

Much as it sticks in the craw to concede Londonistan and other cities to the PCists and Islamists, it might be necessary, in order to better protect our own areas. Naturally, industry would be ours – they have their universities and streets, plus the waterfront views.  Fishing would be ours.

Sounds apocalyptic, no? Dystopic? People, that’s where we now are or hadn’t you noticed?

Part onepart twopart three

2 comments for “Out of their minds [part three]

  1. Judd
    June 12, 2017 at 10:05 am

    White flight scenario has been the case for many years.
    Long ago areas of greater london and other cities were abandoned by those who had the means or the help to get out, or were forced?, this will only continue.
    Interesting take on diversity when it’s actually replacement.

    Conversation with a Romainian colleague only yesterday (typical of other Romanians i know too, hard working, giver not a taker, respectful with strong conservative values and appreciative and defensive of the decent life this country rewards his hard work with), his daughter is over visiting and naturally wants to visit that london to see the usual, he is dead set against this because he now regards all British cities as unsafe, won’t repeat the words he used but am glad he’s on our side.

    We have some interesting allies in the coming struggles for the survival of our way of life, many of them hailing historically if not actually from other parts of the world, refreshingly not cowed into submission from childhood by politically correct indoctrination or feelings of national guilt.

    • June 12, 2017 at 10:33 am

      You mention the eastern Europeans and of course there are the good ones and the dross – I saw that over there. If we had a proper border system, we’d allow the good ones in – and as you say, they are very good – and keep out the dross. It’s so simple.

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