Out of their minds [part two]

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As further comment to last night’s post on Out of their Minds, it’s even more distressing to see such cradle to ‘now of age’ ignorance because there is obvious intent by bad people behind it, which factors in people like us who try to change it.

That first one in the clip I’d like to get to to educate, to present data to but as Yuri Bezmenov said – we can’t, they’re now tainted, locked into their ignorance and not just ignorance but smug, hard-edged, oblivious ignorance, a ‘don’t want to know any more’ ignorance, utterly convinced it has the world at its fingertips.

Which does raise the philosophical question of who gave us the right to ‘educate’ them?

Well, as it stands, no one but the state did have the right through the school, with the parents’ tacit approval, to impart values as well as knowledge and skills.  That was the model for so long.

Now it seems to have become bastardized.  The teaching ‘profession’ has gone completely PC ignorant – it was starting just before I left it – and the state is backing this against the parent.

A small example is prosecuting parents for taking kids out of school during term time.  We weren’t state, we were independent and yet various regulations still applied.

When the school fails to reflect parents’ values – the nobler values, then it’s a sticky wicket. Ah but that’s the crux, is it not – what are parents’ values now?  Society’s values?

Those leftists would argue that theirs were society’s new values now – teaching kids to bow to Allah is a cool thing – and that our old, rearguard values are not wanted.  Die off, would you, they think and occasionally say.

Do we have a right to impose our ancient and future vision over their dystopic, ignorant vision of the moment?  Because if we do think so, are we falling into the very same trap of interference with the development of kids?

They do see it that way, the new worlders, brainwashed by everything from literature to entertainment to teachers to peer pressure, to gaming.  And couched inside this dytopic vision are failsafes to deal with antiChrists like us.

That is no wild statement.  Go into my Others Say page if you wish:


… scroll halfway down and find the word Anti Christ actually used.  That woman is a teacher, in early middle age. Her daughter wrote to me, essentially asking me to desist with ‘my views’. Note that – the daughter wrote, asking me not to be so ‘hateful’ to her parents.

A last message was came from the mother, saying ‘she’d tried all she could to make me see reason’, but now she was done, I was a hopeless case with my ancient views from another time.

Those views, by the way, were precisely those you see before you now, the ones Mark Dice has, Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson, CS Lewis, Jesus Christ, Unz, Trump, UKIP, my parents, mos tof you reading this – people of that calibre.

Frightening that she’d ‘done all she could’ to change those views and turn me into a good little PCist.

Yuri Bezmenov said you can do nothing with these destructive people, they’re tainted – they’re hardwired, just as we’re hardwired, let’s not forget that. And they don’t keep it to themselves, they visit those views on kids.

What we have here, essentially, is a clash of visions, a war of the worlds in progress in real life and in real time.

And they’re waiting for us, and consequently our vision, to simply die off.

Heaven knows what comes after us because heaven doesn’t much come into people’s calculations all that much any more, does it?

Part onepart twopart three

4 comments for “Out of their minds [part two]

  1. Judd
    June 12, 2017 at 7:05 am

    Is part of the problem because those of us likely to vote for UKIP are less intelligent.
    Article in Spectator on this subject recently, 20th May, the title of the piece :

    ”Whether you look at leaders or voters, Labour is now the stupidest party”

    interesting reading, it appears that ten years ago following a study by The Medical Research Council in 2008 that UKIP voters were the least intelligent people but that crown has apparently now been snatched from the low like’s of us by Labour voters, with UKIP voters now a close second for most stupid/least intelligent, Lib Dems the cleverest of course then and now.

    Is this a new low, any propaganda low enough for them, shame people into voting the ‘right way’ by pointing the thick stick?

    Sorry about any typos, difficult to type when your knuckles are worn through from dragging permanently on the ground.

    • June 12, 2017 at 7:39 am

      Keep on dragging. Happy to be called unintelligent – at least we’re not ignorati.

  2. Bemused
    June 12, 2017 at 9:27 am

    Dice nods his head and all but one readily agrees, it is obvious they have no idea what Shariah law is but it must be good if Hilary says so. Perhaps they can limit its implementation to California.

    • June 12, 2017 at 10:31 am

      Yes, he deliberately did that and told his little lie [eventually she would have allowed it but not at that time] and they just went right along with it.

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