If you can’t take it as well as you dish it out, don’t bother!

I do not, normally, take heed or notice of what is written about me when those comments are aimed at what I write, or opinions which I hold to. I have been named as worse than dirt, I have been told that my views are abhorrent, ( I really appreciated that one because it was obvious that that particular slice of vitriol came from a person with a fair standard of education); in other words, to those who oppose me and those like me; I am truly a lost cause, or alternatively one of the Third Reich’s outriders.


It doesn’t worry me, for what are these barbs but attempts to impale or offend me by means of words on a computer screen? I do not take offence lightly, and naturally; I attempt to phrase the messages I broadcast so that the readers understand that I do not wish them ill, even if I disagree with them so strongly.


But very, very occasionally, I read something which cast a nasty aspersion not only against me, but also my family; and to that I take very strong exception. I wrote a letter to a local newspaper which stirred up a veritable hornet’s nest of vitriol, most of which was slung straight back at me: I just smiled and continued writing exactly the same; but one comment was both deeply distasteful as well as being deeply personal. I e-mailed the news editor, and that insult disappeared within minutes.


One of my recent blog posts was mirrored and linked on another blogsite, and a third blogger picked up the message within my post, and came out with a vitriol- and obscenity-laced posting which was just plain nasty. After mulling things over for more than a few days, I decided to approach the Website Hosting company, asking if I had a case to have that particular post removed.


Seems I did, for the message on the screen where the blogger used to write reads simply :-


The author has deleted his posts, and closed blogging down.


Job Done!

3 comments for “If you can’t take it as well as you dish it out, don’t bother!

  1. Errol
    June 18, 2017 at 8:40 am

    Some of what you write is merely racist anger without consideration or support. You’re entitled to hold those views, as we all are.

    I would draw the line at silencing debate. If the aim is to have everything you (in the Royal sense) disagree with scrubbed away then this is simple censorship. This is what the Left so desperately want. They’ve tried throughout history, the Nazi’s being a partciularly obvious example (and yes, the National Socialists were fascists and fascism is Left wing).

    While most don’t think of what they say nor who it will offend, and believe they can say what hey like, using any sort of foul language, threats and abuse (which are unacceptable) but without debate we never change our minds, we are never challenged, never questioned. We simply go on, reinforcing our bubbles.

  2. graham wood
    June 18, 2017 at 9:29 am

    Although you do not mention it Mike, I take it that the subject had something to do with that all important and absorbing subject which occupies our collective thinking day and night, namely “gay rights”?

    Whatever it was, good to hear that the blogger responded to your pressure.
    Maybe it bristled with other legal implications he had not thought about!

  3. June 18, 2017 at 11:30 am


    Sorry to disappoint, but the post referred to the Manchester jihadi bombing, and what I called for as a response.

    The now deleted post was filled with obscenities, and was genuinely a symptom of a deluded and possibly sociopathic personality; in my considered but obviously unqualified opinion, of course.

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