The two separate parties inside the Tories

Interesting that this headline should appear at the Telegraph:

We were talking about this yesterday and how the Tories were going to pan out. It’s pretty clear Corbyn is playing the role of Sturgeon from the last one and one wonders how far he is a Tory stooge, there to ensure a Tory victory.

And it’s a pretty effective strategy, as Corbyn and his pronouncements are so damned awful that there is a collective shudder up and down the country.

Interesting that the Tories have effectively created a One Party State now because there always were two parties in one within the Tories. Doesn’t matter if it’s Wets v Dries or what it is – there are two parties and they detest one another. Although it’s probably true to say the Remoaners detest the Brexiteers more than the other way around.

Interesting also that Hammond came out with his mealy-mouthed support for Brexit on the Beeb, saying it would be slow and gradual because that is not as categorical as he has been. While, if there were a formal split, there are still the Remoaner numbers to defeat Brexit [counting Labour and the others], it still puts Jezza into government and that is worse than hell in Remoaners’ eyes.

Therefore, the Brexiteers’ threat to leave is seen as a real threat by Remoaners for it puts Jezza and that Tom Creature in and they’re stupid enough [the Remoaners] to believe the rebels would actually formally leave. Remoaners really do feel Brexiteers are dangerous Faragist loons.

To illustrate this, I’ve a quote here by Major:

I could name eight people – half of those eight are barmy. How many apples short of a picnic? [September 19th, 1993]

You see the attitude – people who stand on principle [or even have principles to stand on] are seen as dangerous loons by the Remoaner types – Clarke, Heseltine, other members of the Corrupt.

And so we come back to the Telegraph’s Davis story. My mate thinks the Tories will split but I can’t see the Rebels joining with the Faragists even then. In Rebel eyes, Faragists are nutters in their own right.

If anybody would be happy to expel the Rebels, it would be arch-Remoaners, as they can then form a Centrist Party with the ‘moderate’ Labourites, e.g. Sarah Champion, Liz Whateverhernameis and so on. That would become the largist Macronian corrupt party but even in its formation would be planted the seeds of doom – Labour Centrists v Tory Centrists.

With PR, it might work in parliament but with FPTP, it would mean dangerous instability, with first one minority govt, not with around 30% but with around 20-25% of the electorate, then another. Two allies fall out, the other party with 19% becomes the new govt. Welcome to the Italy of the North Atlantic.

And there’s British politics.

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  1. Lord T
    June 19, 2017 at 10:51 am

    Well they have no intention of sorting it out to our satisfaction so let them burn.

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