No2ID all over again


The point’s been made by many pundits and readers that the government already has us tabbed through Revenue plus National Insurance.

In fact I’ve gone overboard helping our beloved government by having a dedicated phone number just for them – if anyone calls on that line, it will be the government. So why be up in arms over this nasty new attempt at digital ID?

My reply is that these are not government departments directly concerned with my living, they are nasty global Marxists with no business knowing who or where I am.

Snoops like Google are still trying to track me down and the only way to stop them is to spread false locations, something I’ve been doing for some years. Recently one of my blog colleagues made some curious remarks in general about a former location and I wondered where he got that idea from. I’m a member of certain services which get you details for a certain price and checked – yep, that former location was listed. Let it be so.

But it does go to show that there is NO privacy at all online, nor on a mobile phone. As for BT, they leak like a sieve. I’d suggest you build some firewalls in case you haven’t already, otherwise they’ll target you.

One thing I really don’t like is bloggers who put this widget or gadget in the sidebar proudly showing where I’m from when I visit. I detest this – why do I wish for enemies to know where I’m from? The reason I still visit is that BT kindly obliges with wrong locations – once it had Scotland, once Durham, once Essex. Let it be so. Plus they keep changing my IP. Hee hee – let it be so.

And so to despot May and her bosses who want her to keep pushing this global backdoor ID for no good reason – this is from the Queen’s Speech:

Potentially controversial plans to make Britain “the safest place to be online” with a new “digital charter” were also confirmed, with concerns that heavy regulation of the Internet will undermine personal freedom and expression.

Safest place to be – bollox. This is the old No2ID rehashed yet again. Ken Craggs sends this:

The goal of ID2020 is to create a digital ID system for all citizens worldwide. ID2020 it seems was set-up in 2015 as a public private partnership which includes the likes of the Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, Accenture, PwC, and governments. The ID2020 Summit 2017 was held at the UN on the 19th June. Here is some info about what could possibly happen if an individual has no digital ID and is classified as a non-citizen.

On the one hand, by all means be up in arms about it on Twitter or Gab if you like. On the other, it’s time to take steps if you haven’t already done so by putting out disinformation of a ‘valid’ sort- real locations which just happen not to be your abode.

Remember, at the same time – make sure the government and the government alone has all your correct details.  Your fight, strangely, is not with government departments which have a right to know who and where you are – it’s with other nosy parkers you wish to mislead, particularly the smug who think they’re so clever.

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  1. Errol
    June 22, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    Changing your IP is irrelevant. It just happens to be where you’re end point is. They still identify you from your routers MAC address. Why the paranoia? What use is a firewall against your ISP?

    Government is, by default, incompetent. It just has the money to get around this ineptitude. In short, if it wants to find out your home address for the past ten years, it can and will. What’, is the real question; does it want to do this for? The ideal of course is to be useful: to link births marriages and deaths with welfare, so Joe Soap and Joanne with little baby Fred automatically get well, (in my ideal world) a tax reduction. In addition, HMRC know that Joanne is now not wokring, so Joe gets her entire tax allowance – automatically.

    Of course, that won’t happen. Government isn’t interested in doing things properly, usefully. That isn’t what it’s for.

    So why does it want it all? The answer’s obvious: tax. It wants to make sure there is nothing we can do that doesn’t involve taking our money from us. Likelihood is inheritance tax.

    And no. Government has absolutely no right to know where you are or who you’re with or what you’re doing there. None. Government is the servant who puts himself at our feet wanting to clean our shoes. It is not our mother, protector or guardian. It’s a leviathan, disinterested, incompetent, ineffective that does nothing we want a speed we expect it.

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