“Stop Looking At Me The Wrong Way!” Says Exhibitionist

The ride’s co-organiser Nick Sayers said: “We have had problems over the years with people taking voyeuristic photographs.

“But we have made a special effort to have fencing around the undressing area and taken measures against some repeat offenders trying to take grubby photographs.”

You’re waving it around in public, chum, I think you’ve lost the right to complain!

“We always try to make the experience a safe and happy one. As well as being a protest it’s a party and we don’t suffer party poopers gladly.”

Glad to hear it… *rolls eyes*

“We have weathered a storm of criticism over the years.

“The first year, the chief superintendent of the police was saying we couldn’t show any rude bits, and councillor Mary Mears tried to put a wet blanket on it.

But I think Brighton likes the ride.”

Not judging by some of the comments to the story, no…

“We have had young families take part in the ride and we are open to everyone of all ages.

“A lot of protests are very solemn but this is a party and the look of stunned joy on people’s faces as the ride goes past is fantastically special.”

‘Special’ in the modern, pejorative sense…