Is Stephen Hawking dead?

And now played by an actor?

This is one which comes under the heading: “Why not?” whilst not being put forward as open and shut.

It’s “why not” because there have been substitutes before, one of the more famous being Bin Laden and it’s a common enough motif in literature, from where much real life is derived. Plus the falsehoods and disinformation is reaching fever pitch of late, not least with CNN, stretching back to WCT7 and NIST.

So it was with some degree of incredulity that I read a comment here on the blog declaring that Hawking is a fake:

That photo of “Hawking” in the article. You do know that the real Hawking died many years ago and the “cripple” in the wheelchair is just an actor, an imposter? The real fucker died decades ago… one with ALS lives longer than a few years.

That question: “Why not?” is quite valid, and the writer goes on, having pondered it for some time:

Then I remembered the quote from a certain former German politician that goes along the lines of the public will most easily believe a very big lie over a small one.

And so:

For Hawking to be a fake there has to be an underlying motive. Today when we think of science we don’t associate it with cool ideas like rockets to the moon. The inevitable association is global warming and climate change. As always when considering a scam or a fraud, the very first rule is to follow the money.

The biggest scam in scientific history, perhaps even the history of the human race, is the global warming fraud. So my very first stopping point for uncovering whether or not Hawking is a fraud is that he has to be on board with the mother of all scams.

So I typed Hawking’s name into a search engine and I added global warming for good measure. The first hit that I got was a piece from a site called EcoWatch which was titled, Stephen Hawking: One Thing Threatens Us More Than Donald Trump … Climate Change.

Why not? Prop up a voice which commands respect and feed all sorts of globalist claptrap through him.

[H/T Chuckles]