..and here are a couple of news clips,

I listened with growing incredulity to the interview on the Toady Programme this a.m. with a Grenfell Tower survivor named  Sid Alt-Atmani. Now I admit that I don’t know his background, (whether born here, shuffled here, crawled into a lorry at Calais, whatever) but it was clear that the survivor was muslim. He was questioned by John Humphries, and, just for a change, John seemed to be neutral, neither siding with this bloke; or with KCCouncil.

This bloke had been offered, Repeat ‘Offered’ four properties, ready to occupy for him and his wife to move in, and thus getting out of his hotel, where he had been placed immediately following the fire. He had Refused all four, stating that they were not in the Borough where his home was. Nothing wrong with the properties on offer; just that they didn’t suit him.

I wonder just how many scarce properties within Kensington&Chelsea are available for this ultra-choosy clown, in the light of the fact that he will shortly be entering one of the brand-new fully-furnished flats bought by the City of London. Or will he be declared ‘intentionally homeless’ with the Council basically washing their hands of this ungrateful fool?


I wrote a small polemic a couple of weeks ago, around the time of the Manchester massacreand I wish to paste a few lines into my screed this a.m:-

I spotted a photo in the comments column of a pop singer’s facebook page, and I reckon it is so apt, as a true indication of what ordinary people think about the mechanical response of our political leaders (who are of course our well-armed and protected masters; but don’t ever even mention that particular fact). All the crap about ‘my thoughts and prayers to the families and the loved ones’ from snivelling religious and political leaders alike could be grouped and responded to by this one, simple photograph.

truck prayer garbage

What we want is revenge, what we want is for all these Saudi and Salafist effing imams to be slapped on a Saudi jet and sent packing. What we want is for the vaunted Security Services to do their jobs, and if some raghead even whispers the term ‘jihad’, or has ever done so in the past, he, along with all his bloody family should immediately be interned, out in the open, surrounded by lots of shiny barbed wire and anti-personnel mines: and allowed to rot! If they don’t like the way in which we choose to live, they can literally F*** Off any time they like

I returned to this message upon a news item this morning regarding the Henry James Society’s report on Salafi/Wahhabbi preaching and instigations of terror plots. Seems as though there is a secret report, detailing almost exactly what the James report says; but in fact goes much further.

Trouble is, Saudi spends BILLIONS on arms and aircraft with BAE Systems (lots of jobs, votes etc) and Britain also gets an intelligence pipeline straight into the midst of Arabia. So, does Sir Michael Fallon publish the Report, bury the Report, or say all the attacks are ‘Lone Wolves?

Not forgetting the local brush-up between Qatar and the rest, with a blockade in force, families separated, food distribution at a partial standstill; all because Qatar is accused of siding with Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood, all of whom of course hates Saudi Arabia.

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  1. Mona
    July 5, 2017 at 2:46 pm

    That photograph, I love it, “THOUGHTS and PRAYERS” are rubbish ? the wit who had it put on that truck(s) omitted the magic word “Diversity”.

    • Bemused
      July 5, 2017 at 3:54 pm

      Worse than rubbish, rubbish has some uses even if just incinerated to release some energy. Meaningless platitudes on the other hand……….

  2. John in cheshire
    July 5, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    I think this too is appropriate with regards to our political class:

    “O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!” – Walter Scott

  3. Mona
    July 5, 2017 at 7:29 pm

    Back to the serious stuff, the report by the Henry James Society being withheld? I bought a book a while ago called FUNDING EVIL. by Rachel Ehrenfeld, and on the front cover was the line “The book the Saudis don’t want you to read” the Henry James Society report is history. I am trying to buy the Book, “Islam for Dummies”, know where I can get it ?

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