Isn’t Blackmail Something The Police Shouldn’t Be Facilitating?

A spokesman for Lancashire Saw confirmed that the alarm was first tripped at around 9.45pm on Saturday.

Several delivery vehicles had to be turned away as negotiations took place between management and those occupying the mill.

But an agreement was reached between the site’s owners and the travellers, with police acting as mediators, and the convoy moved out just before noon yesterday.

Funny, I thought they were there to enforce the law. Perhaps of everyone who loses out to these parasites withheld their police precept amount from council tax, it might concentrate minds?

Later a company spokesman said: “We’ve lost half a day’s trading already – and not much will be done this afternoon with everyone still talking about what’s gone on.

“We have saw mills in Scotland, South Wales and London who rely upon us and if we had been out of action for three or four days then it would have cost some of our customers millions. It is a very niche market and we have invested a great deal to manufacture superior saw blades.

“It has been a nightmare but the police made us aware of some legislation where they may be able to remain on site but could not prevent us from going about our lawful business. But we run four lorries out of here so there was no way we could gain access to the yard with all of their caravans and vehicles parked outside. So they eventually had to move out.”

Staff have also been left with rubbish to clear up, he added.

Of course they have, because that’s what these folk do, and as long as the authorities get their taxes they don’t much care what inconvenience & loss the public are faced with.

In that respect, how exactly does one tell the difference between the blackmailers, and those who facilitate the blackmail.?

The travellers initially relocated to the rear car park at Tesco, further along Gorse Street. The same caravans were also spotted later on land off Burnley Road.

Insp Jon Fryer said: “An agreement was reached between the land owners and travellers, which saw everyone vacate the site by midday.”

To go somewhere else, and do the same to other long-suffering members of the public. But I’m sure Fryer sleeps soundly in his taxpayer-funded bed.

4 comments for “Isn’t Blackmail Something The Police Shouldn’t Be Facilitating?

  1. John in cheshire
    July 7, 2017 at 10:59 am

    Initial questions that come to mind are:-
    1. Who are these travelers
    2. Where have they come from
    3. Why are they there
    4. Assuming the premises were securely locked, they must have broken into these premises and isn’t breaking and entering a criminal offence?
    5. Time after time I read reports of these travelers breaking the law with impunity, why is that?
    It seems we can ask questions until we’re blue in the face but no one in authority ever provides answers.

  2. Mona
    July 7, 2017 at 11:51 am

    The modern scourge of traveller trespass is facilitated by political correctness, dear Inps Fryer slept soundly because he avoided that dreaded epithet, RACIST get tagged with that label your career in the police is forever tainted and the use of such words as “site” instead private property doesn’t help “sites” are what some travellers supposed to live on. The police “mediated” meaning submission. The English have made shameful conquest of themselves.

  3. Errol
    July 7, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    When the bin men went on strike around here I asked the council how much that service cost and that I wouldn’t be paying that amount. I was told ‘tough, you have to.

    Similarly when the service provision dropped from every week to bi weekly, I enquired what reduction in cost this would bring as a result of reduced service. Council tax went up. I’m paying more for less.

    Which is why the state does what it likes. We are not able to control it’s funding. If we all starved it until it provided the service we wanted, it would do so – you know, just as all such systems do. Of course, the state has a captive market with a force backed funding model. It has no customers, no market, no competition. Refusal to comply sees you imprisoned. Why then, d they think themselves worth such obscene salaries?

  4. July 8, 2017 at 8:54 am

    The modern scourge of traveller trespass is facilitated by political correctness.

    In one.

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