Caveat Emptor, Labour Voters!

Labour’s shadow home secretary would like to inform everyone how she would treat the country’s laws should we ever have the misfortune to see her in that position:

We will probably never know if any of the Grenfell survivors simply disappeared after their initial treatment, fearing their immigration status would be used against them.

So, simply in order to reach all the people who need rehousing and support to rebuild their lives, it is necessary to offer a full immigration amnesty. This move should be seen as comparable to the assurance, already been given to survivors, that no one will be penalised because they are in breach of local authority rules against subletting the flats.

In both cases, it is a basic humanitarian measure to ensure survivors are not deterred from seeking the support that should be theirs as a right.

So, that’s ‘with complete and total disregard, when she thinks it might benefit some of her fellow ethic minorities’ and ‘with utter lack of foresight as to the potential consequences of telling people already living an illegal lifestyle that arson might get them what they want’.

So, don’t say you’ve not been warned.

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  1. July 10, 2017 at 11:44 am

    it is necessary to offer a full immigration amnesty

    Is that anything like “we must pass the laws to see what’s in them”?

  2. Hereward Unbowed.
    July 10, 2017 at 3:40 pm

    ” ensure survivors are not deterred from seeking the support that should be theirs as a right.”

    “as a right”

    If this unfortunate event had occurred in Riyadh, Karachi, Guangzhou what “rights” would illegal asylum seekers be granted?

    What should concern and for more, this bloviating buffalo, and odious piece of walking talking umbrage on behalf the downtrodden ……………….

    A ‘shadow minister’ no less, glory be! To seek and urgently investigate just why a serial dereliction of care effected, ever since these sort of high rise slums were first thrown up -why weren’t they pulled down and years ago?

    It is, a sequential bodging and by both red and blue, an ‘eyes of the ball’ of piled up errors and speciously vague building regulation allowed a tower block in nominally what used to be regarded as, “a first world city” before her own party opened the floodgates – resulted in, a high rise building to become an inferno in a matter of terrifying short minutes.

    Then, instead of air head but ever so well practised histrionics and jumping on the “we ‘ate Tories bandwagon’, To take the trouble to posit – if she had the time to think [wot?]……….. just why it is that this sort of fire – wouldn’t be allowed to happen in the US but then again, of course she’d never make the link: the US isn’t part of the Brussels Empire. Brussels, green targets, emissions limitation and cladding is a cheap way of meeting a green target set by a foreign authority and bugger the main priority – security, care and welfare of tenants.

  3. Errol
    July 10, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    How can completely ignoring the law not only on immigration, but also on social housing, then on subletting just be brushed aside to allow illegal criminals safety from prosecution for the crimes they have committed?

    What about me? What about if I want to be let off the crimes I commit just because, well, I’m a career criminal?

    It’s damned stupid. If we have laws, we should enforce them. If we don’t want those laws to apply when it suits the state, we shouldn’t have them. It’s wretched, unfair, hypocritical, egregious, bloody wrong!

  4. Trevor
    July 11, 2017 at 12:01 am

    And why have we heard no more about the resident in whose flat the fire started, who reportedly packed his belongings in bags before alerting his neighbour to the fire?

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