It’s probably nothing

We’ve been through this sort of thing before and I’m well aware how it goes down with most here but bear with it because I come to a slightly different conclusion.

DJT uses this hand arrangement a lot when meeting leaders:

Now hold your horses, I’m not ascribing anything nefarious to that … yet … not on the basis of just that.

It might even have passed unnoticed as one of his quirks, except for a few things. In the first place, the MSM picked up on it immediately:

… but in the case of Reuters above here, they photoshop one of Merkel alongside Trump. In the meeting with Trump, she was wearing blue and her hands were clasped as most people’s are.

Try it yourself – sit down as Trump is, on a low chair, not high, and let your hands come together naturally, see how they act. For myself, I would clasp the hands when not making a point/just sitting and indeed both he and Merkel do that in other pics not shown here, even in the one he put the fingertips together.

If I was being questioned or was about to make a point though, yes, I’d lean forward and put the fingertips together too so nothing in that.

However, Merkel does that in other situations too, including when standing and while all other leaders have their hands by their sides.

Now stand up and do that yourself. It’s an unusual gesture at the very least.

OK, call it her quirk, her way – most women stand with their hands clasped demurely in front, one over the other. You’ve seen many pics. And she’s not even making a point – note that the heart shape, if any, faces upwards.

But not here and in many other seemingly inappropriate moments – I’ll not run all the pics here, there are space constraints. But do look at this below:

Let’s come back to Reuters. Why would they pick on that and photoshop an image of Trump and her? All right, try this one:

All right, let’s continue to put an innocent construction on it. The media people have ‘schooled’ the leaders in how to stand and sit, where to put the hands, don’t fidget, don’t touch the face.

But with the best will in the world, what media person would school her in doing that clumsy gesture? Although I could make a case for it. They’ve all been told that the heart symbol means love, peace and prosperity together – one nation, one world. One can see them being ignorant enough, wool pulled over all their eyes, as all are only ever appointed with hidden govt approval.

No hidden govt? What’s the EU then? How did that happen? The UN?


If you start to buy that this is not innocuous, not as innocent as it seems, then DJT is one of the main exponents of it. Hence he ‘keeps winning’, the new Teflon President.

My attitude is that whatever he is, his stated policies are mine and many people’s. Once he stops delivering, there will be rumblings, so some successes but not the main ones will occur. If he’s not what he says, if he is just another one of them.

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  1. July 10, 2017 at 12:15 pm

    ‘Once he stops delivering’: doubtful, because he’s had plans in place for nearly 40 years. Those won’t die.

    Great analysis of the hand gestures. Hope you are right about him being ‘the new Teflon President’.

  2. Hereward Unbowed.
    July 10, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    DJT, he’s done OK so far, some good some bad but hell, he is taking on the rump of ‘liberal’ America almost single handedly and thats is some heavy battling.

  3. James Strong
    July 10, 2017 at 5:49 pm

    In a paragraph near the end you write

    ‘as all are only ever appointed with hidden govt approval’

    as if that statement follows from your analysis of the hand positions you show in the photographs. But it doesn’t; it is a clear non sequitur.

    Far more plausible is that they have been coached to do this because some image consultants think it looks good.

    If you have ever spent time in front of other people, with no barrier like a lectern, then you will have needed to think about what to do with your hands. You may have received advice about it, and since I think you used to be a Headmaster you’ve probably given some advice about it.

    I’ve been coached on it simply giving SCUBA diving theory lessons. Salesmen in many organisations, in house presenters, lecturers, TV personalities have such coaching too.

    You can see this with BBC newsreaders who do the first item of the programme standing up – they all use hand movements at the time they speak words or phrases they want to emphasise. There is so much similarity it is reasonable to assume it is coached.

    But none of this, none of it at all, is any evidence that ‘Them’ are behind it.

    • July 10, 2017 at 6:00 pm

      Far more plausible is that they have been coached to do this because some image consultants think it looks good.

      Very much so. And where did they get this notion from such that that one sign becomes ubiquitous across the western leaders in ALL countries?

      There’s only so long that river in Egypt runs for.

      • Errol
        July 10, 2017 at 7:51 pm

        Well, the obvious advantage is your hands don’t get sweaty as they would if your palms are pushed together.

      • James Strong
        July 11, 2017 at 4:48 pm

        Let me try to clearly understand what you think about this.

        I think you believe that there is some individual or group, unknown to voters, which is controlling the actions, or requiring the loyalty or acquiescence of leaders of Western countries, and that these hand positionings are a signal to the controlling group that the leaders of Western countries are on-side.

        Is that your belief?

        If that is your belief it gives rise to many more questions.

        How many people are on the inside and are aware of the secret controlling force?
        I would assume that not all of the 650 members of the House of Commons, or the 435 members of the US House of Representaives and 100 members of the US Senate are on the inside.

        So what happens if someone on the outside is invited to the inside and declines the invitation? He’d have to be killed or blackmailed into submission before publishing the information about the controlling force.

        The same question would apply to someone on the inside who might go rogue and publish the truth of the situation.
        This could happen at any press conference or interview given by someone on the inside, and people like Trump and May can give press conferences or interviews at any time they want.

        If I am right in working out what you believe then my questions are not the only difficult ones that will come up.

        • July 11, 2017 at 5:32 pm

          This is where we are at the moment – with so many questions. And yet now people know there is a deep state, which was not the case even five years ago, though many pundits have been banging on about it since around 2003. World’s catching up.

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