Trump goes up a gear in madhouse America

There is so much US news to report that it is, once again, difficult knowing where to start.

This batch comes mostly from July 21 and 22, 2017. America is a madhouse and the White House is trying to make it sane again.

On Friday, July 21, President Donald Trump went up a gear by appointing Anthony Scaramucci as his new communications director. Not long ago, CNN published a hit piece on Scaramucci trying to link him with the alleged Russia collusion. They had to retract the article when he threatened to sue the network. Three CNN reporters resigned and the network put strict controls on what could be broadcast about the ongoing investigation.

Scaramucci, a Harvard Law School graduate known to his friends as The Mooch, made his fortune in business and as a hedge fund manager. He is a former Fox host and still appears on Fox News and Fox Business.

Trump has hired him to get the America First message out far and wide.

Scaramucci, said by the Washington Examiner to be ‘the right man for the job’, will take no prisoners. He is a New Yorker born and bred. He will be tough. The Examiner‘s article provides a short but thorough profile of him. It says, in part:

Scaramucci understands the complexities of tax reform, American business investment capital, and economics. As a former TV host, he can help the White House translate those complex reforms in a way that will be meaningful to the American people in the Rust Belt, the heartland, and beyond.

Scaramucci is actually a product of a self-described “middle class,” upbringing as the child of a construction worker in Long Island, N.Y. It is undoubtedly where Scaramucci learned how to thrive as he went on to Goldman Sachs, where dues are paid by the sweat of one’s hustle.

Scaramucci is a political operative. It may surprise Democrats that Scaramucci served as fundraiser for then-candidate Barack Obama in 2008 which gives him a boost of bipartisan credibility. That doesn’t mean Democrats won’t critique him; they will. But Scaramucci is someone who understands what endeared Obama to the press back then, and he carried a bit of that magnanimous swagger with him when he took over the podium today. You can bet that his media relationships will more closely resemble those of Obama than, say, President George W. Bush.

In the wake of this announcement, Sean Spicer resigned as communications director, even though there was a strong possibility another role could have been found for him in the White House. Spicer will continue working there through the month of August. Breitbart has more:

Speaking on the phone with CNN’s Dana Bash, Spicer said that he wanted to give Scaramucci a “clean slate” to do his job, although Trump asked him to stay in his job.

After White House communications director Mike Dubke resigned in May, Spicer tried to position himself as the replacement. That effort failed, as Trump decided to select a Trump loyalist as a successor …

Trump’s decision marks a big shakeup in the communications office that has struggled to effectively combat the media. Spicer’s six-month career was beset by controversy, as he struggled to battle the mainstream media onslaught of hostility against the young Trump administration.

Kellyanne Conway, from neighbouring New Jersey, told Fox News’s Judge Jeanine Pirro that Scaramucci will be leading a smooth-running communications team. Conway ran Trump’s campaign — the only woman to manage a winning presidential race in the US — and works in the White House as counsellor to the president. She is confident that Scaramucci will ramp up rhetoric only when necessary:

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, daughter of Mike Huckabee — a former governor of Arkansas and GOP presidential candidate — is Trump’s new press secretary. She has been conducting most of the press briefings for the past several weeks, effectively sidelining Sean Spicer. Sanders has been doing a good job and Scaramucci will no doubt give her useful tips about keeping the press in line.

Breitbart reports that Sanders introduced Scaramucci to the press on Friday:

He began his remarks by announcing Sanders would become the new White House Press Secretary, stating that “The president loves Sarah. He thinks that she’s doing a phenomenal job. I agree with him.”

Scaramucci wasn’t always The Donald’s best buddy. Two years ago, he criticised Trump on television:

“He’s got a big mouth,” Scaramucci said on Fox Business in August 2015, after Trump criticized “hedge fund guys paying nothing” in taxes.

“You’re an inherited money dude from Queens County. Bring it, Donald.”

During the 2016 primary season:

once his preferred presidential candidates Scott Walker and Jeb Bush dropped out, Scaramucci threw his support behind Trump. That bet obviously paid off in spades.

He has a lot of connections:

Each year, he hosts a conference and extravagant party in Las Vegas for hedge funds called SALT, which has been attended by the likes of Will Smith, Bill Clinton, Kobe Bryant and Al Pacino.

Let’s hope he can get them — diehard anti-Trumpers — to see that the president is the real deal.

He started doing it a few months ago:

he recently told an elite crowd at Davos that people need to stop freaking out over Trump’s every comment.

Speaking of anti-Trumpers, California Democrats, including longtime senator Nancy Pelosi and congresswoman Barbara Lee, got together to flip off the president. So that the hearing-impaired could participate, they had a sign-language specialist there. Unbelievable. If a group of Republicans had done that to Obama, it would have been all over international news 24/7 and resignations would have been demanded. It shows you how corrupt the American media and political system is. But people like Pelosi and Lee like it that way. It is pathetic that their lemming followers are convinced that Trump is an illegitimate president.

I enjoy reading Reddit’s The_Donald for a goodly portion of my daily news. Most of the contributors and commenters are young ex-Democrats who voted for Trump. One contributor writes a post called ‘Your Daily Dose of Fake News’. His July 22 entry, written from the Trump Tower lobby, has a laundry list of articles and sources, each of which he has debunked. Well worth a read. (Incidentally, the word ‘pedes’ is short for centipedes, which is how The_Donald’s readers refer to themselves.)

Everyday Trump supporters continue to have interesting encounters with fellow Americans who think they are racist fascists. A pretty twenty-something posted her first-person story on The_Donald. She went to the grocery store on July 22 wearing her Make America Great Again hat and a tee-shirt with the slogan HIS NAME WAS SETH RICH. (Rich, a young Bernie Sanders supporter, is thought to have been mysteriously murdered on July 10, 2016 for possibly leaking DNC emails to WikiLeaks.) The male cashier quaked when he saw her approach, but she, as most Trump supporters do, smiled and engaged him in conversation. He is so brainwashed by Big Media that he told her that she was:

actually nice, unlike other Trump supporters.

It is more likely that he has actually never met or spoken with Trump supporters, even though he has served them. Sad.

YouTube has a contingent of ‘role models’ working for leftist causes through their video channels. YouTube thought it would be a good idea if they put out a video called ‘Meet the YouTube Creators for Change’. It didn’t go as well as they hoped. Reaction via the comments section was intense, with one person saying that most children and teenagers today are conservative, which elicited this reply:

This. We will no longer accept this agenda of leftist indoctrination. They will soon be gone and replaced by people who are unafraid of the truth and don’t care about political correctness.

On July 7, Jovanni Valle, a Trump supporter from Brooklyn was slashed with a bottle at a bar in Manhattan for wearing his Make America Great Again hat. Valle, 26, cannot afford health insurance — no surprise there — and went to ER for 15 stitches. A benevolent plastic surgeon and fellow Trump supporter Dr. Joseph Pober heard about the news story from his staff. Pober brought Valle in to perform $30,000 worth of surgery for free. The New York Post published a photo of the two men and the rest of the story on July 22:

“I evaluated him and I felt that he had a severe injury of his nose and there was a blood clot underneath the suturing of his cheek and that had to be drained,” Pober said.

On July 14 he performed surgery which reduced the nose fracture, drained the cheek and re-sutured the laceration, “which was gaping open.”

Pober said Valle needs two more surgeries, but he will gladly cover the costs. His office estimates he’s already provided $30,000 in medical services.

Great news! Yes, more evidence that Trump supporters are evil, selfish SOBs.

And, finally, someone by the pseud of Swordfish is threatening to expose Hollywood musicians, record company executives and others for child trafficking and paedophilia. You can see his 48-hour ultimatum, issued on July 22, here (click on image for the full text). His long statement reads, in part:

If any public figure with direct knowledge of VIP abuse either surrenders or comes forward to police, I will withhold the information for the time being.

The_Donald‘s readers know who Swordfish is as an online presence and say he has done much research into an international paedophile ring, which involves several countries.

One reader posits that the whole Russia collusion accusation hangs on this, because the elites fear both Trump and Putin are on the same page here (emphases mine):

Swordfish is no joke. Been busting issues up for awhile.

This all is related to the Russian woman who met with Trump Jr and her “adoption” agency as people will eventually find out. If I had to guess the end result would be akin to the ending of Sum of all Fears when those two world leaders took care of business against some naughty people.

I do believe that is the crux of the matter, but trying to explain that to people is something else again.

7 comments for “Trump goes up a gear in madhouse America

  1. Mona
    July 23, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    The American Dream, thats all it is reality cannot exist in America, where do you want to start,, Gulf of Tonkin ?, Sandy Hook?, Moon Landings?, Boston Bombings?, Obama can get away with it so whats the big deal ?.

    • James Strong
      July 23, 2017 at 9:37 pm

      I know about the Gulf of Tonkin Incident.

      Who do you think carried out the mass killing at Sandy Hook?

      Do you you think he moon landings were faked?

      Who do you think carried out the Boston bombings?

      Why do you think those things? What evidence do you base your beliefs on?

      • Mona
        July 24, 2017 at 10:28 am

        Hi James, thank you for the reply, They are not beliefs it is researched knowledge, you do the same and I will help you just do one at a time. Start with the easiest one Sandy Hook I spent hours on it and found no children died there, the policy of disarmament by Obama Admin was the reason, the whole saga is so full of holes it is easy to follow,start with the Medical Examiner and his statement on how the kids died its preposterous start from there, more details just ask.

  2. July 23, 2017 at 6:56 pm

    As usual, chock full of info.

    I like the terms streetfighter, scrapper, pushing the message out. S Sp was a bit too ‘nice’. DJT was elected to do a job, not appease the opposition.

    And Seb’s another good one too.

  3. Hereward Unbowed.
    July 23, 2017 at 10:04 pm

    “Speaking of anti-Trumpers, California Democrats, including longtime senator Nancy Pelosi and congresswoman Barbara Lee, got together to flip off the president. ”

    Immature adults emit what only children could, honestly the left is full of these self anointed judges of what is and what should not be, as if they have the inside info and its all kosher….. and anything other is always the case!!
    It is a similar puerile response to Leave the EU supporters, over here – in East pondia where those who exhort Britain to leave [the EU] are vilified by a bunch of media ‘experts’ and politicians who know FA about life in general, economics and have had a common sense bypass [nick clegg, the wee krankie, Umana, and that egregious twerp Kier Starmer for some]……….. but maybe not to such an [public] extent.

    Scaramucci, I don’t know, he can talk for sure, is from Long Island [could be mad] but can DJT…………. really trust him?

    We’ll see.

    btw – thanks for the useful gen, always an interesting read CM.

  4. Penseivat
    July 24, 2017 at 8:46 am

    When Nancy Pelosi was unable to answer the question of which of the three voyages to Australia by Captain Cook did he die, because her education did not involve maritime matters, I did wonder whether she was born stupid or had to take lessons in order to be elected.

    • Hereward Unbowed.
      July 24, 2017 at 9:36 am

      Hmm, no wonder the left love her so much – miz Pelosi, the poster girl and with intellect in keeping with her politics.

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