Is Trump isolated — or not?

Questions concerning President Donald Trump’s White House continue.

On the one hand, we have Lara Trump’s weekly recaps on ‘Trump News’, in reality, the Donald J Trump for President YouTube channel.

On the other, Trump supporters are concerned whether the president is isolated.

On Tuesday, August 8, Roger Stone told Alex Jones that the new chief of staff, General John Kelly, is trying to keep Trump away from alternative media news outlets and goings-on by his cabinet. Stone also thinks that Trump might be unaware that HR McMaster renewed Susan Rice’s security clearance. McMaster might also be in regular contact with George Soros. Stone has verified this with Israeli intelligence.

Stone told Jones that he and other Trump allies who wish to maintain anonymity for the usual reasons have formed the 45 Group to make sure the president knows everything that is going on.

Stone does not think Trump, if isolated, will be in the dark for long. He added that, if true, Trump will immediately fire whoever is responsible.

However, there must be Trump family members watching and reading the news. Surely they would let him know what’s happening.

As we know, there are other situations in the administration that need immediate attention. On August 4, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a warning to White House leakers: ‘don’t do it’. (Hmm. That sounds threatening.) Sessions said that his Department of Justice (DOJ) already has four people under investigation.

Taylor Foland, a Volunteer Coordinator for ACT For America, the nation’s largest grassroots national security group, wrote a guest post — ‘The Deep Hate of the Deep State’ — on Stone’s website. Foland applauds Sessions’s announcement:

It’s about time that this happened. The campaign to crack-down on these criminals feels like it is finally going somewhere, although the Attorney General said that these cases are not easy to prosecute. It will be a difficult challenge ahead for the administration, but moles always come out from their burrows. It’s just a matter of time, and determination.

And whilst these shenanigans look like palace intrigue, Foland warns:

It is damaging to national security when you have these leakers spreading classified intelligence to the press for the whole world to know. It makes you wonder, what else could they leak? If they can leak private phone calls, what else can they do?


the people who are really being short-changed by these illegal acts are the people who voted for the president. The goal of these leakers is to make it impossible for the Trump administration to even function. The main objective is to remove the President from office.

Just so.

Then there is the matter of special counsel Robert Mueller’s past connections:

6/2016: Mueller makes $52,000 for a single speech to Banamex bank

5/2017: Banamex gets deferred prosecution agreement and a fine

Note that the deferred prosecution occurred under Sessions’s DOJ. What is going on?

On August 12, Stone posted ‘The Real Collusion’, which concerns the spying on Trump and his associates last year. Mueller’s good friend James Comey, who was the FBI director at the time:

stated under oath that his agency used collected surveillance data from Americans without a warrant. Director Comey then continued that this use of data was to be only when it was “lawfully collected, carefully overseen and checked.” In order to further cement the appearance of his agency’s commitment to uphold citizen’s privacy, Comey added, “Nobody gets to see FISA information of any kind unless they’ve had the appropriate training and have the appropriate oversight.”

Stone says:

This FISA report shows clearly that James Comey was lying during his testimony and that he should be criminally charged.

Among the violations declassified in the FISA report are examples of the FBI sharing data illegally with third parties, including a ‘private entity’ with no legal right to access the information.  Comey’s FBI also gathered protected attorney client communications that had been intercepted without using the oversight procedures he claimed were of the highest importance.

The spying, done illegally on Trump and thousands of other Americans was not only a gross abuse of power unmatched in recent memory, but a serious assault on the 4th Amendment which guarantees the rights of all Americans against unlawful search and seizure.

The American Civil Liberties Union said that newly disclosed violations are some of the most serious to ever be documented.

Stone enumerates the list that the ACLU announced on Fox News, including:

1) Surveillance targeting the Trump team during the Obama administration began long ago, even before the president had become the GOP nominee in July.

2) The spying on the Trump team had nothing to do with the collection of foreign intelligence or an investigation into Russia election interference.

3) The spying was done purely “for political purposes” that “have nothing to do with national security and everything to do with hurting and embarrassing Trump and his team.”

About Mueller, Stone says:

After nearly one year of constant accusations and investigations that are costing the taxpayers millions of dollars, there is nothing to support a Trump/ Russia collusion. The real collusion is the one that has been nearly buried under the weight of the 24-hour reporting of fake news by America’s mainstream media. The collusion is between Obama, his administration, James Comey, British Intelligence, the NSA and the FBI for the purpose of spying on Trump and his transition team for political gain.

Meanwhile, Stone’s friend and fellow author, Saint John Hunt, contributed an article, ‘Trump and the Intelligence Threat’, which discusses the incredible inefficiency of the 17 different national intelligence agencies, all of which he lists in his article. Excerpts follow, emphases in the original:

One of the most important issues that President Trump needs to address is the astronomical financial costs of the U.S. Intelligence Community and the security of the American people. The fact that many of the directors of the 17 branches of intelligence have little or no experience in intelligence is of concern …

Since 9/11 the American taxpayers have shelled out over $500 billion to 17 agencies for the purpose of making this country safe. Is it safe?…

That’s a hell of a lot of analysis and intelligence. So why is it that all of those forces and $70 billion can’t keep us informed and ahead of what’s happening in the world until after it happens? How was Russia able to invade the Ukraine or annex Crimea? How did our spy agencies fail to intercept the Boston Marathon Bomber even though his name was on several databases? How did we miss the rise of ISIS and the collapse of the Iraqi army?

The inability of U.S. intelligence agencies to gather and analyze meaningful intelligence is hampered by the billions of unimportant data obscuring the essential and crucial information. There is a darker purpose for this massive surveillance on Americans.

The Intelligence Community is not there just to protect us, but to control us …

Hunt points out that Congress and the Senate do nothing about this, therefore, it is up to Trump to start paring back these agencies. However:

This is a dangerous mission for Trump. 

The Intelligence Community is staffed with supporters of the deep state. They won’t go down quietly. He needs to form an Open Source Intelligence Agency. He needs to cut the CIA and DIA by 50%, the NSA, NRO, and NGA by 70 % and put an end to the NSA’s massive citizen’s surveillance programs which do nothing. He needs to stop the CIA and the rest from forcing U.S. policy down the throats of foreign governments …

He concludes:

President Trump has endured a massive and continuing character assassination campaign. This is part of the globalist program to defeat freedom and bring on a total police state.

One way in could have been the events in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday, August 12. The fact that the media are in a feeding frenzy over this tells us that we will not be able to get to the truth any time soon.

The leftists had the town’s permission to protest that day. Earlier in the week, the Soros-backed Progressive Change Campaign committee sent out a plea for contributions so that $12,000 could be raised by that weekend. The memo pledged ‘nonviolent direct action‘ (italics in the original), but the reality was very different. See the footage of the car and the broken windscreens, front and rear.

The guys at The_Donald think the whole thing could have been a false flag. They were invited to participate a week ago. They are glad they did not attend.

Trump made an announcement condemning the violence and a DOJ/FBI investigation is under way.

Will anyone condemn the leftists, too? I’m not holding my breath.

I hope that enough Americans are on holiday so that this story, whilst being widely reported, does not gain too much traction with them. This could damage as intended.

4 comments for “Is Trump isolated — or not?

  1. Mona
    August 13, 2017 at 6:41 pm

    You are biting off more than I can chew, I have spent a considerable amount of time reflecting on the American scenario, putting everything in one essay is to complicated to answer in one reply. At times I am suspicious of Trump he could bury the democrats for decades by simply dealing with the Clinton global, the Obama conspiracy, turning his back on Roger Stone makes me wonder?.

    • August 14, 2017 at 12:32 pm

      ‘simply dealing with the Clinton global, the Obama conspiracy’: Agreed. Unfortunately, this is under Jeff Sessions’s — the Recuser’s — control. With the Dem Rosenstein and Bob Mueller in there, it’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen.

  2. August 13, 2017 at 9:19 pm

    The angle I’m looking at is that if the Grand Jury indicts, this is tantamount to a coup. Clearly the WH would have to physically protect the President from violent arrest.

    • Hereward Unbowed.
      August 14, 2017 at 8:08 am

      They still haven’t found a pretext for such an “arrest” and these twats are themselves treading on thin ice, the American public is watching what you see on the TV screens and read in the NYT is not indicative of the wider public opinion, despite the $millions being pumped into anti Trump propaganda…….

      Observe, the shenanigans in Charlottesville are clearly a whole strategy and very carefully stage managed by the Soros klan, any suitable Alinskyite inspired organizations antifa with helpful noises out of the ‘limosine left’ and complicit media ;

      i a famous general from the past, threaten to have the statue removed, the only excuse, to wind up the good ole boys [never mentioned by al beeb – incidentally].
      ii. send in the antifa.
      iii thus to, concoct an occasion where all the great and the not so Republicans can virtue signal at the tops of their falsetto voices – squealing like pigs.

      It’s a similar thing over here, smear, scream and shout down all opposition and play the racist card at any opportunity – Momentum/UAF have this down to a T and in Britain in very stark contrast with the US – the citizenry are not armed as are the good ole boys.

      Trump either way is, damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t and that’s just where they want him.

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