Amid protest madness, Trump presidency enters Phase 2

When I posted here last week, Americans were dissecting the Charlottesville, Virginia violence from Saturday, August 12, 2017.

It was likely to have been a false flag event on both sides, designed to de-legitimise President Donald Trump. My post and comments of August 14 explain that the guy on the notional far right was an Obama supporter and part of the Occupy movement. Here are screenshots of a few of his tweets after the event. For whatever reason, a former State Department employee was also at Saturday’s melée. The city is also deeply Democrat. Virginia’s Democrat governor has ties to the Clintons.

Trump had to give three statements — on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday — none of which satisfied his critics. On Tuesday, August 15 at Trump Tower, because the White House is being renovated, he held a press conference about Charlottesville. He told the media he wanted the facts before he could make a statement. He also asked, ‘What about the Alt-Left?’

Violence continued in cities with Confederate statues. The day Trump asked about the Alt-Left, a woman from the Communist-aligned World Workers Party pulled down a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina. She was charged with two misdemeanors and two felonies. Her fellow protesters asked police to drop charges! She was bailed quickly.

On Friday, August 18, six policemen in three different cities were shot.

On Saturday, August 19, a Free Speech rally was held on Boston Common. This short video shows that there are only about 50 to 60 people gathering for the rally and hundreds beyond who were from the Far Left. Scary. The police ended the rally rather quickly and all sides then converged on the Common. New England’s pre-eminent conservative talk show host and Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr said it was a shame that Boston got rid of their police on horseback several years ago. He said that, were they around today, they could have stopped a lot of the violence that took place. As it was, Far Left nutters threw bottles of urine at Boston Police officers. A young Trump supporter had a bottle thrown in his face. He reacted stoically. A retired Marine and his wife were holding an American flag when crazies walked past yelling ‘F-ck Trump!’ They then knocked the man’s wife, aged 64, to the ground. The Marine explains the situation in this video. He lamented that people could not gather peacefully without being attacked. Off the Common, a black woman attempted to quell the violence. Lefties looked at her blankly.

This is worrying:

The fact that people on the left can’t tell the difference between Nazis and rank-and-file Trump supporters is becoming a major problem.

Unfortunately, that is part of the Left’s plan.

On Friday, Alex Jones was in Seattle for a few days. A man encountered him and threw hot coffee in his face. Later that day, an article on Infowars identified the man as Jake Stratton (emphases in the original throughout):

a former roller derby announcer, wrestler, singer and all-round literal potbelly goblin.

Jones was filing a report on the streets of Seattle regarding the Barcelona terror attack when Stratton yelled, “You’re trash!”

As we walked over to interview Stratton, he approached Alex and in true liberal fashion proceeded to throw hot coffee at him.

The media rhapsodised over Antifa and their cohorts. A female journalist wrote an article for the New Yorker about a photo taken in Charlottesville:

In a photograph from Charlottesville, two men extend weapons: one is the Confederate flag, furled, and the other is an aerosol can, modified to eject fire …

Two men extend weapons: one is the Confederate flag, furled, hiding its retrograde design, and the other is an aerosol can, modified to eject fire. The figures stand in a classical configuration, on the diagonal, as if a Dutch master has placed them just so. The white supremacist, a little stout, is dressed in a sloppy kind of uniform; his mouth is puckered as he strains to threaten his adversary. He waves his flag strenuously, an incoherent blur. The mob behind him looks on, seemingly timid.

His opponent, a black man who was recently identified as the twenty-three-year-old Corey Long, is, by contrast, a figure of elegance. (In an interview with the Root, Long said that the protest had seemed peaceful until “someone pointed a gun at my head. Then the same person pointed it at my foot and shot the ground.”) Long is shirtless; movement serves only to define his muscles. The line from his leg to the fire he sprays is unbroken. The bottom half of his face is obscured by a mask, but his pose telegraphs confidence: he seems almost relaxed. An old man hunches behind him, as if taking shelter. Compared to his foe, Long handles his instrument easily, and wittily—when that flag catches on fire, the supremacist will be carrying the sacrilege that he fears. The photo recalls the mysterious serenity of historical images of self-defense …

Long looks good because he is about 30 years younger than the man with the Confederate flag.

Someone tweeted in response:

Why is the New Yorker describing a terrorist like he’s in a dime store romance novel?

Another Twitter user wrote:

Imagine the fawning coverage if Corey Long had been stabbing the guy. “The blade shone serenely in Long’s taut grip as he murdered..”

To which someone replied:

Antifa porn. Effective.

Indeed. Mike Cernovich wrote an article on his new website warning that Antifa and similar groups will continue to grow because women find the men appealing. He also described how CNN was covering them:

“ANTIFA all the bad boy liberal women with schlubby boyfriends secretly desire,” he wrote on Twitter. “Human nature tells you ANTIFA numbers will grow due to this” …

Indeed, mainstream media outlets have been paying an increasing amount of attention to the alt-left.

Just today, CNN published a piece insisting that alt-left extremists like those in ANTIFA simply “seek peace through violence.”

CNN further legitimized the group by declaring that any violence it carries out is merely an attempt at “eradicating hatred.”

For this reason – along with the very real social upper hand ANTIFA has – the alt-left terror group will likely become stronger in the coming months.

Treasury Secretary and Yale graduate Steven Mnuchin was called on by his classmates to resign in the wake of Trump’s even-handed condemnation of both Left and Right violence. He responded with a lengthy statement which reads, in part:

While I find it hard to believe I should have to defend myself on this, or the President, I feel compelled to let you know that the President in no way, shape or form, believes that neo-Nazi and other hate groups who endorse violence are equivalent to groups that demonstrate in peaceful and lawful ways …

I hope you have a better perspective on my feelings on these issues. I don’t believe the allegations against the President are accurate, and I believe that having highly talented men and women in our country surrounding the President in his administration should be reassuring to you and all the American people.

Meanwhile, what the media are not covering are the Trump administration’s many accomplishments since the inauguration. Even The Atlantic had to grudgingly acknowledge how much is getting done. Trump’s China-North Korea strategy could be a huge success.

It is difficult for Trump supporters to get proper news out, because those who are Twitter or Facebook users find themselves censored. Censorship Sins, obviously frustrated, says it is high time that conservatives build a social platform for themselves:

With such a network, we can completely flush Facebook down the toilet. All these features don’t need to be created all at once, but we can add them over time as demand picks up. But at the very least we need to start with a Twitter-like platform that allows us to instantly communicate and organize. I would suggest for starters. Hell, if Gab is willing to work with us, this should be our first order of business. This communications network is VITAL to combating the rampant censorship from the left that has stalled Trump’s agenda!

Help might be coming in the form of Steve Bannon, released into the wild and now back home at Breitbart.

Trump tweeted:

Steve Bannon will be a tough and smart new voice at …maybe even better than ever before. Fake News needs the competition!

Black talk show host Larry Elder had this observation:

Ex media/dem whipping boy for ratings/votes: Steve Bannon

New media/dem whipping boy for ratings/votes: Robert E. Lee

The Gateway Pundit is thrilled at the possibility that Bannon could build a conservative media empire:

Former Chief White House Strategist and current executive chairman of Breitbart News, Steve Bannon, is wasting no time in expanding the leading populist news network. Bannon is reportedly plotting a television channel to rival Fox News. Strikingly, the idea was first proposed by former Fox News CEO, the late Roger Ailes. 

Immediately after leaving the White House’s employ on Friday, August 18, Bannon chaired Breitbart’s evening editorial meeting.

Bannon submitted his resignation on August 7, however, events in Charlottesville prevented the White House from announcing his resignation earlier. He and Chief of Staff John Kelly decided that Friday would be his last day.

The Left — including Democrats and media — might consider Bannon’s departure to be a victory for them, however, the content of Bloomberg‘s article of August 18 cautions against over-optimism:

“If there’s any confusion out there, let me clear it up: I’m leaving the White House and going to war for Trump against his opponents — on Capitol Hill, in the media, and in corporate America,” Bannon told Bloomberg News Friday in his first public comments after his departure was announced.


According to a person close to Bannon, he met Wednesday with conservative billionaire Robert Mercer, co-chief executive of Renaissance Technologies and a major financial supporter of both Trump and Bannon’s efforts. The two mapped out a path ahead for Bannon’s post-White House career and discussed how Trump could get his agenda back on track.

The following evening, Mercer and several other major Republican donors had dinner with Trump to share their thinking, and Mercer also had a private meeting with Trump to pledge to redouble his efforts to support Bannon and advance Trump’s agenda.

Intrigue surrounds Bannon’s departure, both inside and outside the White House. Although Bannon was never going to stay on long-term, various people might have accelerated his resignation. Buzzfeed reported:

“Matt Drudge worked to remove Steve Bannon, that is the reality,” said former Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg, who regularly talks with Bannon. “And I hope Matt is happy because his work helped Bannon not be in the West Wing, but it helped Democrats and people that didn’t vote for Trump be in the West Wing.”

Nunberg is specifically frustrated with the continued presence and influence of chief economic adviser Gary Cohn, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, and the duo he derisively calls Javanka, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. Bannon has openly feuded with Cohn, and Breitbart has for weeks been waging a battle against McMaster.

Kushner developed a relationship with Drudge dating back to the campaign, and Bannon allies also blame the son-in-law for his ouster. People close to Bannon say Bannon privately hoped Kushner would “go down” over the intensifying Russia investigation.

But sources with knowledge of the Kushner-Drudge relationship said influence over Matt Drudge doesn’t work that way.

Media relationships are important in the White House, Nunberg said, and the fact that Drudge hasn’t given Breitbart a hyperlink in months and didn’t like Bannon hurt him.

Check out this infographic about Gary Cohn. Here’s the text:

Why is this man in the W.H.?

x Life-long Democrat
x Goldman globalist billionaire
x Wife on board of Planned Parenthood
x Daughter works for Huffington Post

Perhaps it takes a thief to catch a thief? Bannon will no doubt let us know why so many globalist players are in the White House.

However, with Bannon’s departure, Trump’s presidency is likely to be entering Phase 2. Bannon, nearly the last of the America First people — and the most prominent — is out. Whether he isolated himself, as Roger Stone said earlier this year, or whether others deliberately marginalised him, he really did not do too much to promote America First or get more people like himself into Trump’s administration.

The Daily Wire has a good article by Ben Shapiro. This could play in one of two ways. Either Bannon promotes America First or he starts going for his former adversaries in the White House. If he does the latter, he might alienate some of Trump’s existing base and prevent more people from jumping on the Trump Train, necessary for the 2018 mid-term elections.

However, if Bannon dedicates himself to bursting open Deep State secrets, the effect could be explosive and very much in Trump’s favour. Back in April, The Daily Beast interviewed Mike Cernovich:

A week after President Donald Trump began to publicly distance himself from White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, alt-right ringleader Mike Cernovich threatened to release a “motherlode” of stories that could “destroy marriages” if Bannon is formally let go from the administration.

Cernovich made the claims that he’d release a series of “scoops” if Bannon is officially pushed out of the White House on an eleven-minute, self-recorded Periscope Thursday night.

“If they get rid of Bannon, you know what’s gonna happen? The motherlode. If Bannon is removed, there are gonna be divorces, because I know about the mistresses, the sugar babies, the drugs, the pill popping, the orgies. I know everything,” said Cernovich.

“If they go after Bannon, the mother of all stories is gonna drop, and we’re just gonna destroy marriages, relationships—it’s gonna get personal.”

We can but hope this is what happens.

And, if it doesn’t, perhaps Trump is banking on Bannon exploding those stories himself.

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  1. August 21, 2017 at 10:53 am

    Much to digest in there and I’ve a post myself later. It especially targets Ivanka and perhaps that should now be known as Javanka as you say.

    • August 21, 2017 at 4:28 pm


      They’ve got to go. I was hoping they were leaving in April or May, when they felt somewhat sidelined. If only.

      Have you seen this video by Lee Stranahan (ex-Breitbart)? ‘Ivanka Trump: why the princess needs to go’ is well worth viewing or running in the background while you do other things:

      Stranahan says that if Trump runs into serious trouble, Ivanka will be partly responsible because she has globalist friends, Dina Habib Powell and Wendy Deng among them. Powell is Ivanka’s guide to Washington society.

      Stranahan says that, unlike her father, Ivanka understands nothing about the lives of ordinary Americans.

      As for Jared, Stranahan says that Rupert Murdoch has been his mentor.

      • August 21, 2017 at 6:16 pm

        Haven’t seen it before now but it makes sense.

  2. Errol
    August 21, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    What I find astonishing is someone holding up a soviet union banner. They’re utterly, completely pig ignorant. They live in the lap of luxury, having never known war or want. That hmmer and sickle logo has caused more pain and suffering than aany other symbol going – apart form the cross, I suppose.

    Grief, they’re children, screaming and petulant. They need a sharp wake up call to the realities of communism or a simple lesson in history.

    These people are ignorant, arrogant, gormless fascists. The sad irony is they think they’re the god guys. That’s what makes the so damned dangerous. They won’t stop, ever because they’re convinced they’re right.

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