The significance of September 3rd

Mike Cunningham wrote, at OoL:

Today, September 3rd, is the 77th time those of us who were both alive and able to comprehend, on that fateful day shall remember those steady, if at times somewhat halting tones, as His Majesty King George the Sixth began the speech which informed the Nation that we, the British, had informed the German Reich that they would not be allowed to run riot as they wished, and the British government, on our behalf, had declared War against the Nazis in Berlin.

He contrasts that with our current situation

But the simple truth … is that our own politicians, our own neutered police, our own so-called Elite, who pull the strings of Government from behind the curtains, deny that we are at war with this Radical Islamic Muslim Terror.

Let’s put some numbers on this – the various layers of government officialdom who pass the laws – what, 3% of the population perhaps?

Now these people:

What does the government claim? 3-5% of the overall population of the land? Well actually, far more. From estimates of 40% of schoolchildren being Muslim in Bradford to higher numbers:

… it’s obvious that the numbers are uneven and the Muslims ghettoized.

Where I live, the Muslim population might be 0.5% and the rest are pretty well the traditional British, so that Muslim march, which might look horrific, mainly because the 2% or whatever have been bussed into one street, is a deliberate show of force they don’t quite have yet.

Yet this 2% [openly jihadi] uses amplifiers on mosque tops to blast the screams of a man having a vasectomy without anaesthetic across the towns, so the 2% can get the maximum reach into the lives of the indigenous.

And every university and school now in Britain and across America, across Australia, is pushing this guff:

… which is a deliberate twisting by her teachers – you’ve seen the violent professor women at the marches – of the Christian principle of God’s children being equally loved, with pure racial conquista in that march, let alone all the other shots of fighting age men pouring across into Europe thanks to Merkel, now opposed by Hungary and Poland.

It is falsehood writ large and a huge number have succumbed to it – 48% to be precise, going by the referendum result from 2016 and subsequent election, couple with US results.

Take away the voting dead people and voter fraud by leftist/Tory/Democratic Party constituencies and we could settle on a number of these evil muvvers/loons/brainwashed at maybe 42-43% of the given population.  Yet they have 100% of the lawmaking power.

The voice of order addressing that silly girl in the pic comes from a black man with a radio show:

And what are our 48% either getting up to, preaching in schools or otherwise going along with?  This rubbish:

Well aware that the message of this post you’re now reading, of Mike’s, of so many pundits, is getting out to the people bit by bit, the [let’s say] 5% all up who write the laws are fighting a rearguard action.

Three nights ago, Twitter informed me that in order to keep using the service, I had to agree to new terms of service, including their right to determine what that speech was and to expunge my account if there was any hint of  “hate speech”, meaning of course anything said against the Muslim reconstitution of our society. Ditto Google and Apple.

And of course, it’s not just me. This man’s been threatened:

… while at the same time, even the bloody Home office gets into the push over here:

Stop and think about that one moment.  The UK Home office, which is concerned with the UK population and knowing all about this so-called festival:

… has the gall to involve itself in politics and conquista, against the express wishes of over half the indigenous population in this nation.

And any who dare speak out are threatened and punished – they even savage their very own:

This is the mindset which raises the enemy strength from maybe 5-10% to the region of 50 plus %:

How do they brainwash people?  They take a population they’re encouraging  to pour in unfettered and rename them, not as Invaders but as “Dreamers”.  Meaning of course, poor, hard-done-by innocents desperately “Dreaming” of a new life in a country of immigrants anyway.

Which completely ignores:

1. The Constitution and laws of that country built up over 200 plus years;
2. The cultural underpinnings of that nation, embraced by almost all for so long.

In the US, Trump is being redirected to an irrelevance, North Korea, by his generals who have taken over the White House, pushing Bush/Rumsfeld neocon policies of bombing the world, directly against his Deplorable base which elected him, while all the above in this post goes on and it’s going on in every country:

In Australia, thousands of miles away, pundits are being threatened with jail for saying exactly the same thing that this post does.

And on the weekend, May committed two betrayals:

… and also this:

I’m exhausted. This could go on and on but I’ve no energy left. Suffice to say we are at war and we know who the enemy is. It’s just that close to 50% of all our lands in the west still do not.

3 comments for “The significance of September 3rd

  1. Henry Kaye
    September 4, 2017 at 10:12 am

    Strength to your arms Mike and James – but is anyone listening?

  2. September 4, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    “including their right to determine what that speech was and to expunge my account if there was any hint of “hate speech”, meaning of course anything said against the Muslim reconstitution of our society. Ditto Google and Apple.”

    One of my more outspoken blogging colleagues, a man by the name of Paul Kersey, wrote on matters racial in America, under the blog title ‘Stuff Black People don’t Like’. He wrote from a right-wing perspective, he was bitter, angry about what his Country had been forced to accept under (his term) ‘Black Ruled America’.

    HIs blog has, virtually’ disappeared, overnight. He didn’t even get time to sign off, his website was closed down, his blog posts have disappeared from the very search pages of all the big browsers, and the only way you can read former posts is by going on to archived web searches, and there you shall discover these posts:-

    I would quote only one phrase, from a very important document: Amendments to the Constitution:-

    Congress shall make no law……….; or abridging the Freedom of Speech.

    I do not agree with everything Mr. Kersey wrote, but I believe that Mr. Kersey should not have been silenced because of his viewpoint!

  3. Errol
    September 4, 2017 at 9:02 pm

    It is the delight the Left have in pointless, visceral destruction that sickens me. The Nazi’s did the same with the burning of books. ISIS with their destruction of ancient temples.

    The Left *are* the fascists. They always have been.

    Muslims are an odd case as we don’t mind them here as long as they vanish into society. I’ve a couple of chums who are Muslim and bless Immers, we took the mickey like nothing during Eid. He took it in good grace and dignity. He was a great man because that’s what he was: father, husband, rubbish barbecuer, decent bloke. Then there’s the other side, the spoiled, police protected ‘beheaders’. The group that thinks itself now special and deserving of treatment for simply existing, insulting our society and way of life because, well, they like it here and have found our freedoms can be abused as well as enjoyed.

    A statistic though – Muslims make up about 3% of the population but are 15% of the prison population. We need to talk about Islam. We need to do so vocally, angrily and to point and say ‘enough’ Fit in or flip off.

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