Becoming helpless

This is more to do with the comments below the post than the post itself:

Most people in the west tend to forget the veneer of civilization is quite thin. There have been recent examples, Katrina and New Orleans, being a good lesson in the breakdown of order.

When the conflagration comes, as our host quite eloquently points out, it will not end well. It seems those up in the cloud are just trying to position themselves to survive what will come.

Back to refugeedom

Presumably we’ll be left to fend for ourselves. It would be a bit like in View to a Kill when Zorin kills his own workers and escapes by dirigible.

Some sort of world conflagration, while the ‘leaders’ zip off to their pre-prepared hole for a hundred years.


In all seriousness, since Sandy came at the end of a long volunteer fire career, there was one priceless moment, while responding to the umpteenth tree-down call, where I was treated to a wealthy 30 something suburban housewife screaming into her cell phone at ConEd (on the speakerphone setting)– “I don’t care what your priorities are, I’m demanding that you restore power to my house now!”

Over and over.

Well as C-F’d as ConEd was, those priorities were places like hospitals, nursing homes, elderly housing, commercial districts with grocery stores, gas stations etc.

That’s kind of what you are dealing with with these folks.

The first to lose the plot are always those we could vaguely call narcissistic, self-concerned people with no peripheral vision and no sense of history, of whom the females are some of the worst. So into rights and belligerent SJWism, they have zero skill sets when push comes to shove.

Then there are toddlers and the decrepit but they may include functioning brain people who can find a way to hide for a brief while.

The eschatological perspective

Christian eschatology concerns me because the American ‘pre-tribbers’ in particular have it all wrong. It’s the SUV perspective, in which you get to take your popcorn machine and every other essential with you in your softbellied existence, there is no tribulation because Jesus will suddenly whisk you off to heaven before any of the unpleasantness begins.

This is the side of American exceptionalism which differs from the British and European whose old people are cognisant of the horror and realize we must go through it.

I also look at the prepper sites and so many of these guys are so naive about how things will happen. Your greatest enemy is going to be your neighbour and roaming bands. The idea of a gun behind every blade of grass is a fiction – they’re not going to be lying beside you with their guns, they’re going to be pointing them at you, demanding food or just killing you and taking it.

A boat is a partial solution but boats are easy targets.

Last evening I tweeted something about those marching in London for the EU and pointed out that they have not a clue. Germany is most certainly trying to run Europe – watch the EU land army once we leave. We’ve always been a German fixation to conquer, the Bruderheist itches to get its hands on the City and the hidden wealth.

The new [old] development is the swamping of Europe by Islam, with the goal of a Caliphate, an increasingly real and present danger, hence the mania of the police in killing off any dissent by labelling it hate speech.

There’s no attitude of deep hatred in the above observations, just warnings as to what is happening.

W-e-e-e-l-l-l-l, you should have witnessed the abuse I got, followed by some tweeters from around the west coming in firing support for what I’d written. This SJW man started the old ‘you’re fascist nazi pigs, all of you’ and so on – he really did use Antifa language, completely lost it then beat a hasty retreat.

There’s not a lot of difference between the people referred to by those commenters above in the post and the tweeting last evening. They’d not survive. If they had to stave off hunger, they’d be weeping as they ate grass from the lawn or whatever.

There’s no practicality in them, it’s all politics, benefits and marches.

And as we know, most kids are getting this sort of thing and nothing but this sort of thing in schools and colleges.

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7 comments for “Becoming helpless

  1. Mona
    September 10, 2017 at 11:44 am

    Climate change is eternal humans are not, however in the meantime Myramar (Burma to me)has taken steps to remove eternal Islam from its borders it may appear cruel and painful but this particular long term threat to their country has been removed, all those Nazi fascist Buddhist pigs, tut tut tut.

  2. Errol
    September 10, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    When a Lefty screams ‘you’re a Nazi fascist pig’ they need to be reminded they are the ones trying to rewrite history (which the Nazi’s did), that they’re the ones trying to forbid free speech (again, nazi technique) that they’rethe ones trying to impose their will on people (Nazi technique) and that, fundamentally, the Nazi’s were national socialists – fascism has always been and will always be Left wing ideology.

    The irony – sadly – is that the Left don’t accept that they’re the fascists. They are in the wrong. They can’t. it would probably cause their brains to explode.

  3. Hereward Unbowed.
    September 10, 2017 at 3:09 pm

    After more than a few years past……. a generation and more of dumbing down, infantalizing people so that they become so much more reliant on the state, I mean ffs…………………

    “I demand my childcare, I demand that the government [erm taxpayer!] pays for my kids nursery pre skooling, so that I can go out to WORK – you morons!”

    Happy clappy shiny empty heads, PC diversity doom, is coming, on all our heads.

    wot wiv; climate change, hands across the water in Manchester – all victims is we innit, see no evil, hear no evil and no one is EVAH evil ‘cept da white man even when he’s a down and out on the street he ‘whitey’ still has the advantage thanks to skin pigmentation [or lack thereof]…………….According to transexual [hailing from a very, very comfortable middle class upbringing to boot] philosopher ‘queen’ who was booted out of her only job as a slapper mannequin – facade for L’oreal, the astonishing thing was the nodding airheads interviewers on tv, all empathy, tissues and tearful eyed sentiment, pass me the puke bag I silently screamed.

    Victimhood, they’re all bloody victims, BUT they all have teeth which bite deep and claws which slash cutting, ah those poor little darlings.

    So, most of them don’t know which way is up, have a sense of entitlement which would make Marie Antoinette blush crimson. Da youf, want you all to bow down to them and want a ‘first’ as soon as they set foot in University Halls but don’ wanna waste time studying because there are too many statues to pull down and human rites/tory cuts/ pro EU marches NUS – student union activism courses to go on. Plus planning your gap yah, asking daddy for cash to decorate your new student penthouse suite and getting as pissed a coot in the local tut and shive yo’ Irish republican themed hunger strike bar. It’s a busy life and University erudition is very last thing on their minds, crikey luvs surely there is a safe space for that [reading bad stuff]! And besides the Brotherhood university soc, will do all the fighting for you – soon, I mean everyone knows that they run the university campuses and Student Unions these days – innit?

    Days of rah, rah are no more, its more like la, la and and all due for a future living in deep do dah. Oooh, surely daddy can sort me out in ponsonby-smythe, shyster and screwmasters and co – human rites ambulance, or go on the virtue signallers gravy train and become a charidee organizer, maybe line up a cush job sanctimony PC, climate change always – working for the EU – in a UK quango.

    Life at the sharp end and what happens when the sharp end blade is pointing at them?

    Cue tears but also remember what happened to the Yazidis.

    • rapscallion
      September 11, 2017 at 5:49 pm

      I don’t envisage their future with a great deal of optimism frankly. They are so far up their own fundament that they cannot see that they are the architects of their own nasty, painful and bloody demise. Personally I’m thankful that I won’t be around to witness it.

  4. September 11, 2017 at 5:29 am

    “fascism has always been and will always be Left wing ideology.”


    “Days of rah, rah are no more, its more like la, la and and all due for a future living in deep do dah.”


  5. Lord T
    September 11, 2017 at 11:45 am

    When the powers that be go and bury themselves for a hundred years. I’ll be going round sealing them in.

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