Is Bannon helping — or hindering — Trump?

When Steve Bannon left the White House nearly a month ago, many of President Donald Trump’s supporters had high expectations.

He said he would continue to fight for Trump’s MAGA agenda outside the White House, where he said he would be better placed to do so. Many Trump supporters thought Bannon would once again make Breitbart worthy of its founder’s name.

Daily spot checks show that not a lot of MAGA is going on at Breitbart.

It’s just another conservative news site and has been for some time.

Late last week, it was alarming to find that Trump’s dinner with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer resulted in Trump supporters burning their hats on Thursday, September 14, 2017. Breitbart wrote an extensive article, ‘Trump Voters Throw MAGA Hats into Twitter Bonfire’:

the hat-burning may presage a huge demoralization among Trump’s loyal followers, and cause his support to drop down to the basement levels achieved by President Goerge W. Bush when he pushed for an amnesty in 2006 and 2007.

Based by the comments it received, it appeared to gin up the Breitbart reader base against him. There were many negative comments about Trump’s betrayal of the American people. But, what if some of these were from the Democrats’ Share Blue keyboard batallions?

We don’t know if these hat burners were even proper Trump supporters. They could have been paid lefties à la Charlottesville.

The whole thing could be a complete fabrication.

But Breitbart took advantage of a situation — one they should have questioned.

Breitbart’s article from September 13, ‘Report: Trump Caves on DACA, Wants ‘Quick’ Amnesty for 800K Illegal Aliens’, relied on an article in The Hill quoting Democrat lawmakers who met with Trump, nothing from the White House.

Then, on the same day as the hat burning article, Breitbart posted ‘Report: DACA Amnesty May Trigger Flood of 4-6M Foreign Nationals, Not 800K’. Quite a few negative comments followed. Real Trump supporters or left-wing paid trolls? No one knows, but sowing chaos and division is one of the things the Left does best.

Trump is in a difficult position. He has to try to make a deal — not necessarily amnesty — with the Democrats because Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell won’t work with him. Regardless of what we are seeing — even in his tweets — he is playing a long game. This looks as if it is about DACA alone, but it is likely to be about a bigger picture, one which only Trump can envision at the moment.

Breitbart got it right with this article from September 16, ‘Gorka: President Trump will be “Getting Rid of People Soon” Because He Is “Not Well-Served” by His Advisers’. Sebastian Gorka has the best interpretation of what is happening right now:

“The idea that suddenly that he’s now president he’s going to undermine the platform – the key platform, upon which his whole campaign was built and which propelled him into the White House – is, of course, bogus,” Gorka said confidently …

“He knows that criminals go to prison when you’ve caught the bad guys. We’re not going to give amnesty to gang-bangers from MS-13. But there are kids, or there were kids, who came here through no fault of their own, who will not be punished by deportation. I expect some kind of work permit system or something like that to be put in place,” he predicted.

I hope those people are very few in number and well screened. It is doable, because I know an American who got citizenship in France (legal immigrant) several years ago. She had to go through a number of in-person interviews with immigration officials. That was routine then. Whether it still is, I don’t know. But I digress.

Stopping chain migration is also important. No one should be bringing in a relative who can then bring in another relative and so on.

Back to Gorka now. On the wall:

“Look, you can take this to the bank: the president will be building an impenetrable barrier across the southern border because he built his presidential campaign on that,” Gorka promised. “How it’s going to look, what color it’s going to be, how tall it’s going to be – that is a matter for the professionals to decide, but we have to seal the southern border, and the president knows it.”

As for White House staff:

“… right now we have numerous members at the highest levels of the new administration who not only would have been at home in a Clinton White House, but would have been Cabinet members in a Clinton White House.”

“That is wrong. That’s not MAGA, and that’s going to change. That’s my prediction, Matt,” Gorka firmly declared.

Breitbart needs more articles like that instead of their hysteria-producing clickbait. Where is Bannon? Although there are a few considered pro-Trump articles, overall, I don’t see him helping Trump. I would say he is hindering him.

On August 30, The Conservative Treehouse noted something else — that Bannon’s reach extended beyond Breitbart. After he left the White House, Circa News’s Sara Carter was no longer on Fox News shows. At that time, she hadn’t been on for two weeks:

Don’t just think casually about it.  Think about the specific stories she was pushing and the ramifications therein.  Not just ramifications to what is pushed by Breitbart media and why; but also Circa News and Sinclair corporate media.  Always question everything.

We suspected she was being fedcontrolled opposition–  we didn’t know who.

Last weekend, Charlie Rose’s two-hour interview with Bannon aired. Part of it was on CBS’s 60 Minutes on September 10. The next night, Rose aired all of it (second half hour here) on his own PBS show. According to the Daily Mail, the White House was less than impressed:

‘Steve should take his own advice and shut up for awhile,’ one White House official told as news of the ’60 Minute’ interview broke on Wednesday.

‘Now that he’s gone he can showboat all he wants, I guess, but it’s just going to underscore what a lousy, lousy team player he always was.’

Another official added: ‘For someone who liked to trash talk the media, Bannon sure is kissing up to them a lot, no?’

I’m nearly finished listening to the whole of Rose’s interview, linked above. The first hour is pretty boring. In the second hour, Rose segues from the dull recap of the election to a series of questions about MAGA. Breitbart has Bannon’s top 25 quotes, such as this one:

12. “I don’t need to be lectured–by a bunch of– by a bunch of limousine liberals, okay, from the Upper East Side of New York and from the Hamptons, okay, about any of this. My lived experience is that.”

I completely agree with the next quote, which is why I’m following Trump news so closely every day:

15. “The geniuses in the Bush administration … I hold these people in contempt, total and complete contempt. … By the way, the Obama crowd, almost the same. Clinton crowd, almost the same. It’s three administrations.”

Another area where I agree with Bannon was with his quote about Catholic bishops being pro-immigration at all costs because they want their churches and coffers full. When Rose said that Bannon was being religiously disobedient, he wisely countered that immigration is not a doctrinal issue. Well said.

Overall, will Bannon make a difference? Not based on what I’ve read since he returned to Breitbart.

One month ago, I was hopeful. The Daily Mail covered his departure and what lay ahead:

A source close to Bannon said: ‘This week is a good window into what Bannon outside the [White House] would look like: A strong defense of POTUS and “fire and fury” for enemies of the Trump agenda. Get ready for Bannon the barbarian.’

The removal opens the way for a war waged on his West Wing enemies – the group he calls the ‘globalists’ which included Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, and Gary Cohn, Trump’s chief economic adviser.

He also said he would ‘light’ up Mitch McConnell.

If only. There hasn’t been much on any of those people.

Right after that excerpt is this sentence, which I missed when I first read the article:

Bannon is expected to see Breitbart, the website he turned into a vehicle for his America-first political ideas, turn on Trump ‘like they treated Obama’.

Hmm. That is definitely happening.

Whilst Steve Bannon was critical to Trump’s 2016 campaign, that is where his support seemed to stop.

Thanks, Steve — for nothing.

3 comments for “Is Bannon helping — or hindering — Trump?

  1. Mona
    September 17, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    Sadly its over for Trump, He may bumble along twittering and doing a bit here and there, Sessions plus Clinton is all the proof about Trump one needs, Bannon is clutching at straws.

  2. Hereward Unbowed.
    September 17, 2017 at 7:11 pm

    DJT has had some pretty strong repulses, he has to dig in and show the libtards, Capitol Hill grease monkeys and commie bastards.
    Alack, some economic good news would be nice and a little ramping back on the rhetoric – what happens over on the Korean peninsula and across the DMZ on the 38th parallel N, will be his major challenge, and kinda ironic considering he DJT wrote a ticket out based on America first and pulling in the Eagle’s wings – so to speak.

    Originally, I thought that Bannon was a ‘soul’ mate, however other than Mammon, can an ex GS man ever really be loyal and true to anything? Logic and human emotion dictates – that really I don’t think so.

    Bannon plays for his own team, deriving which team? now that would be an interesting exercise and I’ve got a few ideas but hell he ain’t on Donald’s side that’s for sure.

    Cue glad handing, smiles Potomac wide and back-patting from the Pentagon and US arms industry –

    “HELLO!” said the man with aviator sunglasses, the 1,500 dollar shoes and with a $trillion smile and such perfect teeth………………..

    it is a funny old world and it needs weaponizing, man.” he silently whispered……

    “we’d better get there before the Russkies” was the implication.

  3. Lord T
    September 18, 2017 at 11:29 am

    I’m not convinced. This shows clearly how little support Trump gets from any other politicians and puts lines in the sand for Trump. he can use this to push back and plead that his hands are tied by RINOs and the establishment.

    On the plus side people are now starting to realise that politicians are not on their side and the next guy we get in may well be a much more nationalistic person. Trump has opened the door and shown the way. If he doesn’t do it then someone else can use that same door.

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