When pollies renege

This is not about Jacob Rees Mogg but begins with him:

I tweeted that if he truly thinks that and is not just seeing off Boris’s challenge, and always assuming the MSM is not lying/distorting in this case, then he’s a fool and has lost my vote, maybe many others.

The thing they don’t seem to get, and this is being seen in Trump now, is that you cannot renege on the promises you made your base. At least you can but then you’re yet another pollie.

At the moment, Ann Marie Waters is going for the UKIP leadership on the basis of what she says is what she means, and that’s one reason she is feared – there are others.

Trump has seriously lost it. All right, he may be playing a long game but that cuts no ice with that sort of supporter – us. He was elected to do something, specifically because he looked like he would, no matter how naive that is.

One point of naivety and one which has been levelled at the Popes, is that soon after election, there is some sort of switch. All major leaders have doubles, Churchill did, others did – it’s the simplest thing.

A second is that no one populist can be leader, if only by the simple expedient of the Manchurian. The Kelly gang just send him to the CIA white room and things are done, he comes out a new man. He can be a neo-con one day, he can cut a deal with the Democrats the next over DACA.

The base is nonplussed but he doesn’t even get to see any of that. Already I’ve seen tweets from him, at least under his account, but that might just be Hope Hicks.

The last point I’d make is that he and so many pollies are obviously after Beloved Leader status, hence the hurricane presence, hence the boy mowing the lawn, hence the rallies. What someone who controls him or has hemmed him in over his pre-election deals does not understand is – once again – that his base is not the type to blindly follow after he reneges on too many policy promises.

He’s still a vastly better alternative to Clinton but that’s not saying much. Looking back at our own situation here – it’s pretty dire.

3 comments for “When pollies renege

  1. Judd
    September 17, 2017 at 10:38 am

    Blowed if i know what to make of the Trump situation any more.

    As for Rees Mogg’s comments, he’s showing to all that he’s loyal, and whilst we would like him to say the blindingly obvious, that his party leaders can’t be trusted any further than he could throw them he simply won’t do that for to do so would make him a traitor and there’s more than enough of those already.

    I believe he’s playing the long game here, proving to an increasingly demoralised electorate that he, Mogg, is to be trusted even if no one else is, that if the time comes to back him for leadership, he will be that unshakeable loyal patriot.
    Far as i can see he’s doing a fine job, he never fails to state his faith in the British voter or other institutions of the people ie parents, and he always treats people with respect, whether they deserve it or not.

    He reminds me of a Captain and First Officer on a Man o’ War (this is not doing him any harm), though cannons death and sheer hell were blazing all around they would stroll calmly and reassuringly along the decks…he’s proving to be cool and unshakeable in that same way, and unafraid to say and do what must be done.

    Lastly he does that thing that must infuriate the political class, if asked a question he gives an answer, they might not like the answer but they will have one, he must frighten those on the top rungs of toryland witless, how do they control a man of principle who insists on answering questions truthfully whilst assuming his listeners aren’t idiots.

    • September 17, 2017 at 1:11 pm

      JRM – perhaps.

      Trump – he’s campaigning for the establishment neocon against the “Deplorable” Judge Roy Moore. Bizarre. Campaigning against his own base.

  2. Toodles McGhee
    September 18, 2017 at 5:40 am


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