Football goes gay

Largely from Amfortas but I’d also exploded and have a a letter in draft to Geelong Football club telling them I’m not renewing my membership.

There’s an ex-Geelong player who also came out and let rip:

OUTSPOKEN Footy Show host Sam Newman has exploded at the AFL in an impassioned rant after publicly announcing their support for same-sex marriage.

Newman, who is never shy about letting his opinion be heard, claimed the AFL had “no right” to get involved in political messages and tell footy fans what to vote for.

“Before I start this, I know it’s going to get hijacked (by) the predictable people who will say what it’s not,” he said. “But if this was about the AFL putting ‘yes’ on the football about climate change, or save the whales, or greenhouse emissions or whatever, I would have exactly the same opinion. The very fact it’s about the Yes vote for gay marriage is irrelevant, so please don’t hijack this into something it’s not.


The No opinion is remarkably consistent – it and the Yes to marriage destruction follow the same pattern as Brexit and Remoan. Brexiteers rightly insist they love Europe and Europeans, in fact trading with the whole world, Remoan tries to sheet home this old chestnut about Little Englanders.

Similarly, in the gay mafia’s destruction of marriage – Yes tries to make out Hater and Homophobe, whereas it’s primarily about organizations which have nothing to do with politics, yet overtly and brazenly take a political side because the boss[es] think that way, while half the clientele are of the other opinion.

After that, one gets to the secondary and more specific point of it being impossible to “marry” someone from the same sex. It’s like making out, continuing the cobber motif, that having a bit of surgery in an attempt to make someone the opposite sex is not unlike cobbling bits of dead animals together to make a platypus.

It’s bizarre. And it’s sick.

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  1. September 22, 2017 at 7:53 am

    ‪Oh, late note – guess what, there’s been violence. A “Yes” campaigner has headbutted Tony Abbott, former and soon to be again PM. Antifa.‬

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