Keeping within the spirit of this apocalypse thing today, Rossa’s mother has sent the Gates of Vienna translation of Orban’s speech. Naturally, you’ll view the whole thing there but first some thoughts on it.

The ‘west’ is a culture which, on the face of it, should not have been homogeneous, given each land’s antecedents – look at Hungary and Britain – and yet it became so. Not just on account of Christianity but because of the freedom that afforded for other things to be explored, e.g. classical culture, gnosticism, science.

It certainly was a dangerous thing in the middle and dark ages to deviate from the High Church’s dictums, no question – inquisitions etc. – but by the C18th, this was not so and it was a relatively safe thing to discuss life in the coffee houses. The irony was that Christianity, which had been hijacked by the rulers as a bulwark for their power, eventually became a bulwark for people’s rights and against barbarism.

There developed a sort of person who was educated, not overtly religious but who acknowledged his Maker and went to church on Sunday and that sort of person was found in every ‘western’ land.

One thing this culture did though was make its people complacent, to the extent of inviting in the barbarians and looking on in horror at people like Viktor Orban in a PC manner. People from the Boomers onwards in the US, Canada, Britain and Australia have never seen true destitution, hunger, the horror of Muslim atrocities – not up close – and so they invite in all sorts of scumbaggery, from gay ‘marriage’ to jihadism and Sharia.

They really would not do so had they lived their lives in the firing line, at the coalface, as Hungarians have. Hungary of course has a very long history of jihad and so, when Orban speaks of the antiChrist-like figure of Soros [Sauron?], he is not to be lightly humoured nor dismissed. His country knows what invasion is and its horrors.

These Muslims are not nice and when they reach certain numbers, things start to go wrong in any society they are in.

I contend that most people in our lands do not have the background to properly assess Viktor Orban’s remarks, just as Rome did not have the background to properly assess Constantinople’s imminent danger before it fell.

There’s no sense of historical perspective in most young westerners, nor in old fools like Corbyn. Here are excerpts from Orban’s address:

So some internal differences have always existed, Countries grouped by North and South, countries grouped by West and East. The rich countries, which were called depositing countries, the poorer countries, which were called the remunerated ones. There is the Eurozone, of which not all 28 countries are members, so there is a group inside the Eurozone, and there are others outside of it. There are numerous other structures that can be discovered.

What I am talking about is that we are living in an era with a brand-new dynamic, never seen before, a different type of internal tension, in which a conflict of a radically different nature emerges, which needs be resolved, because it strains the community of the European people. This new conflict, this internal tension is between the migration-accepting countries, and the ones who are NOT migration-accepting.

They put themselves at the mercy of a modern-age migration; they have chosen a brand new direction of development. We did not do that. We follow the ancient law, which in politics goes like this: a country without borders is like an egg without its shell.

Respected ladies and gentlemen, it is evident, that in the migrant-accepting countries, the rights connected with accepting and settling migrants enjoy a higher priority vis-à-vis the rights of the individual states to secure their borders.

We do not accept this thesis, and we put the right to defend our borders in first place.

This also means — what we see in the West — that the human rights of the illegal migrants enjoy a priority, as opposed to those of European citizens, who do not want to let them in, as they are illegal.

And that brings up the question of democracy. What we are facing are problems that Western countries have with democracy. They [the leaders] follow principles that clearly run contrary to the principles of their respective peoples, who, if they ever followed them at all, are now giving them up or starting to turn against them.

This problem, of course, leads to a moral dilemma, which frequently comes up in the arguments about European Christianity: Who is a good person? Because on the side of the migrant-accepting countries, many argue that a good person lets in the ones who are suffering and need help. At this point I do not have to explain that this thought is rooted very deeply in the teachings of our beliefs, of which we are all followers.

But in the case of a Great Migration, which is what we are talking about now, the situation is very different.

I am convinced that in the case of such a Great Migration, we must help the troubled countries or regions in their own location, and not resettle them into our lands, because we will not solve their problems but rather take on their troubles, too.


He mentions the Great Migration. It was decades ago that I first read of the idea that the masses of Africa and China were going to start pouring into western nations but at that stage, it hadn’t happened en masse and so the idea was put to the back of the mind.

Not so today when the very people mooting it decades ago have now brought it about under our very noses. The very notion of wanting Africa pouring into Europe is bizarre, insane. The Australians though, of generations before the Boomers, understand very well – they had their own Yellow Peril and White Australia Policy, developed in response to an extant threat at the time.

Leftists and those not specifically leftist but who are wishy-washy, e.g. do-gooder churchmen, are horrified by the notion of a White Australia Policy and of course, of separate development in South Africa.

These horrified people have never lived at the coalface, they don’t know what it is like to see at first hand the atrocities. It would be like in the Terminator if people were holding placards saying, ‘Welcome, Machines, we hope you will assimilate.’

It is historical insanity and the people warning of it are not vile haters in the least but those who understand that we as a people, as a culture, only stand if the bulwarks which allowed us this complacency are never removed.

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  1. Dr Evil
    September 24, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    Oban is correct. there will be a civil war. I just hope we have a Charles Martel to lead the Crusade.

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