all the speech that they allow

Well, in all the furore about ‘free speech’, and of course the closing down of ‘controversial speakers by the antifa movement, especially at UC Berkely, an online news outlet has capitalised on the forced limiting of access to the meeting by offering free air time to the leading proponents of the Free Speech activists, who are, after all, only asking for their rights to be observed under American Constitutional Law.

The antifa bunch, well-orchestrated and seemingly well-funded, can mobilise a small army, all masked, helmeted and cloaked in aggressive anonymity, and the University, afraid to allow people to exercise their rights to free speech on their campus, have disgracefully caved in to the Left-wing mob, and either curtailed, or closed down debate, which, some would argue, is the whole purpose of a University, in America or in Great Britain.

At least one broadcaster has literally embellished the belief and stance which governs the right to make your views known, either from the left or of the right; and I wish ‘good luck’ to the One America News Network in their call to ‘Let the people speak’.

We have seen the same activity in Great Britain, with Jewish students targeted specially, but also with speakers such as Comedian Kate Smurthwaite (who) was booked to do a gig at Goldsmiths, University of London on Monday evening when she noticed online reports of a picket by members of the feminist society. Their objections were not to her show, but her politics. Smurthwaite is a proponent of the Nordic model of sex work, a legal approach that criminalises punters but not sex workers themselves. For some students, that made her “whorephobic” (whatever that translates as ) and unfit to do a gig on campus.

Mind you, I am not stating that Caroline Spelman should be given a free pass herself, as she tried,but ultimately failed, to choke off personal debate about her druggie son! Jonny, on the other hand, seems to have single-handedly cornered the UK supply of  St. Tropez tanning fluid. As to what other products he has been storing, I am unaware of these items; so I could not possibly comment.