Authorities MUST deport or execute jihadis

They can get knotted or be executed as far as I’m concerned – stuff ’em:

Jihadists interviewed in French prisons came across as sane, hostile towards French-style secularism, and motivated by their understanding of the Islamic religion, according to two political researchers here.

Bilel Ainine and Xavier Crettiez have just released a book, “Soldiers of God: Words of Incarcerated Jihadists,” in which they try to explain how and why young French citizens have embraced terrorism.

With the permission of the ministry of justice they interviewed in prison 13 convicted terrorists, all men aged between 23 and 30 years.

During a debate organized at the book’s recent presentation, they said that speaking to the convicted men helped them to understand what drove them towards violence.

I’ve a John le Carre book, A Most Wanted Man, and it revolves around horrible westerners and a sad, innocent jihadi on the run. Sorry, I reject the whole premise.

A lady sent me an email the other day, saying I was very forgiving and I am – of most things. Never of people wishing to destroy due to some ideology.

If you came at me with a banana how I can’t be saved unless I give my life to Jesus, I say thanks but then when you’ve gone, I can reflect on it and decide. If however you force me, on pain of death or mutilation, or as a result of some bombing or raping, then never, ever, ever, will I convert. Get knotted.

But the question now is whether I let you go or not, whether to go down as long as I can achieve M.A.D., in order to save others from this nutter. My position is that the authorities must act, not us, as this is the basis of law and order and this is a critical point.

The PTB want us to take up arms illegally, want us to kill Muslims and as you know, it won’t be the effing jihadis we kill, will it? It will be the women and children they’ve put up front while they hide, the cowards.

It’s just like strikes in public transport – it’s not the bosses who get hurt, it’s the bleedin’ public every time, so most have little sympathy with the cause of the bleedin’ transport workers. Do your bleedin’ job, you sods.

And the bosses know that and play on it. My view on unions is half and half – they did secure conditions but the Union Bosses overreach. So with that issue, there are both sides.

With jihadis though, there is one side. If they feel hard done by, then get the hell out of that country. For if they take up arms against a people, they will be gunned down. And if the minority will wreck it for the rest, then that’s life – you deal with your own nutters, our govt will just deport you and you can deal with the jihadis at your own leisure in your own country.

Just as jihadis have got me beyond even being bothered reasoning now – be peaceful or get the hell out – so they are totally unreasonable ‘people’. So there’s no point.

Therefore it is who is stronger.

It is exactly the same with politics – Leave v Remoan, Deplorable v the Rest. The difference is that we’re not advocating destruction, quite the opposite.

So yes, it’s who has the numbers or the greater force. There are two crucial actions in this battle:

1. Do not fight on their terms, following their agenda;

2. Do not use their terminology. Don’t even use the term Islamophobic because it is their weasel word, not ours. Define the debate, if any, on our own terms.

We have reached here the bottom line, the whole point of any of this BS – they try to define, to set the terms. Refuse to accept it.

An example is someone who wrote to me about how I, personally, have ruined this person’s life – supposedly this person is gay.

Sorry, this is deliberate and wilful misunderstanding. I’ve made it very clear that gays themselves, the poor deluded unfortunates, induced by a PC Narrative to conclude that they’re going to do this – they can do what they like behind closed doors. Get a room in other words.

What I and millions like me will not abide is the gay mafia, in which:

1. Posters and pics in newspapers go up to promote something nauseating;

2. They get the govt to FORCE everyone to accept their agenda, e.g. the by-definition impossible gay ‘marriage’ or bang on about rights they and everyone already have;

3. They hijack entertainment, schools, the law, every bleedin’ thing, inc. Doctor Who;

4. Organizations start ruining sports for the majority, e.g. the NFL, the AFL.

As such, I am diametrically opposed and won’t have a bar of the bastards. They, just like the feminazis, have polarized us into implacability, so don’t even try to reason any more – the time for that is long gone.

So no, I do not accept the slightest amount of guilt for having ‘ruined’ someone’s life in that particular way as one-on-one, face-to-face, I’ve never been anything but polite and even friendly to gays as people.

However, I certainly accept guilt for certain things I’ve done in my life – many, many things, like not having been there when my mother died. That sort of thing is real, not Narrative. And it’s those real things I’ve done or failed to do which do play on the mind and as a consequence, I give short shrift to toerags trying to lay their own guilt trips on me.

Coming back to the jihadis, a mate of mine keeps saying ‘there’ll be violence’ yet he won’t do any of it himself because he doesn’t want to be charged. I say there can be no violence from us as it plays straight into the hands of the authorities and nutters.

Rather, we have to pressurize the authorities to act and for goodness sake, do NOT vote Tory, Labour, LibDem, Green or any other establishment or leftwing group.

Vote only Deplorable, as they did in Alabama with Judge Roy Moore.

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4 comments for “Authorities MUST deport or execute jihadis

  1. graham wood
    September 29, 2017 at 2:58 pm

    James. You suggest “We have to pressurise the authorities to act” Indeed so.

    As a practical strategy for dealing with Moslem violence and Jihadist terror there is already in existence a relatively simple five point plan for doing so. It is my own and only marginally longer than your piece above, but is positive and an imperative for dealing with the ongoing Moslem problem.

    In summary it would:
    1. Impose by law a policy that all Imams in UK mosques to publicly renounce
    violent jihadism.

    2. All Islamic communities in the UK, via mosques and their many teaching
    centres to take “ownership” or responsibility for any jihadist act in the UK
    which involves death, injury, or public threats of violence.

    3. For every act of jihadist violence then an imposed closure of a number
    of mosques in the UK would automatically follow, including central mosques
    in metropolitan areas.

    4 No new mosques allowed by law.

    5. All of these together would separate the mass of peace loving, but deeply
    complacent moslems from the men of violence in their midst.
    Peace loving Moslems will therefore have nothing to fear from these
    proposals (fitting for their profession of being a “religion of peace”)

    There is a major problem, but not with these proposals. It is that no current political party would, as yet, adopt them, let alone one headed by Theresa the Appeaser.

    • September 29, 2017 at 5:54 pm

      Am adopting the Wood Solution now.

  2. graham wood
    September 29, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    James. On another, but not altogether an unrelated matter the UK needs to remove itself immediately from the quicksand which is the European Union.

    Clearly the EU has no genuine interest in real “negotiations” and on current form we have been presented us with a “bad deal” (i.e. keep coughing up taxpayer’s money to us or we will continue to not “make progress”, as Barnier puts it). A TM says, no deal is better than a bad one. OK lets go!

    The only remedy is to leave without further ado. To that end OOL readers could sign a petition to do that on

    • September 29, 2017 at 5:55 pm

      Yes. Interesting election for UKIP too.

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