Nope, Can’t See This Going Horribly Wrong…

Would you let your work colleague drive your car?

I wouldn’t trust some of them with my stapler! Why?

That is what staff at Adur and Worthing councils are being asked to do.

The councils have teamed up with nationwide car-sharing service HiyaCar for the scheme which is described as “Air BnB for cars”.

They say it will cut the costs of business travel and reduce the need for pool cars, making savings that could be channelled into other areas.

Staff who sign up must be prepared to let colleagues rent their car for business during the day.

Hmmm, won’t this invalidate their insurance?

They get £5 an hour for doing so, capped at £20 a day. The renter pays nothing and the council subsidises the scheme.

No, we pay. The taxpayer. As always…

Councillor Diane Guest, executive member for environment at Worthing Borough Council, said: “HiyaCar is a simple and cost-efficient way to undertake business travel in a sustainable and community-spirited way.

“It’s a win-win for everyone involved and will enable the councils to be leaders by example for the wider community.”

You couldn’t lead a parade!

If it is a success, employees’ cars could be offered to the wider community to hire.

Oh, my good lord!

3 comments for “Nope, Can’t See This Going Horribly Wrong…

  1. Uncle Nick
    October 4, 2017 at 11:57 am

    I have yet to see a car insurance policy that doesn’t specifically exclude renting out the car or using it for private hire…

    For example:

    Page 16, Section 12 part 2:

    “This insurance won’t apply if any car your contract allows you to drive is being driven and/or used with your permission:

    by any person not described on your certificate of motor insurance and/or your schedule as entitled to drive or be in charge of your car;

    for hire or reward…”

    Mind you, section 4 says that I’m not covered if North Korea drop an atom bomb on me while I’m driving to work. That reminds me, I *must* get on to VW and ask them about the sort of thermal protection that their paint jobs offer!

  2. October 4, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    Coercion, job threatened.

  3. October 4, 2017 at 1:34 pm


    Why does every new scheme or app or product have to have a name that appeals only to six year olds?

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