Hide them away, they’re ‘not like us’

One of the reasons supplied when a woman is asked why she has aborted her unborn baby, is the simplest: the science has detected chromosomal abnormalities in the foetal blood, or by ultrasound, or by other means: in plain English, she was told that her baby, if born, would have Down’s Syndrome. Thus are the modern ‘Lepers’ of this world described. He or she would be ‘different’; physically, mentally, in so many ways. The child she was carrying, in old-fashioned terminology, would be Mongoloid. He would be labelled as ‘different’ at school; if he ever got there: he would be forever ‘retarded’, a figure of ‘fun’ to some with a mental capacity not very much greater that the one who was so described. He or she would be labelled as ‘Knuckle-dragger’. The anxious parent-to-be knows all of these things, and the pressure to abort; to try again; must indeed be overwhelming. I do not support that decision; but can maybe understand it.

From the Telegraph’s Tim Stanley:– Stanley cited the head of a midwife association in Denmark, who declared: “When you can discover almost all the foetuses with Down Syndrome, then we are approaching a situation in which almost all of them will be aborted.” Also in 2016, France’s State Council confirmed a television ban of an award-winning video showing smiling children with Down syndrome, declaring that the “inappropriate” images of happy Down syndrome children might bother women who had chosen to abort their babies. The Council stated that the video in question could not be shown since it was “likely to trouble the conscience of women who had made different personal life choices in compliance with the law.”

Just consider that last sentence. A French State Organisation welcomes the ban on a factual documentary because it is telling the unvarnished truth: that Down’s Syndrome kids are just as capable of genuine emotion as the rest of us “Normals”: but that must not be broadcast because it might make women, who aborted their unborn babies because of that ‘dread diagnosis ,’ UNCOMFORTABLE!


Dear God above, what sort of a bloody society have we morphed into?

President Trump came to the aid of Down’s parents; saying:- “Sadly, there remain too many people – both in the United States and throughout the world – that still see Down’s Syndrome as an excuse to ignore or discard human life,” Trump said in an official statement recognizing Down Syndrome Awareness Month. “This sentiment is and will always be tragically misguided. We must always be vigilant in defending and promoting the unique and special gifts of all citizens in need.”

“We should not tolerate any discrimination against them, as all people have inherent dignity,” the President added.

Hear; Hear; Mr President!

In ending this diatribe, I would tell OoL readers that I was asked to do a survey of one of the Remploy factories many years ago, with a view to refurbishing all the electrical installations. The difference between those Remploy workers, who ran the full gamut of disability inclusive of the modern ‘Leprosy’: and ordinary British workers in any organisation I have either worked in, or had contact through my own project work; is very, very simple! They appreciated their jobs, they knew that their various factories ran at a loss, and were subsidised by the taxpayer, they liked their jobs; they knew that with work came dignity, and there was never any slacking, no endless tea breaks. They did not want pity, they wanted work: and what did they get? They got the bloody Tory/Lib-Dem Coalition’s decision to close their jobs down, they got a promise of ‘re-training’ and ****-all else!

5 comments for “Hide them away, they’re ‘not like us’

  1. John in cheshire
    October 5, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    I agree with everything you have said, Mike.

  2. Lord T
    October 5, 2017 at 12:39 pm

    I’m torn here. This looks to me to be the start of a disabled rights push to remove having a Down baby from the list of legitimate reasons for having an abortion.

    In most cases having a Downs baby is a full time job and it impacts on the whole family. They are also living full term lives and when the parents pass on they still need looking after. It can almost be classed as a career choice and I think it probably has been.

    • BobH
      October 5, 2017 at 2:09 pm

      No problem Lord T.

      When the parents die, all we have to do is just kill the mongol offspring. After all, why should we be burdened with useless eaters?

      No matter how we disguise or relabel the action, killing a baby in the womb requires exactly the same ungodly attitude of heart as does killing an innocent adult.

      • Lord T
        October 6, 2017 at 1:34 pm

        but we know that is not the case as it is a human being, albeit one with a disability.

        A clump of cells is a potential human. A sperm and an egg are also a potential human. Do we ban condoms, like the church does, as it is stopped a potential human being born?

        Personally, I do believe that the clump becomes a viable human at some point. What I don’t know is when that is. imo terminating the potential before that point is OK for any reason. After is not.

  3. Mudplugger
    October 5, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    I know from close experience the life-long, everyday issues of raising a severely disabled child, and it is every day, every single day, and that’s not an easy task to take on when there is an avoidance-channel available.

    The testing technology exists, the facility to provide safe terminations exists, you can’t uninvent them, so it’s going to happen, either openly or covertly – which is better?
    I recognise the desperately difficult decision faced by any parent with such a test result and I will respect the difficult decision they take, whichever way it goes.

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