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This below might be the best summary to date, given that only Guido and Breitbart are anywhere close to the pulse, Conservative Home being as useless as the MSM:

With the Schapps challenge effectively over – no one will go near the toxic Michael Green:

Wiser Tory heads say the rumblings are not a case of Remain versus Leave, but rather disgruntled ex-ministers who lost their jobs sounding off. Grant Shapps has been stirring the pot for weeks, gauging colleagues’ thoughts on bringing down the PM.

… then it’s really down to Davis and Boris. Rudd is backing May.

The word is still that it was a Remainer ploy to force a spill and a Remainer becomes PM, the Leavers are having none of it, even though May has reneged on virtually every promise.

Over in the Tory MPs’ WhatsApp group, Nadine Dorries has been defending Boris from critical colleagues. She rounded on Anna Soubry, Heidi Allen and Sarah Wollaston, ordering them to “shut up” and withdraw their calls for him to resign.

It’s a bit difficult when every single one of them is a backstabbing chancer – someone gives support today and retracts it tomorrow.

The understandable sentiment though that the whole shower of useless sods need to be dumped needs to be tempered by reality – if May is deposed, the Corbynisti ramp up their moves and backstabbing, plus, if it goes to a vote on the new PM within the parliamentary party and not the branches, then a Remoaner is the only outcome.

If however, May can be persuaded to develop pneumonia from her unfortunate cough and stands down, favouring Boris, most would fall in line. Remoaners would be happy as no one buys his rampant Brexiteering and to the Leavers, he has made Brexiteering statements.

They do fear Corbyn and on the ground, his support is strong. I keep my eye on the Corbynisti having a few on my timeline and they’re quite convinced they have the numbers. I’ve also been talking to many in this Labour area and they really believe, the lot of them, that Corbyn can deliver for workers. Unbelievable but hatred for May, which they note people like me are also spouting, convinces them that once May is toppled before the end of the year, it’s game on.

This whole bizarre thing is tempered by one core reality – this lot in blue are in power and can bring in left-liberal legislation at will. The power does reside with the shower of tosspots.

2 comments for “The Tory circus – latest

  1. Mona
    October 6, 2017 at 8:27 pm

    I think the Conservatives should call a truce for while, the infighting to doing a lot of damage and Teresa will clingon like jit to a blanket whatever. Events that the Conservatives should concentrate on , one a gift to the Remainers, the Fascist attack on the people of Barcelona another is Jihadi Jeremy’s support of Islam, why don’t they go on the offensive,, nothing as nice as dumping on the EU.

  2. Errol
    October 6, 2017 at 9:06 pm

    I can’t think what the speech would say, but likely nothing about what needs to be done: cutting taxes and spending. I’d imagine there was a lot about government ‘doing’ things and meddling in areas it has already ballsed up.

    Most Conservative speeches are these days. These are glory hungry, arrogant, disconnected people trying to stay in office. Beyond the headlines there is nothing. The desperation, the fervour to scupper Brexit, the only truly democratic thing we have had in my lifetime is a miserable experience. These are our servants. We their masters. Shapps, frankly, should now be looking at his P45, as should anyone remotely suggesting we remain part of the EU.

    Yet we have no power. Our democratic will is ignored. Our rights trampled on all because greedy, venal, ambitious, fundamentally stupid little men want to keep their expense accounts.

    It’s time they were kicked in the face by the public boot.

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