The man is, of course, dead right!

As an observer of the American scene; life, politics, entertainment, news (all five kinds): I often wonder at the sheer blind acceptance of the average Joe Blow, as ordinary America used to be known as. Whether in the fields, or the factories, or the giant office conurbations of America’s cities, I would lay very, very good odds on 98% out of every 100 Americans not being aware that they fund, and have funded, the billions of dollars which flood into the coffers of the giant, centrist, hard-to-soft Left broadcasting organisations such as CNN, MSNBC, ESPN; along with the rest of the bunch which spins out the contempt for ordinary America; watched and heard every day and evening across the vast Continent which is America. Ratings do not count; that is an industry spin.

As John Nolte correctly states, most of America has signed up for packages of cable and satellite services on a Pay TV contract, but what they most likely do not understand is that, hidden inside the small print is something called a ‘Carriage Fee’. This cash, small in actual monetary terms, only makes a difference when about 88 million Americans realise that they have been paying for the likes of CNN and the rest of the slime pit to tell those same Americans that they are stupid fascistic nazis who just do not understand how stupid they really are.

As the man says: ‘Cut the Cord’; move to Netflix, Amazon, light up your computer and gain access to hordes of news channels, and then choose how you will view the world.

My only comment on broadcasting this side of the pond is that the Tories had the chance of a lifetime to hang the BBC out on a big tree, and let it slowly rot away: but Whittingdale blew it, his replacement was less than useless: and the BBC walked away content.

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  1. October 15, 2017 at 4:34 am

    It goes on to say, about Whittingdale:

    TV personalities Gary Lineker and Rory Bremner celebrated on Twitter.

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