“Let’s not bicker and argue”

There’s an amusing line in Holy Grail after Sir Lancelot slaughters many of the guests: “This is supposed to be a happy occasion, let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who.”

Python had that ability to get to the nub of a matter. Also, a song which did the rounds some decades back was “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and it fell into the same trap.

That trap was that the person responsible for the remark in each case does not feel the slightest angst, sympathy, empathy over things which have been done, in Lancelot’s case – murder most foul.

A second point is that the imperative is used to tell someone not to feel unhappy over the horrors being perpetrated, as if feelings can be ordered about by someone who feels not the slightest grievance. That in itself is quite loaded and deeply annoying in itself – deciding for someone else what should or should not be a thing which angers. And to diminish someone feeling such anger.

Part of that is the inability to recognize a proportionate “scale of horror” at things happening.

A proportionate scale of horror

Two children fight in the playground, blows are exchanged, the teacher hauls them both in and orders them to shake hands. Who is wrong?

On the scale of proportion, the original perpetrator who landed the first sneaky blow from behind was worst, the teacher second for utterly failing to get to the root cause, for not even being interested, and the retaliator third.

Canary Wharf bomb scare, dozens of frightened children, lives disrupted and threatened. A Fenian teacher says, next day, that those kids had it coming. He didn’t say the kids themselves, personally, had it coming but being “British”, they had it coming.

Thomas Sowell, educated black man in the States, bitterly regretted that the PTB were aiding and abetting the adoption of victimhood as the blacks’ natural reaction – lawlessness over something which happened to their forefathers, rather than taking their place in a society now emancipated and with measures in place to assist any blacks who wish to do well. The eternal victims in receipt of benefits, “diversity” now a scam worth billions.


Blaming the correct root cause

So many of the C18th southern blacks certainly did have it bad [not all] – and who sold them into slavery in the first place? Their own leaders and Muslims. Exonerates the white traders? Not at all but what has that to do with today?

Donald Trump … and all the feminists can go on about is grabbing pussy. True, that was crass and misogynist but against that – look at the women employed by Trump, not in tokenism but in key roles. Defunding Planned Parenthood – stopping the murder and trafficking in baby parts for profit … or misogyny?

Weinstein comes out of rehab after a week and declares himself cured. Therefore everyone drops it, he’s fine now, all is well.


Like HRC, he must come up on charges. Many women feel aggrieved about him. What, should I tell those women: “Don’t worry, be happy?” “Forgive and forget, let’s not bicker over who raped who.”

Muslim rape gangs. A girl the other night raped three different times. Driver mows people down in a truck. But Berkeley students bellyache about “cultural appropriation” and “micro-aggressions”. Proportion?

Male policemen wearing high heels and painting their nails. Firstly it creates great anxiety that such people can even defend the common people when needed any more, while diverting resources to pursuing “hate crime”. Secondly, it is abetting the attempt by the LBgeebee “community” to “normalize” their sickness.

Sick in whose terms? Anyone born in the 50s or 60s who grew up with a certain sense of what was decent and what was not, with a certain code of values and sense of proportion. They feel nausea at the things they’re seeing now and no one warns them it’s coming. What is seen cannot now be unseen. Who protects their rights?

Reader Woodsy:

They [production companies] try and compensate for the loss by using anger and distrust (cos it’s dramatic) and ever more ludicrous effects and ‘action sequences’. Not only a waste of time to watch it but in many cases actively unpleasant.

Actively unpleasant, yes, a point not recognized in the least by the perpetrators or the authorities.

Nobody’s forcing us to go to the cinema? True but when there is no alternative whatever on offer and it becomes a lottery, it gets like the 31% drop in NFL attendances for one very good reason. And there is no way to avoid it on tele, they ambush you with it.

Tell me to “be positive” in the face of this constant campaign to undermine and nauseate?

Telling me to “be positive” is entirely missing the constant threat. “Develop coping mechanisms”, yes, of course, good advice and I’ll follow it. “Develop ways of fighting back”, yes, also good advice.

Just to completely ignore what evil muvvers are doing and “be happy”? Sorry.

“It was an isolated incident” or “it’s just your personal view”

Woodsy again:

Interesting how often this blog of yours hits things in my own life.

BTW James, I don’t think curmudgeosity is yet recognised as a medical condition, it undoubtedly will be one day because it acts against the smooth running of society. Like you, I think mild Asperger’s and borderline diabetes, along with other ‘conditions’, simply represent the wide range of normality.

Is this some uncanny ability of mine? Not a bit of it – it’s just that so many others are experiencing the same and I’m just articulating those things in a blog. To try the old “it’s only a one off view” reply betrays the person who utters it. Go to OoL and read post after post after post on the stupidities and nausea-producing actions going on, [leave my own posts out of it for the nonce].

Go to Twitter and see the concerns of people I don’t know from all over the west. See the result of the elections in the Czech Republic and even Germany. This isn’t people on whim, this is people highly p***ed off by things over a long period of time and the consistency of these across the west is quite significant.

So please don’t come at me about it all being my own fantasy, a one-off view, that anger at these things is something innately wrong inside of me – it is cause and effect.

Let me turn it round and say that to fail to recognize these concerns and put them in proportion is a major failing of those who would diminish those concerns. In its mildest form, it’s just oblivion, being concerned with other things in life. At it’s worst, it is Mugabe type psychopathy to be entirely unconcerned and chagrined about such things done to “the little people”.

Be positive in your dealings with other humans – yes, that’s great for mental health. To allow the things to go on though which are well documented and are hurting people en masse – nope, it is our responsibility to do our bit to stop these things.

And we’re succeeding by degrees by the way, in dribs and drabs, here and there.

3 comments for ““Let’s not bicker and argue”

  1. John in cheshire
    October 22, 2017 at 10:04 am

    James, to take the argument to the absurd, the Pope is the epitome of this attitude; I think he’s constantly saying ” let’s not argue about whose god is better, let’s just worship the one we’ve chosen and be nice to each other”.
    That’s just so profoundly unbiblical that I fail to see how he can rationalise it for himself, let alone for his flock.

    • October 22, 2017 at 10:45 am

      Very much.

    • Errol
      October 22, 2017 at 1:37 pm

      Considering that relgion has been the cause of almost all human horror and held us back for hundreds of years a religious leader suggesting that we don’t fight over who’s imaginary fantasy has the bigger willy is the most sensible thing he could possibly say – apart from denouncing religion as a huge cosmic joke, of course.

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