Ah yes: indeed we are in Rotherham…..Jewel of Yorkshire

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats on this coach trip run and subsidised by the local Council; the trip which shall detail various points of interest within the Rotherham area. As you may know, we have just been given news of the possibility of being awarded ‘Best Social Work Employer of the Year’ by Sanctuary UK. Who, you might ask? Well, they are a sort of glorified Employment Agency but they have big expectations of fleecing getting ever more taxpayers cash through referrals. But its a big thing, and we are well pleased.

We have placed firmly in the past, the sordid examples where sex-mad young girls and women seduced a few of the ever-so-friendly, abstemious and totally-socially-integrated male members of the Muslim fraternity who have made Rotherham their home; and we have rid ourselves of that stain by a process of moving those wretched girls into care homes run by other Councils, so we do not have any of the ‘slappers’ left around to confuse and mystify our upright Muslim brethren with their promises of easy sex and assistance with transport. We regret that the former Council members placed any faith whatsoever in the false accusations against the truly-integrated Muslims of Rotherham as laid down on the Jay Report, and we also believe that, if sufficient funds were made available, appeals against all of these totally-unjustified and overly-harsh jail terms handed out by an obviously-biased Judiciary could commence.

So, now that you are all seated, we shall commence our short tour; where we shall view the Taxi offices where the totally-unjustifiably jailed men from Muslim families were targeted by these immoral and sexually-aware ‘slappers’. We can then move on to view the ‘Council Care homes’ from where these immoral girls and women ventured out, in taxis owned and operated by Muslim drivers; all of whom were mystified  and abused by these sexually-active women and girls; in order to further wreak their disgraceful and disgusting feminine wiles on the male Muslim population of Rotherham. We are now driving past the home of one of those outrageously-accused Muslim families, and as you can see, the spotless garden indicates yet another upstanding member of the Community: I mean, if a man, even a British-born but of Pakistani-origin Muslim man grows roses, can he honestly be guilty of anything except using too much mulch and fertiliser on his rose bushes?

We are now travelling slowly past the Police headquarters, where for too long these ‘slappers’ deceived and undermined the local Police force, all of whom deserve great credit for rebuffing these outrageous lies from these totally-deceptive and immoral young women, and making sure that these lies and fabrications were not even represented on any Police Log-books or Charge Sheets.

As you depart from our tour, please observe the local customs of wrapping a bin-bag, which of course comes complete with custom cut-out eye holes, around your head if female, and keeping it there until you leave the town boundaries;

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  1. Mona
    October 26, 2017 at 4:53 pm

    The unspeakable hypocrisy of our politicians and other social filth happy to be known as supporters of the murder of unborn children but terrified at the merest hint of being labeled racist, sexist, Islamaphobic , etc,when is the revolution?

  2. October 27, 2017 at 1:57 am

    By ‘eck, tha’s reet.

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