Kuenssberg plays the victim

Laura Kuenssberg yesterday spoke out against the trolls who have threatened and abused her online. The BBC political editor said the critics were trying to ‘silence’ her, but insisted their campaign against her would never work.

Paints herself as a victim when in fact she’s a perpetrator. Paints herself as the brave warrior, never bowed, when in fact she’s a highly biased, silly cow and shill for the BBC line.

The comments were near universal in tone:

# She’s just not a nice person and people don’t like her or having to watch her – what’s difficult to understand about that?

# Very annoying way of presenting, tending to over-emphasize and pad out her reports.

# She brings it on herself with her attitude – as the saying goes, what goes around comes around 🙂

# I will be glad when the vogue for appointing women to jobs that they aren’t very good at comes to an end.

# Her very abrasive and many a time stupid line of questioning leave a lot to be desired, she’s like a Yorkshire Terrier ankle biter who generally always has to add her slant on things if she fails to be given the equivalent to the code for access to the crown jewels.

# Trying to make her out be some sort of heavyweight journalist when she clearly is not qualified to be.

# Kuenssberg, you are disliked because you are an EU establishment stooge and Brussels shill.

# Kuenssburg epitomises everything that the masses despise about the BBC. She’s intolerant, ignorant and most alarming; biased. She’s the leader of the BBC’s approach to cultural Marxism, a true Labourite at heart and it’s a shame she has any influence at all really!

One commenter tried to counter this by calling all those calling Kuenssberg out [the 95%] “trolls”. Listen love, near universal calling out of someone doing a bad job is not trolling, it is near universal calling out of someone doing a bad job.

Kuenssberg, like so many women of the type, can never self-examine, not once will she ever face up to universal condemnation but will try to spin it to exonerate and justify herself.

She actually believed that her singlehanded attempt to wreck US/UK relations across the pond was a “triumph”.

She was promoted by the PTB as a shill, she is surrounded by a sycophantic bubble which tells her she’s wonderful and striking a blow for women, she is a silly cow. And deeply annoying.

Last evening, I ran a review of the Shangri-Las, the girl group from the 60s [not that anyone read it] and one thing which characterized their songs was repartee within the song.

‘Is he a bad boy?’

‘Well, he’s [and a list of his faults, e.g. lack of hygiene].’

‘Sounds bad.’

‘Well he’s not evil. And I love him so.’

Groan.Those girls had a great sense of self-parody and it was genuine, not accidental.  That’s why they were such a great group.

But it’s that same obstinacy in the face of facts which characterizes all SJWs, a huge number of them female, sad to say. Precisely the type you do NOT want as your nation’s ‘political editor’.

There are, on the other hand, so many men and women with at least some brains, capable of unbiased reporting, capable of running a department but of course, they never get a look in, do they?  Always the wrong are promoted.

2 comments for “Kuenssberg plays the victim

  1. Mona
    November 2, 2017 at 8:15 am

    Split lips Laura is bitter and twisted because she would be the last woman on the planet that Harvey Weinstein would lay a finger on.

  2. John in cheshire
    November 2, 2017 at 8:46 am

    I fully agree, James. What the Kuentsberg woman has sown, she’s now reaping and I cannot work up any sympathy for her. She needs to be taken down a peg or two. But then she’s not the only self styled bbc journalist who should be put in their place. John Sopel and Jeremy Bowen are two who spring to mind, and Lyse Doucette is another. Not to forget others such as the Dimblebys.
    They are all hate mongers and I suspect they don’t even know it.

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