Happy Birthday, Trump’s America

Hard to believe that it is a year since the revival began. With the polls returning a Clinton win by such massive proportions that it seemed as though this street fighter/billionaire wouldn’t win a single State, the main tv networks had already set their ‘Clinton Wins’ logos and headline screens, and the network pundits sat happily ready to crow all night long, with their Trump-loser jokes written down for easy reference.

Then the results commenced, first a slow stream, and then a flood, and the jokes dried up, the hollow laughs ceased: and the Trump reality dawned.

He hasn’t achieved or fulfilled all his promises, some have been stalled or stymied by activist judges, some stalled or dumped by a recalcitrant Congress, but, he achieved the removal of the Paris Accord, saving America many billions of dollars from being pumped out to the losers. He has set the E.P.A. on the right track by his appointment of Scott Pruitt, who has done a magnificent job of cleansing his side of the Swamp, along with his judicial appointments such as Judge Gorsuch. True, his enemies have got a Special prosecutor in the field, but I reckon the worst they can do is push forward with the Clintons, because I reckon the worst uncovered was his son trying to get some opposition research on Clinton from those pesky Russians.

Prez. Trump is, and will be, a damn good deal for America, given the facts that he gets a fair run from a divided G.O.P. who have the power, and the votes, to push his programme through: and it is they who need to listen to America, the real America; not the East and West Coast glitterati: before attempting to stall the Trump movement.

Again, I wish Trump’s America a happy birthday!

2 comments for “Happy Birthday, Trump’s America

  1. Ed P
    November 8, 2017 at 8:42 pm

    Yes, he is likely to improve over the next few years, especially now the dirt on the Clintons is finally surfacing and he knows better who are his enemies in the White House. The swamp’s not drained yet, but the water’s receding.

  2. Pcar
    November 8, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    “Again, I wish Trump’s America a happy birthday!”


    DJT is doing a remarkable job despite the constant critisicm & opposition from most politicians*, judiciary & MSM*.

    Mr Trump, I salute you.

    * Domesstic & International – looking at you UK & EU in particular.

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